Why Are Cable Companies So Bad?

Cable Companies So Bad

The title of this article may sound like a grumpy old person complaining over petty things, but trust me, the bad cable company is not a petty issue. Especially when they are getting more expensive with time. We assume this may be the reason why you are here. Well, we won’t try to talk big about cable companies here, yet share some possible reasons why some “cable” companies appear evil to a certain audience, while we would love to hear your opinion about cable companies in the comments section.

Before we dive deeper into the possible reasons that make cable companies bad for some users in contrast to some who say they are never going to quit on cable services anytime soon. We have to consider a fact that there are cable service providers that are constantly ensuring quality services and have millions of loyal customers in more than 40 states for decades. The names include Spectrum cable, Mediacom, Xfinity, and a couple of more where they have designed several packages keeping in mind the varied needs of countless users and different households’ e.g. Xfinity or spectrum cable packages.

However, we shall now get into the details of why and how cable companies appear bad to some users and what are the reasons that can potentially disappoint their users. So, let’s get started:

  1. Loyalty is costless

Your loyalty is not rewarded at all. The only reward you get as a long-lasting customer is an inflated price, not once but always. Yet, there is a trap. They cater to a loyalty service tactic that is compassionatefor a very few. The flashy discounts on the website are not available to all at all locations.

  1. Should I get into details about customer service?

It is evident. Customer service is terrible in the cable (and even internet) sector. Not everybody wants to wait for their turn to get an answer to simple questions nor do we want to wait when there’s something urgent but it is what it is. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of tricky or mischievous reps, unpleasant cancelation fees, a hobby of late technical service, and poor online ratings on multiple platforms which is why the service is full of irate and displeased customers. Yet who cares?

  1. Price hikes are too frequent, did you observe it?

Well, those who are annoyed at cable companies, they do. The long-term subscribers are acquainted with the unwelcomed increase price. Any cable TV service that proffers $50 to its base while you wait for a year, it will hike to $90 per month for the same service. How sneaky!

  1. The most popular channels are bundled under hiked prices

Upselling is unpleasant. Smart cable companies offer vox-pop channels in pricey packages. The lineups of shows vary per provider and it is one of the worst facts. This automatically means that families will require to pay more for their favorite shows and this isclear exploitation.

  1. Just threaten to cancel the show and here you go – you get the best deals!

It might seem like a ransom but is it worth having? The act of removing TV service altogether is known as “cord-cutting”, this phenomenon is genuinely taking over with time. Well, 25 percent of Americans have already cut ties with television monopoly after years of frustration, does this soundcrazy? No, they chose convenience and pocket-friendly choices. In a contrast to this, some people save $125 per month by quitting on cable.

  1. These channels are NOT there as a la carte

This is market capitalization where corporations rule the market. Individual’s network and streaming services are a new way to halt these options but rulers exist. Unfortunately, there will be a line of hate mails by consumers who pay to watch 6 channels only but have to pay for more than 80 channels.

  1. Equipment with a service charge

Leasing is there for the equipment you lease from these money suckers. DVRs, modem, cable boxes, and you might faint after watching your bill, too quick to react, yeah? Well, don’t faint, add service charge too. The bill skyrockets as your wish does, surprise, surprise, the equipment is inclusive too.

Final Thoughts

As a customer, it is your responsibility to do your research before you sign up and keep a track of all the additional and monthly charges on your bill. Some providers are worth every penny and are entertaining every kind of consumer with their innovatively designed packages. Know what you need, before you shop so you don’t become a victim of clever marketing and charges on your bill.


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