What Is The Best Worcestershire sauce Substitutes? Get to know

Worcestershire sauce Substitutes
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Do you want to find the best alternatives to Worcestershire sauce? This page is the right place to substitute your Worcestershire sauce. We have listed Worcestershire sauce Substitutes in this article. If you want to know the best substitute for Worcestershire sauce, go ahead with this article and see the options below to try them. However, before that, you must know what this sauce is. We have also included the substitutes by category so you can learn how to select the substitute for sauce. Let us first discuss this sauce and start this article. 

What Do You Know About Worcestershire Sauce?

Do you like English cuisine? You may have tried English cuisine many times and thought, how does this versatile condiment (Worcestershire sauce) become the differentiator for the dishes. This sauce is the secret of salty umami flavour and sweetness to make you think it’s an English version of soya sauce. 

Generally, this sauce is used in several recipes to enhance the flavour. Worcestershire sauce is a fermented liquid found in the 1900s in Worcester, England. Two scientists found this sauce tangy, funky, and umami-rich. But, of course, they’ve kept it a top secret to make this recipe. 

Worcestershire sauce Substitutes
Pic credit- thespruceeats.com

What Are The Ingredients Of Worcestershire Sauce?

The following ingredients together mixed to release the flavour make this sauce amazing.

  • Malt vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Molasses
  • Garlic spices
  • Tamarind
  • Onion
  • Anchovies

Why Use Worcestershire Sauce?

This sauce comes with a savory punch and becomes a good ingredient for lots of recipes of seasonal dishes. You can enhance the flavor of your favorite foods with just a few MLS of Worcestershire sauce.

Why are Worcestershire sauce Substitutes?

Do you want to make a juicy burger or something quick yet delicious for refreshments, but you don’t have the sauce? Don’t worry. When you are running out of your Worcestershire sauce, you need to find the most suitable alternative to make your recipes delicious without adding Worcestershire sauce. But one thing that is must to keep in mind is flavor. The substitute must be the same in flavor as your Worcestershire sauce. We have already discussed the ingredients. The following are flavors released by the ingredients.

  • Savory
  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Spice
  • Funk

Things To Consider:

You must admit that it’s nearly impossible to get the exact taste with substitutes, but you can achieve the maximum results when chosen the right way. Otherwise, you can not get the original taste. 

It would be best if you kept the taste of Worcestershire sauce in mind before choosing the substitutes. 

Know the Best Substitute:

The following are the best alternatives to replace your Worcestershire sauce ingredient from the recipe and let’s discuss them in detail. We have discussed these alternatives category-wise. So, there are issues of understanding for you. 

Soy-Based Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes:

Adding these alternatives will give salty, tangy, and sweet flavor. These alternatives are also fermented. 

Soya Sauce:

You can add soya sauce instead of Worcestershire sauce and replace each drop of Worcestershire sauce with the soya sauce. Of course, this sauce does not have the same taste as the Worcestershire sauce. But it’s a great and quick alternative. 

Worcestershire sauce Substitutes
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You can also try to add ketchup with soya, so other flavors also get added. You can get sweet, sour, funk, and delicious flavor by adding ketchup. 

Soya Sauce & Apple Juice:

Try combining these two ingredients and get your dishes’ salty, sweet, and umami flavor. You don’t have to look for flavor enhancers when using these two ingredients.

Water & Miso Paste:

Do you want something fermented? There is nothing better than using salty and sweet Ingredients for your dishes that are creamy and fermented. For example, you can mix Miso Paste with water to dilute it, and it boosts the flavor of your dish. It is also the best Worcestershire sauce substitute, but it’s a little cloudy. 


Use Apple cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, and soya sauce together. It gives your dishes salty, sweet, tart, funky, and spicy flavor. Try these ingredients together if you want to make the best homemade dishes with the best alternative for Worcestershire sauce.

Fish Based Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes:

Do you know how fish sauce taste? While looking for a vegetarian source of Worcestershire sauce substitute, you can try to use any of the following alternatives.

