What are the Best Things to do in Kansas City: Enjoy your time

things to do in kansas city
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Kansas City, Kansas, ought to be at the top of your list if you’re searching for a destination to stop at on your upcoming road trip across the Midwest packed with excitement, delectable food options, outdoor activities, and top-notch shopping! Kansas City, which merges old and modern, city and prairie, was named after the Kansa Indians who resided there along the Missouri River. Rome, as an exception, has more outdoor water features than any other city, earning it the moniker “City of Fountains.” The same is true for music, particularly jazz. You can still hear the heritage at City Market or the renowned 18th & Vine Historic District. Architecture is particularly significant, especially the over sixty examples of Art Deco design. Other attractions include the Kansas City Zoo, Science City at Union Station, and the Arabia Steamboat Museum. In addition to the NFL Chiefs and MLB Royals, Kansas City’s riverboat casinos are a major lure for adults. There are many things to do in Kansas City, if you are planning to visit.

An Overview

The cultural offerings here rival many bigger cities, with top-notch theatre, dance, and opera performances alongside world-class museums and galleries. Additionally, there are the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs for people who like sports over the symphony. Both clubs infuse the community with enthusiasm and a sense of local pride, win or lose.

You can expect to be amazed by the City of Fountains whether you’ve come to shop at the renowned Country Club Plaza, view some striking murals, or enjoy the city’s thriving distillery industry.

Continue reading to know Things to do in Kansas City.

things to do in kansas city
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  1. Worlds of Fun

When seeking entertainment, who doesn’t enjoy visiting an amusement park? One of Kansas City’s most popular attractions, Worlds of Fun, is well-known for a good reason.

To ensure everyone’s safety while coming, they have even made plans to reopen again. The rides, delectable food options, and family-friendly activities are all enjoyable. Don’t let it prevent you from enjoying yourself right away! For access to Worlds of Fun, you may get an unlimited park pass. You will want to ensure that you are prepared for the new year, particularly if you live in the Kansas City region.

The park is home to many well-known roller coasters, including the Timber Wolf, Patriot, and Prowler. The Detonator, Falcon’s Flight, and the Bamboozler are a few of the best rides you should try.

You may also go to the waterpark, Oceans of Fun if you want to chill down. It is accessible during the busiest summer months. You and your family will love sliding, swimming, and diving at this thrilling waterpark.

  1. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Going to an art museum can be the best Things to do in Kansas City if you seek a less dramatic activity. Spending an afternoon at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is highly recommended if you want to unwind and take in some stunning artwork.

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There are historical and cultural displays in this museum. You’ll enjoy discovering historical information with exquisite artwork.

The museum’s actual structure is one of its outstanding features! The buildings are fascinating and complicated. You’ll take your time studying the artwork and the equally stunning walls it is displayed on.

Even from the convenience of your own home, you may take part in a virtual visit! A virtual visit is a fantastic way to keep secure while we all navigate this challenging period.

  1. World War I Memorial & Museum

The most well-liked museum kind is one more to see in Kansas City. The World War I Museum & Memorial is a major tourist attraction in Kansas City.

The museum first debuted as the Liberty Memorial in 1962. This location is crammed with history, making history fans fall in love.

All of the ongoing exhibits are housed in the main gallery. You can find out everything about the years 1914 through 1919 here. There are things, papers, movies, and even recreations that you can see.

The WWI museum has fantastic displays are always changing, which is another amazing feature. This implies that you may always return and discover something fresh if you reside in Kansas City and are looking for anything to do.

  1. Bar Arcades

Bar arcades are common when searching for things to do in Kansas City. Describe a bar arcade. A bar arcade is exactly what it sounds like: drinking and arcade games!

Adults enjoy them, and Kansas City is full of them. Arcade bars are a favourite hangout for many individuals since they remind them of their youth. Who doesn’t enjoy revisiting old memories?

You should check out Up-Down, one of Kansas City’s most well-liked bar arcades. Concerning carrying coins, don’t worry. You may buy them at the bar to play all night long!

  1. The Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is yet another major destination in Kansas City. This is the ideal way to spend the day for you if shopping is more your style. You’ll quickly realise that this isn’t your typical retail area when you arrive. There are fifteen blocks worth of places to buy and eat.

The Country Club Plaza is home to several excellent establishments. You will undoubtedly find something to do, whether you want to go shopping, eat, or just hang out. Around every turn, there are 100 shops, 30 eateries, and stunning architecture.

The Country Club Plaza frequently hosts a tonne of interesting events. To learn about any great events coming up, be sure to look at their event calendar.

  1. American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum should be on your list of things to do in Kansas City. You must experience and learn about jazz when visiting Kansas City, so be sure to include this on your schedule. You may discover all about the development of jazz, including its various musical genres and instruments, at the American Jazz Museum.

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The American Jazz Museum is an excellent way to spend a day in Kansas City learning about the local culture and enjoying some wonderful jazz because it is quite participatory.

  1. Kauffman Stadium

When visiting Kansas City, baseball fans will swarm to Kauffman Stadium, also known as The K. You must attend a Kansas City Royals game in the stadium where they play.

You must witness the Water Spectacular, a fountain and waterfall exhibit within the stadium. The world’s largest privately sponsored fountain, it is 322 feet wide. You may view this water display up close and personal from various perspectives.

While visiting The K, make sure to get a hot dog and a drink. Even a trail allows you to round the stadium to see it from every angle.

  1. KC Streetcar

A fun, affordable activity for the whole family is riding the KC Streetcar if you’re searching for things to do in Kansas City.

The streetcar circles downtown Kansas City for 2.2 miles. You’ll see many intriguing locations along the route, including theatres, restaurants, boutiques, and flea markets.

The tour includes sixteen separate stations. In Kansas City, taking the streetcar and stepping off at any random stop will take you on an exciting experience. You may locate a great afternoon activity after eating at an unexpected location.

On the other hand, you may take the streetcar to your location and then ride it back. It is a fun approach to getting to know the city and discovering brand-new areas.

  1. City Market

Any town’s farmer’s market is a fantastic place to get to know the people and locate some amazing items to bring home. You should spend some time touring City Market, even if you are from Kansas City.

The ambience in City Market is lovely. You’ll want to spend the entire day browsing every aisle thanks to the air’s mouthwatering aroma and the sellers’ welcoming faces.

things to do in kansas city
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The market is filled with fresh produce, flowers, gourmet delicacies, one-of-a-kind gifts, and home decor.

The market has a long history because it was first established in 1857. Farmers from throughout the area go here to deliver special, premium commodities. Around City Market, there are more than 30 speciality stores. The ideal activity for families is City Market. Everyone will be able to locate a delectable food or an adorable trinket to take home.

The Best City To Explore

As you can see, Kansas City is home to some incredible attractions, whether you reside in the neighbourhood or just passing through. Use this list of the greatest Kansas City attractions to pack your schedule with unforgettable experiences. By doing so, you may escape the tourist traps and discover Kansas City as it truly is.

We can help if you’re planning a relocation to Kansas City or the surrounding area. Share your ideas and guarantee a stress-free relocation!

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