Why Machine Learning Is Important for the Society?

machine learning

Technologies have been changing continuously for the last one or two decades. The kind of advancements we see in technologies nowadays, there is not much time left when computers will replace almost everything that humans do. And this is because machines are getting smarter. And once trained, they do not tend to make errors like humans. This was all possible because of the implementation of techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in almost every sector.

These terms are not foreign to anyone, but not everyone knows how exactly they work and what influences they are creating in the world. This article will help in learning everything about ML and how it is crucial for everyone.  

What is Machine Learning?

machine learning

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that is focused on training computers. In ML, computers learn from a large amount of data, identify patterns in that data and later make decisions on the basis of input given. All this processing is done with minimal or no human involvement.

ML consists of three parts, an Algorithm that is used for computations, Variables that are used in decision making, and  Knowledge that is used for learning purposes.

ML is used to make computers/machines work as the human mind does. Like, when we see any danger coming towards us, our mind takes in this information, processes it and makes a decision of running away from that danger. Now, how did we know that whatever was coming towards us was dangerous? This is based on the situations we have experienced and the data our minds have stored. Similarly, computers learn from the huge amount of interrelated data, called the dataset and function accordingly.

Influences of Machine Learning

For businesses, ML helps them to keep up in the game. We have to agree that currently, any properly running business will have a tremendous amount of data and the human mind simply can’t process so much data. With ML, businesses can not only handle this data but can also reduce the chances of creating any possible errors. This can help them in performing better than their competitors.

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ML is also influencing our day to day lives and there are not just one or two ways in which ML is doing that. It is hard to say which sector ML has left untouched, as it has changed our way of doing almost all of our work. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which ML has changed our lives.

. Enhancement in the health care sector

With ML, doctors and professionals are able to diagnose their patients better and faster. As earlier they had to look deep into the symptoms of the patient then analyze them and recommend proper medication. And with treating many patients in a day, the chances of making a mistake were higher. But with ML, the whole process has become easy and the chances of making any mistakes have reduced.

. Saving the environment

No matter how much we try, human minds cannot process a large amount of data. With ML, it is easy to forecast any future environmental issues and also find a number of solutions for the same. 

. Simplified logistic services

The process of shipping can be optimized to a great extend using ML. With this optimization, the time and cost of shipping will be reduced and customers can have a better e-shopping experience.

. Retail Services 

We all have seen that ‘Recommendations for you’ section on almost every e-commerce website. The products in that section are based on our previous choices and the websites are able to do that with ML. They analyze all the previous data of each customer and gives them a customized list of items they might be interested in. This attracts the customer towards the products they might like and increases the sales of websites.

. Automated Cars

Machine Learning has already been implemented in Google Maps which we are using to optimize our daily travel routes. And now we can see the use of ML in self-driven cars. These cars will be able to learn instantaneously from the new road situations it experiences. Even their decision making is faster than that of well-trained drivers. In a study with 55 Google vehicles, AI-powered cars have already surpassed cars that are driven by humans.

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. Financial Services

ML has also hit the financial departments as it helps the people in making the best out of their businesses. The insights of data can help them by telling when to trade or by identifying any new investment opportunities. ML also helps businesses in avoiding any fraud by letting them know about any high-risk clients.

. Safety of public

machine learning

The big safety organizations, like FBI and Raw, are already using machine learning in their systems, which helps them in preventing crimes. Technologies are there that use ML and analyze any crime patterns in different areas and with this analysis, the organizations are able to check on any future crime possibilities and prevent them. In this way, they are able to protect the public in a better way.

. Personal Assistance

Who is not familiar with Siri and Google Assistant? They not only help in keeping everything organized in our devices but also answers all our questions. These personal assistants work on the concept of Artificial Intelligent and are another great example of how AI and ML have become a part of our day to day life.  

We live in an age of data and information. There is quite a lot of data floating everywhere and techniques like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are very important to manage that data in a proper way and utilize it whenever and wherever it is required. But with this, there are chances of losing data and data getting misused. So it is still not sure that which way these technologies will take the world, but one thing is sure that they definitely are making a big difference in our lives and will continue to do so.

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