Which Is The Most Disliked Video On YouTube? Get the List of Top 10

most disliked video on youtube
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We have often seen a YouTube trend to dislike a newly uploaded video from any creator or a team. That’s what you are interested in because you are reading this article. Here, we have discussed the top ten most disliked videos on YouTube. This article’s likes and dislikes may be different from the actual video on YouTube due to the time frame. Because we shared the figures and numbers when this article was written, you may see different likes and dislikes on the most disliked video on YouTube. Are you ready to go on a YouTube dislike adventure? Let’s see what has happened to these videos.

Overview Of YouTube Videos:

YouTube has billions of hours of videos, and every minute, the watch time is increasing rapidly. So, there is no doubt that likes and dislikes for any YouTube video may vary from time to time. We have discussed the most disliked videos on YouTube according to the number of dislikes. However, YouTube has not disabled the number of dislikes on the YouTube video because now, if you dislike any videos, sometimes it only shows the message “The feedback shared with the creator,” and you can’t see how many dislikes the video has. But we have found the numbers for these YouTube videos from the site.

Why Do People Dislike A Video?

Don’t worry; this section is not added to bore you because we have shared some facts here. Of course, if you don’t like the video, you may be proudly giving it a dislike, but that’s not what we should do with every video because creators do tremendous hard work to show you five minutes or ten minutes of content. The following are the most commonly observed reasons audiences dislike YouTube videos.

most disliked video on youtube
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  • Some people don’t understand the value and hard work of content creators. They don’t like the content and dislike the video.
  • Some people dislike the videos even after learning lots of things from them or getting entertained.
  • Some people are influenced by the trend to dislike the videos, and they don’t even watch the full content. Thus, they don’t genuinely dislike the content. That’s the most popular reason to make any video listed as one of the most disliked videos on YouTube. 
  • Some people only play random videos and dislike the content even if they don’t have issues with the content creators and video makers. That’s their strategy to spread hate.

These are some of the main reasons to dislike a video and many of the reasons we have not shared here to keep the crispiness of this article. Let’s move on to the disliked videos.

Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos:

While searching for the most disliked video on YouTube, we have found the following ten most disliked videos that you may be surprised by knowing the past number of dislikes. Of course, these videos will have more likes and dislikes than this article when you are reading it and checking on YouTube.

Ten Most Disliked YouTube Videos:

1. Wheels On The Bus (6.61m Dislikes):

This video from CoComelon got more than 66.1 lacks of dislikes. That’s the shocking moment for this creator after creating this video. You may have never seen a children’s video getting more dislikes on YouTube, but yes, it’s a fact that this video has more than 6.61 million dislikes and 9 million likes. This is, of course, a big difference because mostly, only 10-15 % of total likes may dislike.

2. Lakdi Ki Kathi:

Jingle Toons was too excited while launching this video, but the viewers killed that excitement by giving a big round of 6.99 million dislikes on this video on YouTube. It made this video the most disliked video on YouTube for this channel. This video has beautiful scenes of kids playing outside, and most people don’t even know why this video got too many dislikes.

3. Bath Song:

CoComelon has one more disaster with the new video with more dislikes than the previous one. This video has more than 8.39m dislikes on YouTube. They released this video in May 2018 (to the tune of Baby Shark). Here, you can see two brothers bathing together and helping each other to clean themselves. That may be, of course, weird, but these many dislikes are also weird.

4. Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs On A Farm:

Мирошка ТВ launched this video, and within a few days, this video crossed more than 8.47m dislikes. Many children’s videos are rocking on this amazing platform, but some get dislikes. This video has five minutes and ten seconds of watch time. If you are a kid and want to learn about the colors, this video teaches it through cartoon eggs and weird smiles that may be the reason for dislikes.

5. YouTube Rewind 2019:

This video was For The Record. Do you ever think YouTube’s video may be one of the most disliked? Yes, this video was uploaded by YouTube itself, but unfortunately, it didn’t make a huge impact on the audience, and they didn’t enjoy the video. Guess what? This video crossed more than 9.55 million dislikes, nearly one crore dislikes. That’s huge for YouTube creators.

6. Jonny Jonny Yes Papa:

LooLoo Kids had uploaded this video on YouTube with expectations to entertain the kiddy audience, but it was one of the most shocking disasters on YouTube. This song is enjoyable, but it doesn’t mean everyone will enjoy this video. That’s why this song is one of the most disliked videos on YouTube, with 11.44m dislikes, and the actual number will be more than it. It made this video the most disliked video on YouTube for this channel.

7. Baby Baby Baby (Justin Bieber):

He’s an amazing creator and singer. Don’t you think like this? Yes, we know he’s talented, but that doesn’t mean YouTube’s audience will always be happy with anything uploaded to your channel. The song Baby has more than 12.40 million dislikes and 18 million likes. It makes this song the most disliked video on YouTube for Justin Bieber’s channel. Do you like this song or not?

8. Sadak 2 Trailer:

FoxStarHindi uploaded the latest movie Sadak 2. Do you know this movie crossed more than 13.63 million dislikes, making it the third most disliked video on YouTube? It’s a bullet for the YouTube creator’s expectations, but the reason was not a genuine dislike. People came to this channel, opened the trailer, disliked the trailer within a second, and closed the video. You can search for why it happened.

9. Baby Shark Dance:

Pinkfong Baby Shark was the creator and publisher of this video, Baby Shark Dance. But this dance was not so good according to the audience and guess what happened? Yes, they made the world record for this channel with the most disliked video on YouTube for this channel. This video has more than 14.39 million dislikes. That’s nearly about one and a half crore dislikes. No doubt that the likes on this video have doubled because it got 29 million likes, but still, this number of dislikes is disappointing for any creators.

most disliked video on youtube
Pic credit- youtube.com

10. YouTube Rewind 2018:

Again, YouTube is at the top in everything because YouTube itself uploads the most disliked video on YouTube, and that video was YouTube Rewind 2018. Yes, we have discussed above YouTube Rewind 2019, but that’s the second most YouTube disliked video. The first is YouTube Rewind 2018, which crossed more than 19 million dislikes. It’s 6 million more than the number of dislikes on YouTube Rewind 2019. I’m thinking how bad that video seemed to the viewers that it forced them to give two-crore dislikes on YouTube. Did you like this video or dislike this video? Be honest in the comment and let us know which would be the most disliked video on YouTube, according to you.

How To Enjoy YouTube Content?

You may learn something whenever you consume a YouTube video, enjoy the moments, or get entertained by it. Of course, non of the videos can meet the needs and expectations of individual YouTube viewers. That’s why most people don’t like all videos uploaded on YouTube. But that doesn’t mean we give a dislike to any YouTuber’s content. Creating a single video on YouTube takes weeks and sometimes months, and their efforts need payback. If you don’t like the video, you can comment on what’s not influencing and don’t give a like, but disliking is not the solution.

Wrapping Up:

Did you know what the most disliked video is on YouTube? Most people thought the video might be of some creators that got the most disliked, but YouTube is at the top in this, and in 2018, it launched the video with the title “Youtube Rewind 2018.” It is the most disliked YouTube video. Do you want to know anything else about the most disliked video on YouTube? We have also found the ten most liked videos on YouTube. Let us know if you want to know about them, and we will share the article.


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