What to Consider When You Are Looking for an eBook Writing Service?

eBook Writing Service

According to an estimate, about 4 million new books are published each year in the US alone, including self-published titles. Do you think they are all written by the very people whose names appear on the covers? I am sure (most of) you know better about eBook Writing Service.

For those who may still be living in a bubble thinking every successful book is written by the authors mentioned on the cover page, rough estimates tell that at least 60% of non-fiction bestsellers come from professional ghostwriting services. While there isn’t any data available on how many fiction books are ghostwritten, I am sure the statistics would be no less staggering.

I am stating all these statistics to reassure you that it’s okay to hire an eBook writing service; you’re not the only one doing it. Now that you (hopefully) feel more confident about your decision to hire a professional ghostwriting service for your book let’s talk about how you should go about it.

How to Hire an eBook Writing Service? 8 Factors to Consider

There is no standard procedure or a set of rules to hire a ghostwriter. But, here are the top factors that you should consider when looking for an eBook writing service because let’s face it – the industry is rife with scammers and below-average writers.

1. Experience In Your Niche

Most people would tell you to go for an experienced eBook writing service, but it is incomplete advice. Just having experience in writing eBooks isn’t enough to produce one with the potential of becoming a bestseller. You need a service with experience specifically in your niche or genre. And it only makes sense why you would want that. 

A ghostwriting company that has never done a thriller fiction book or written one on social media marketing isn’t the best choice if that is the kind of book you want to get written. Ideally, you should work with someone who has done something along the lines because they are more likely to understand your ideas and requirements and deliver high-quality work. 

Remember, if you’re looking to publish a quality eBook under your name, you don’t just need a ghostwriter; you want to hire an eBook writing service who you’re sure can do the best job for you. And no one else can determine it for you; you have to do it yourself.

2. Quality of Work

It goes without saying that you should consider the quality of work produced by a ghostwriting service when looking to hire one for your eBook. With millions of books published every year and technology making them more easily accessible worldwide, there is no room for sub-par content. Moreover, you’re most likely writing an eBook to establish your name, expertise, promote your business, or, simply, to make some money. In any case, you wouldn’t benefit from low-quality content.

3. Samples

If the above suggestions have you thinking, how can you ensure the eBook writing service actually has an experience in your niche or genre, and their work is up to the mark? The simplest way is to ask for samples. A professional ghostwriting service that claims to have worked on similar projects as yours should be able to provide you with samples of their work. 

You may also ask for links to some of their published eBooks. However, keep in mind that they won’t necessarily be able to fulfill your request because most professional eBook writing companies sign a non-disclosure agreement with their clients.

4. Reputation

The next thing to consider is the reputation the eBook writing service you’re considering working with has in the industry. And the easiest way to gauge a business’ reputation is to see what their previous clients have to say about it. 

Look for reviews about the particular ghostwriting company you’re considering hiring. But don’t just rely on the ones given on its website or social media platforms. It’s common for businesses to have comment moderators who may remove negative feedback from their official social media pages. Therefore, always look for reviews on other platforms too. You may also look/ask for reviews in different relevant Facebook groups that you’re a part of. Although you don’t need to be concerned about what others may think while asking for reviews about a ghostwriting company, most groups allow you to create anonymous posts. Use that feature if you prefer to keep the matter private.

5.  Privacy Policy

You wouldn’t want someone going around openly claiming that they wrote the book published under your name, would you? So, make sure you read the company’s privacy policy you’re considering working with. Read through it carefully to determine their content protection strategy and any loopholes that could potentially create problems for you in the future.

You want to ensure that the company values your privacy and has a strong policy to maintain confidentiality.

6. Services Included in the Quoted Price

It’s easy to presume that the price quoted by an eBook ghostwriting service provider includes everything from writing, editing, formatting, and revisions. But, it may not always be the case. This is also one of the factors that set professional ghostwriting services apart from independent ghostwriters (many if not all). The price they quote you for eBook writing includes everything that needs to be done to provide you with a ready-to-publish book, including unlimited revisions and professional editing by expert eBook editors.

7. Refund and Cancellation Policy 

In rare occurrences, despite all the efforts, things may not work out well between you and the writing service provider. So, it’s best to know beforehand if they have a cancellation or refund policy in place. If they do, read through it carefully to know the conditions where you can claim a refund and what happens to the ideas and content you may have shared if the project is canceled. Ensuring the protection of your intellectual property is essential, and it’s only wise to inquire about it before you sign the contract.

8. Timeline

Once you find the right eBook writing service, one last thing I recommend you to do is to discuss the timeline for your project before signing the contract. This will help set realistic expectations and ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding content delivery. 

Since eBook writing is typically a long process, it’s best to break it down into smaller milestones instead of asking or waiting to have the whole project submitted at once. This will also make it easier for you to review the content and your ghostwriter to make any required changes.

Hire a Professional Ghostwriting Service to Convert Your Raw Ideas into a Compelling eBook

Whether you’re looking to have an informative non-fiction eBook written, a page-turning novel, or a gripping short story, it requires a unique set of skills to create books that your target audience finds appealing enough to buy and that have the potential to become masterpieces in their specific niches or genres. 

It’s no secret that not everyone has those skills. A professional ghostwriting service can get the work done for you while ensuring privacy and maintaining your anonymity. Use this blog post as your reference guide to find the right eBook writing service for yourself. 




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