When To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar? Timing And Dosage

when to drink apple cider vinegar
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Do you want to drink apple cider vinegar? You may be wondering if you should drink apples cider vinegar or not when to drink it, what the dosage should be, and for what you can drink it. Some people use apple cider vinegar for cooking, and some have used it as a natural medicine for centuries. This article explains why taking apple cider vinegar is the right way, in the exact amount and the time you need to know. Therefore, if you don’t know when to drink apple cider vinegar, let us help you. We will discuss why and why to drink ACV.

Why Do You Want To Drink ACV? 

Many believe that ACV has many health benefits like weight loss, relief from indigestion, improved blood sugar levels, reduced heart diseases, and even cancer risks. Hence, when it provides these many essential benefits, one might want to take it. But what amount of apple cider vinegar is okay with your body and when to drink it? Of course, the timing and amount matter.

So, we have explained how much ACV per day is okay to you and for which health benefits you can drink it. We will also discuss the best way to consume apple cider vinegar to avoid its adverse effects.

when to drink apple cider vinegar
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What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

It’s been in use for centuries because of its good medical properties. The makers make ACV by combining the yeast with apples that create alcohol. After that, it ferments acetic acid due to the addition of bacteria. Apart from this, ACV includes minerals, vitamins, water and trace amounts of acids.

Why Is ACV So Popular?

ACV has powerful results in weight, and that’s why apple cider vinegar is so popular. It also cured type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and eczema. However, some people prefer drinking it at different times. So, we will discuss it in the latter part of this article. But first, let us discuss why people drink apple cider vinegar.

What Are The Benefits?

This section concludes the health benefits that encourage people to drink apple cider vinegar. Go through this section, and the subsequent paragraphs tell when to drink apple cider vinegar. You can drink ACV for the following.

1. Blood Sugar:

ACV works as a blood sugar manager because it naturally controls your blood sugar levels and is best for people with insulin resistance.

Drink ACV before high carb meals slow down the stomach emptying rate to prevent significant blood sugar spikes.

Apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity. Thus, your body can move glucose out of the bloodstream and cells to reduce blood sugar levels. The best thing is that you only need a slight apple cider vinegar to achieve this.

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How To Use It?

Take 20ml of ACV before meals and take maximum benefits of it. It will reduce the sugar levels after taking meals.

It would be best to mix it with water and take it before high carbs meals.

ACV won’t reduce the blood sugar levels taken before low carbs meals.

You can also reduce blood sugar spikes if you drink the water-diluted ACV 20ml immediately after having meals.

2. PCOS:

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is known as a hormonal condition (it’s associated with the abnormal menstrual cycle, ovarian and insulin resistance. And high levels of androgen hormones)

How To Use It?

A study found that women with this medical condition can drink 15 ml of ACV with 100 ml of water right after dinner to see the improved shape and regular periods. It also improves the symptoms of PCOS in women. Drinking it regularly as suggested can benefit more.

3. Weight Loss:

Do you know apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight? But when to drink apple cider vinegar for weight loss? It makes you feel full and reduces the foods you eat throughout the day.

How To Use It?

You can take 15ml or 30 ml of ACV regularly for at least three months to see visible changes in your body. It increases your feelings of fullness, and you don’t overeat.

when to drink apple cider vinegar
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You can take a glass of water before meals or mix it with oil in the salad and take it. You can combine it with the diet and see lifestyle changes. You only have to drink it for a few months, giving the results.

4. Digestion Improvement:

How can you drink apple cider vinegar for digestion improvement? If you prefer a high protein diet, you can drink apple cider vinegar to improve digestion. It would help if you drank it before a meal. ACV will increase your stomach’s acidity to create more pepsin, and pepsin is an enzyme that breaks down the protein.

How To Use It?

If you want to improve your digestion, drink 15ml or 30ml of ACV with a glass of water before meals. However, it’s not proven that it helps you improve your digestion.

5. Overall Health:

The most significant cause of its popularity is the overall health that ACV improves. It protects your body against cancer, heart diseases, and infections. But you must understand that the scientific research behind it is limited, and no proven evidence supports ACV.

But studies like a test tube and animal studies suggest that it will help.

  • Reduced risks of heart diseases
  • Reduced risks of cancer
  • Slow down bacterial growth

When To Drink?

What is the right time to drink apple cider vinegar? The above-discussed points must have cleared how it helps you. However, we discussed that you could drink apple cider vinegar before or after meals in those benefits. Now, let’s discuss what happens if you take it in the morning or night. No evidence proves the specific time for ACV is best.

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Drink ACV In The Morning:

If you have indigestion, you can drink apple cider vinegar in the morning. It will fight against belatedness and gas, and its smell is so good that it makes you feel fresh if you drink it first in the morning.

How To Use It?

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Pour more than (one tablespoon) of ACV.
  • Drink it slowly, sit and see what happens.
  • Continue it if you feel better after drinking it.

Drink ACV At Night:

I again tell you that it’s not scientifically proven that drinking apple cider vinegar at a specific time can provide maximum benefits. But some experts believe you can take full advantage of it as under if you drink it at night.

Drinking ACV at night can reduce blood sugar levels. It also improves your sleep and has maximum benefits if you take it with water and honey. It reduces the soreness in the throat because it has antibacterial properties. If you practice drinking it before bed, it doesn’t give you stinky breath in the morning.

How To Avoid Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar?

You have learned when to drink apple cider vinegar, but you must understand how to prevent its side effects from having a healthy life ahead. Of course, drinking ACV is 100% safe for your body, and it may have no side effects. Its acidity provides many health benefits, but you don’t have to mix it with something that neutralizes its acid and reduces the positive impact. Keep the following points in mind.

  • ACV’s acidity may damage your tooth’s enamel if you drink it regularly. Drink it with the straw and rinse your mouth with water to prevent it.
  • If you consume more ACV, like 230+ml per day, or every day for years, it can reduce blood potassium levels and osteoporosis.
  • You might experience side effects like burning, reflux, nausea, or other adverse effects. If it happens, stop using it immediately.

How Much Is ACV Per Day Permissible?

According to 2K16’s study, you can start with 15ml of ACV per day, and that’s enough. It will start giving potential benefits. Also, you must consult a medical officer before increasing the amount because the exact amount may depend on your physical condition and need.

when to drink apple cider vinegar
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Never forget that access to everything is always wrong. So, even if apple cider vinegar has maximum benefits to your body, you don’t have to consume it.

Consult with your physician before drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss, digestion, or other health benefits. Also, discuss the timing and amount of ACV you need to follow to ensure you don’t face any side effects.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand when to drink apple cider vinegar? This article summed up the more relevant and legit information about the timing and amount of ACV that you needed to know. If you understand how to take the maximum benefits of apple cider vinegar, share it with needy people. Also, let us know which medical condition or health benefits you want to drink apple cider vinegar before or after meals. If you have used ACV, let us know if it helped you and what benefits you got.


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