Why Are Dewalt Batteries So Popular?


If your work involves the use of power tools, you know firsthand about the convenience of using rechargeable batteries. They give you independence from the availability of electric power, and you can enjoy trouble-free operation for several hours. In addition, cordless power tools give you freedom of movement and safety as cables and pipes can cause problems and injuries. We offer you an overview of batteries from one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment and accessories for it — DeWalt.

Why Are Dewalt Batteries So Popular?

Perhaps, you have already used rechargeable batteries and noticed that their power drops over time. This is due to the so-called memory effect, which occurs when the charging mode is incorrect. Made from high-quality lithium, the Dewalt battery is performing on their website, delivering the same power all the time. In addition, they are extremely durable and compatible with all DeWalt equipment. You can find wide assortment of DeWalt batteries on ukplanettools.co.uk.

Here are some more benefits of buying such a battery :

  • Lightweight design;
  • Protection from overheating and damage;
  • Indicators for monitoring the charging progress;
  • Minimal self-discharge levels.

Company DeWalt is working on integrating digital technologies into tooling and offering reliable and efficient solutions for longer runtimes of manufactured batteries.

Most Popular Dewalt Batteries

Among the variety of rechargeable batteries that you can find in the tool shop, the following positions are considered the best:

  • DeWalt Genuine DCB547 18V/54V Li-Ion XR Flexvolt, which provides dual voltage and is suitable for both medium and large-capacity tools.
  • DeWalt DCB184b-XJ – 18v 2.0ah — convenient because it allows you to view the battery status through the application on your phone.
  • DCB183-XJ 18V XR LI-IONBATTERY PACK is one of the most affordable batteries you can find in any power tool shop in the UK. It is ideal for a small tool and delivers optimized power to get the job done quickly.

DeWalt batteries have a lifespan of about 3 years, and if you keep and use them properly, they can last even longer.


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