Wearable App Trends You Can Expect in The Coming Years


A few decades back, did you though, technology will dominate our lives to the extent that it would become impossible to survive without them? Probably not, as it was just a farfetched dream then. With the advent of technology and the availability of resources, we are able to embrace the radical and magnificent transformations.

Whether it is the invention of smartphones or the integration of augmented reality into our life, technology has never failed to amaze people with its benefits. Each moment is considered credible in the technology realm as transformation and trends are formed within seconds.

One such trending technology is the inception of wearable apps. The wearable app trends have been doing rounds since the smart gadget was launched. The market for wearable apps is continuously staggering. With total revenue of approx. $30 Billion last year, it is anticipated that the market of wearable apps will touch the sky by the next year.

Wearable apps conduct functions that are unique and creative in their own sense. For instance, a wearable watch will keep track of your physical activity like calories burnt with the help of sensors. You can even personalize these smart wearables by looking at online eCommerce shops such as Mobile Mob or elsewhere.

What Are Wearable Apps?

Before understanding the term wearable apps, it is important to know about wearable technology. It is known as the technology where devices are worn by the users directly or as a part of their accessory. These devices are connected to the internet and other smart gadgets through Bluetooth. It is deemed to perform several functional by exchanging information between the device and the network. All the processes of wearable technology are driven by applications that are integrated into the devices and are called wearable apps.

The wearable app is directly connected to hardware such as receivers and sensors. These apps collect data from the hardware with the help of internet connectivity and use particular data to provide the output to the users. Generally, the output is displayed on the devices’ screen. Let’s take an example of Fitbit Activity Tracker; it displays the number of steps walked in a day.

Sometimes the output is displayed on the connected devices like smartphones. You need to connect your iOS or Android phone to these wearable devices to integrate the apps and its functions.

What Makes Wearable Apps Are Different From Smartphone Apps?

Both smartphones and wearable devices have the same applications, so what does actually make them different from others? Take a look at the below pointers to discover the answer:-

Functionality: Though wearable technology is smaller and less powerful than smartphones when it comes to functionality, wearable apps can perform relatively good performance.

User Interaction: Wearable apps have less or no user interaction. They just collect data and display output. There are only a few wearable apps that seek input from the user. Though with wearable app trends, there have been significant changes in terms of user interaction.

Device Specificity: Wearable apps generally use APIs that are specified to the device. Hence they cannot be used in other platforms. That means the same wearable apps are not used on other devices. Mobile apps, on the other hand, have the flexibility to run on different platforms.

Wearable App Trends To Watch Out For

From tracking your steps to calculate the calories burnt, wearable technology is continuously growing with passing time. Industry experts and tech enthusiasts have been forecasting wearable app trendsIt is deemed that wearable app development will focus on providing a seamless user experience. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing wearable app trends that are all set to turn the table for the wearable technology.

Next Level Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the most common wearable devices. Today, these devices can do all the possible functionality that your smartphones used to do. Not just depicting the time, these smartwatches track your physical activity. According to the wearable app trends, it is anticipated that smartwatches will be taken to the next level of advancement. It will become a solution to manage different IoT devices.

Wearable IoT in Heath industry

It is quite evident that wearable devices will help doctors to tracks their patient’s medical conditions and provide them with helpful insights. Wearable devices are a great solution that can save time and resources incurred to determine the medical situations. Integrating wearable with IoT will bring radical changes in the healthcare sector as doctors would be able to provide more intensive care to their patients with the help of the insights provided by these wearables.

Enhanced Consumer Data Collection

Consumer data is enormous but highly essential at the same time. Along with enhancing the user experience, wearable technology is all set to pave the way for new opportunities for marketers. Wearable app trends say that wearable technology will be used to collect consumer data for marketing purposes. Wearable gadgets like Google glasses and smartwatches will allow marketers to conveniently collect all the vital data regarding consumer preferences and frame reliable marketing strategy for the same.

More Intelligent Navigation

Navigation is yet another area that will witness the prominent development in wearable technology. It is deemed that wearable devices and real-time tracking will be able to develop intelligent navigation to spot locations more efficiently. Today, wearable devices come with compass, gyroscopes, motion trackers, and accelerometers. There are only a few wearable devices that have integrated GPS. In the coming years, there will be some magnificent changes in terms of wearable navigation.

Wearable apps have provided a seamless and remote way to connect with smartphone apps and obtain the output. There’s no doubt in asserting that the market for the wearable app is developing at an exponential rate. With the wearable app trends, people are all eyes to the development in the wearable app technology. The above mentioned were some wearable app trends that claim to dominate the industry in the coming years.

The functionalities of wearable apps are quite unique from the regular smartphones. Every multi-billion dollar industry is keen to invest in wearable technology today. With the advancement in technology, wearable technology will touch the skies of productivity.


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