Fish Sauce:

The content should be the same as you add the Worcestershire sauce. The sauce must be in the same proportion, and you must use uncooked fish sauce to give your favorite dishes the best taste.

Tamarind & Fish Sauce:

If you want to change something with the fish sauce, try adding an equal amount of Tamarind. This way, you can slightly change the ingredients and give a better taste and flavor to various recipes. If you want to make something unique, try Tamarind. 


Again we have brought three in one ingredient that is a good alternative for Worcestershire sauce. You can mix fish sauce, salt, and red wine vinegar. Remember to keep the wine’s and fish sauce’s proportion the same and salt to taste. It will give you the best results.

Vinegar Based Worcestershire Sauce:

Do you believe that vinegar is aged and has fermented nature? Most vinegar gives the same tart-umami-filled flavor as your Worcestershire sauce. So, you can use this best substitute for Worcestershire sauce. But, of course, you have to use this ingredient in the same proportion as your Worcestershire sauce.

Use Mixed Vinegar:

Either you can use red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar and add somewhat Tamarind paste or its extract. It will be the best alternative for your Worcestershire sauce if you do it. Take the vinegar and mix it with tamarind paste. 

Sherry Vinegar:

Did you hear about this type of vinegar? There are many types of vinegar, and you can use any of its types, but this one is also more suitable to enhance the flavor. Use this vinegar, and you will get a sweet, funky, malty, and sour taste in your dish. Isn’t that a cool choice of ingredient for your recipe?

Blackstrap Molasses & Tamarind Paste or Use Extract:

Take an equal amount of three different ingredients, like Tamarind Paste and blackstrap Molasses and mix them well. Use this alternative for Worcestershire sauce in dishes like burgers, meatloaf, stews, stroganoffs, and other dishes. It will make your dishes stand out in the competition.

Wine Based Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes:

With these substitutes, you need to know that the exact replacement occurs when you keep the amount 1:1. But, of course, non of the wines are completely spiced, heated, or sweet. So, you can use it in proper proportion, and they can be the best substitutes for Worcestershire sauce. 

Dry Sherry:

Do you know how this Wine Based Worcestershire substitute feels? It is funky, yeasty, sherry, earthy, and floral. Of course, you can not find his ingredient everywhere, and that’s why you can try something else too, but whenever you have got this ingredient, you can use it. 

Shaoxing Cooking Wine:

Have you ever used cooking Wine to prepare your dishes? Then why do you hesitate to use it for your next dishes when you have run out of Worcestershire sauce? It’s a great option to replace your sauce, and you can make delicious food meals with this ingredient.

Red Wine:

Red Wine is one of the most favourite and popular wines among wine lovers, and when it comes to adding it to the specific dishes to replace any essential ingredient, it is the best option. For example, you can try red Wine in some dishes that you make with Worcestershire sauce. It will be a great idea to please your guests.

Worcestershire sauce Substitutes
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Other Substitutes For Worcestershire Sauce:

We have discussed the alternatives for Worcestershire sauce, and if you still don’t like any of these, the following are also good ideas to make your meals without Worcestershire sauce.

  • A1 Steak Sauce
  • Maggi Seasoning Sauce
  • Coconut Aminos
  • Liquid Smoke
  • Pickle Juice
  • Marmite + Splash Of Soy Sauce Or Lemon Juice + Hot Water

Nothing To Add!

That may be strange for you, but you need not use any of the substitutes. If you have run out of Worcestershire sauce, you can skip it and follow the recipe procedure steps correctly to make delicious dishes. All you have to do is forget about adding sauce to your recipe and try making foods with no sauce! It will be great too.

Wrapping Up:

Have you understood how to find the best substitute for Worcestershire sauce? This article has discussed four categories of Worcestershire sauce Substitutes that you can use when you don’t have this sauce handy. So, in an emergency, you don’t have to panic, and you can try any of the alternatives mentioned above to make your meals yummy. Do you still have any queries? Then, you can let us know. We will solve your problems.


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