Why Keyword Analysis is the most important factor for your blog?

keyword analysis

Blogging has been one of the oldest forms of content delivery. Let it be fictional, informational or any kind of content, you can easily deliver it through a blog. But over time, the process of blogging has changed. If we look a decade or two back, there was limited internet and only a few blogging sites. So, it was easy for the readers to go through a site and find their favorite relevant blog. And to regularly read your blog, they just had to follow it or subscribe to it. But now, things have taken a big turn. If you want to attract readers in today’s time, you have to optimize your blog according to the search engines. Because that is where most of the readers find your blog. And the best way of doing that is ‘Keyword Analysis.’

Even though the search engine optimization (SEO) practices are constantly changing, keyword analysis has always been there and still accounts for effective effects. This is because most of the optimization algorithms give heavy weightage to the keywords. If you are new to the blogging and SEO world, then you should first know what exactly keyword analysis is:

Keyword Analysis

keyword analysis

Keywords are search phrases that can be used in your content. The analysis of these phrases is the process with which you can attract people towards your website/blog. These people can be attracted by organic search or paid search. Organic search is the one where your website/blog automatically appears on the SERPs, without any advertising. While in paid search, you pay to advertise your website/blog on the SERPs.

In keyword analysis, you have to find those keywords that are related to your blog and are most searched on a search engine. Then you have to incorporate these keywords into your blog’s content and make sure when someone searches for the keywords again, your blog is shown on the top of the results. This way, you will be able to get more visitors and your blog will become even more popular.

Importance of Keyword Analysis

A search engine plays an important role as almost everyone uses it to find any information on the internet. And to reach out to a better audience, you need to perform keyword analysis and make sure that your blog’s content is optimized for search engines. This way, when someone will put those keywords in the search engine, your blog will be shown on the top of the SERP.

But why do you need to attract more people towards your blog? Well, if you are planning to begin marketing through your blog, then your blog needs to be popular enough for marketing firms to consider you as one of their options. And if you yourself have a business that you are promoting through this blog, then attracting potential customers towards your blog and ultimately towards your business website will result in better sales of your business.

Also, if you are providing a solution through your blog, then keyword analysis will ensure that your solution reaches out to more people who are looking for it. Basically, this process will make your blog better than all the other blogs in your competition.

How to perform keyword analysis

First, you need to find those keywords that can describe your blog the best. Like if you are promoting a particular product, then you can use its name or brand as a keyword. Once done, you can use a tool like Google Trends and put the selected keywords in it. It will give you a long list of trending keywords that you can use. With tools like this, your work can be made super easy and you would not end up putting in outdated keywords in your content.

But remember to be specific about the keywords. Let say your blog is about “10 Latest Makeup Trends,” then using the keyword Makeup will definitely divert a lot of traffic towards your blog. But it is possible that most of that traffic does not find your content relevant as they were trying to find something else in the “Makeup” section. If you will use the keyword “makeup trends” or even “latest make trends,” then it will be easy for you to reach more people who are actually interested in your content.

Do not flood the keywords

It is important to use keywords in large volumes. Because mentioning them once or twice in your two or three thousand words blog will not help the search engine in recognizing it. But remember to put in the keywords where they sound most natural. Stuffing in the keywords everywhere in the blog will irritate the reader and search engines too.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to spread the keyword throughout the blog and not just in a single section. This will result in more usage of the keyword and it will not look stuffed. Secondly, consider the sentence formation around the keyword. The keyword should flow naturally in the sentence. Otherwise, the reader can quickly guess why you forced a word in the middle of a sentence and they will not be interested in your blog anymore.

Focus on the content

keyword analysis

Remember that your main aim is to deliver high-quality content to the readers. And the process of keyword analysis is just a way of successfully promoting your blog. So before incorporating your keywords, make sure the quality of your content is good enough to engage all the people who read it. Also, make sure that the keyword usage does not degrade its quality. Because poor content can fail all your promotion strategies and you will not be able to achieve the final results.


The points to remember in keyword analysis are:

  • Find the right keyword.
  • Put the keywords in your content in the right way.
  • Maintain the quality of the content.

By focusing on these three points, you can easily optimize your blog/website for search engines and attract more potential readers towards it.


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