A Brief Idea about What is ‘whatwpthemeisthat’?

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Have you ever discovered a dazzling site when perusing the internet, and, after you’ve lifted your jaw off the table, though, What word press theme is that site utilizing? Or then again, wouldn’t it be extraordinary if I could utilize that plan on my site? Indeed, presently you can — utilizing WhatWPThemeIsThat.

There are, obviously, a lot of incredible WordPress topic commercial centers out there (and, in case you don’t know where to begin, basically bounce onto a site, for example, ThemeForest, and you’ll no uncertainty discover heaps of beautiful plans). 

Nonetheless, nothing beats the excitement of running into the ideal plan for a webpage that is now out there in the wild — and if you actually get yourself with web architecture, you totally love, what at that point? 

Tragically, not at all like when perusing a theme store, except if you’re ready to peruse the code behind the site, you have no prompt understanding of what topic is being utilized. Whatwpthemeisthat is a site intended to do precisely what it says on the tin — for example, recognize the WordPress topic that any given site is utilizing. 

How to detect WordPress themes & Plugins with Whatwpthemeisthat?
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What Is ‘Whatwpthemeisthat’ and What Can it Do? 

Whatwpthemeisthat is a free theme discovery device, found at WhatWPThemeIsThat.com. Created by Ultimate Marketing Strategies, it was one of the principal topic recognition apparatuses to showcase, dispatched path in 2011. “Whatwpthemeisthat” is the most mainstream let loose device for identifying what WordPress Theme and modules a specific site employments. 

Obviously, above all else, a site must be running WordPress to have any desire for you recognizing its theme — here’s a snappy instructional exercise of our own on the best way to test whether a site is utilizing WordPress for yourself. If this first basis is met, Whatwpthemeisthat would then be able to dive into a site’s code to search for indications of its theme. 

Notwithstanding a webpage’s topic, the device is additionally equipped for getting which modules a site is utilizing. Nonetheless, this is an unmistakably more troublesome suggestion, and it’s far-fetched that every single module being used will be identified (more on this beneath). 

Everything looks OK at that point — you likely now have a smart thought of what’s in store from the tool. Nonetheless, there are a couple of impediments to its analyst aptitudes. First of all, not all WordPress sites will create results. For security purposes, a few sites will effectively shroud that they’re utilizing WordPress, just as the topic they’re utilizing. 

Besides, the WordPress site being referred to might be utilizing a custom theme, created without any preparation. (It’s likewise worth bringing up that if a business theme has been changed, Whatwpthemeisthat won’t get on this reality.) 

Going further, the apparatus’ endeavors to distinguish modules will be upset if the module isn’t dynamic on a specific page. In case you’re hoping to discover the name of a particular module, ensure you discover a URL that you’re certain it’s being utilized on. 

Why “Whatwpthemeisthat” Created? 

A few people groups are continually looking for a decent WordPress topic. When they find a WordPress site they incredibly like, it isn’t continually obvious which theme is being utilized (particularly if there is no WordPress Theme association or name in the footer). A few people groups can take a gander at the HTML source and chase out the data; however, most individuals don’t have the foggiest idea of what to do. 

Whatwpthemeisthat is a free and great tool, and it was made to make it truly simple for you to get all the subtleties of what WordPress theme and what WordPress Plugins are being utilized on a with the goal that you can make your own ideal WordPress site. In case you’re hoping to discover the name of a particular module, ensure you discover a URL that you’re certain it’s being utilized on. 

Step by step instructions to Use Whatwpthemeisthat: 

Essentially go to the Whatwpthemeisthat.com and afterward put the URL of the site you need to check. Remember: Some sites will utilize various topics on various URLs — for instance, they may have a different topic for their blog. A similar cycle is for the module strategy

  • Put the URL in the inquiry box and hit search. 
  • If the site you have looked at isn’t utilizing WordPress, at that point, you’ll get a blunder message notice underneath: 
  • If it is utilizing WordPress, the tool will return as much data as possible. This data is part of two segments: Themes and modules. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Learn what themes and plugins any WordPress website runs. See also how WP Theme Detector, WhatWPThemeIsThat and other tools' resu… | WordPress theme, Theme, Plugins
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Do I need to enter the space or URL? 

If you need to check the landing page, at that point, simply the space is fine; else, you need to indicate the full URL or the page you wish to check. Note that a few sites run a WordPress blog off their primary non-WordPress website, so on these occasions, guarantee you indicate the URL to the blog. Additionally, some modules may be dynamic on a specific page/post, so determining the URL will give you more data explicit that that URL. 

What does WordPress Theme Proprieter mean? 

In the Top 10 WordPress Themes provider report, the themes are combined by the topic supplier. For instance, WooThemes have a ton of individual themes that all gone under the WooThemes structure, so instead of weakening the insights, they are completely considered WooThemes. 

Will this tool identify any WordPress theme? 

Most WordPress themes and their subtleties can be identified; however, few destinations may have their topic covered for different reasons, either for security or a redone topic. Note that this apparatus will recognize if a site is running Drupal or Joomla rather than WordPress. 

Will this apparatus work with all WordPress forms? 

Truly, it should work for all WordPress variants from 2.x through to the most current WordPress discharge

For what reason aren’t totally actuated WordPress modules recorded? 

Because of the idea of how some modules work, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to list every module dynamic on a site. A ton of WordPress modules is viably imperceptible as they work in the background or are for administrative purposes. 

When was this WordPress Detection Service made? 

This site was made in mid-2011 to answer the numerous gathering demands asking “Whatwpthemeisthat?” It came certainly before a progression of copycat destinations were made.


Whatwpthemeisthat distinguishes the site’s topic and some of the modules. Yet, it additionally has a few drawbacks in its own particular manner. Some WordPress site proprietors may darken their WordPress use, utilize custom themes, or take safety efforts to conceal their topic. By and large, ‘Whatwpthemeisthat‘ is a decent device, and it’s allowed to utilize. It takes less to result, and the outcome is practically exact. 


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