Why Should You Never Use Your Laptop On Your Lap?

Laptop On Your Lap

Laptops are among the most useful tools that almost everyone holds. They are powerful, portable, and comfortable. While there is a lap on the laptop, the device does not belong on your lap. Why? A simple answer would be a laptop on your lap that tends to expose you to electromagnetic frequency radiation that can be quite dangerous for you. 

These devices exude EMFs in multiple frequencies that can be extremely dangerous for your health. Unhealthy exposure to this electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous for your vital organs. Below we have further explained six reasons why laptop on the lap is dangerous – 

1. Develops Cancer Risk 

Laptop On Your Lap

According to Drs. Peter Itin and Andreas Arnold, two reckoned Swiss researchers from the University Hospital Basel, a heated laptop can result in skin damage on the lap. This damage can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. 

Dr. Anthoby J.Mancine, a dermatologist, backed their claims and said that skin inflammation for a prolonged period could increase the chances of developing squamous cell carcinoma. It is more severe than normal skin cancer. Moreover, people tend to keep their laptops close to reproductive organs, which can also lead to ovarian and testicular cancers. 

2. Probabilities of Sleep Disorder 

Often we prop the laptop on the lap while relaxing or leisurely typing in bed. This means that the artificial light coming from the screen is within your eye-level. It can suppress the exertion of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep. 

If you have been suffering from insomnia, try to substitute a laptop for a book prior to hitting the sack. It is known to help you sleep better. Moreover, you also use f.lux, which is a type fo Chrome extension that modifies the brightness of the screen at different times of the day. 

3. Cause Neck and Back Pain 

According to a study, hunching over with a laptop on the lap can result in back and neck pain. Instead of doing that, place your laptop on the table in order to keep it in an upright position. For a laptop, it is better to use a standing desk, which is designed to offer a healthy posture. 

4. Harmful to the Reproductive Organs 

While highly useful, laptops emit EMFs and obtain wireless internet signals. When you place a laptop on lap, it is in close proximity to the reproductive system. This can cause a problem in the release of sperm count in men and eggs in females. 

Additionally, researchers have also revealed that placing a laptop close to your reproductive organs can damage the sperm cells’ DNA, impacting the reproductive capability in males. Research conducted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine revealed that laptops on the pa could impact fertility. 

5. Results in Skin Burn 

If you spend excessive amounts of time working or playing on your laptop, it can increase the risk of toasted skin syndrome. According to studies putting devices such as laptops on the lap for a long period of time can result in an unusual mottled skin condition. This particular condition is also called erythema ba igne, which is caused by prolonged exposure to heat coming from the laptop. 

6. Pregnancy Issues

Putting a laptop on the lap for a long time period can result in infertility and cause problems in reproduction. The exposure delays the production of eggs, making it more challenging for them to conceive. Moreover, if they have conceived and continue to use a laptop on their tummy or lap, it can cause a harmful impact on the fetus due to the EMF radiation. 

Addressing the Ergonomic Challenges with Laptops

Following are some of the factors that result in ergonomic issues with laptop 

  • Size of the monitor 

The laptop screen is evidently smaller in comparison to the monitor of the desktop. A small screen means your eyes are under more strain as opposed to larger ones. 

  • Spacing in Keyboard 

Along with compact keyboards, some of the keys in the laptop are oddly placed. On the whole laptop keyboard is rather cramped as opposed to desktop keyboards. Stress injuries and hand craps are common concerns associated with these scenarios. 

  • Small Pointers 

Laptops have an embedded pointing device like a touchpad. These devices are ideal for the task; however, they are also not easy to use or comfortable for a prolonged time period. Such inconvenience results in stress on your wrist. 

Tips to Make your Laptop more Ergonomic 

Laptop On Your Lap

Elevate the Screen 

The ideal height, as well as the angle of the laptop, allows you to view the screen without having to bend your neck. This reduced the stress placed on the back and neck. Raise the laptop by a couple of inches above the desk. Additionally, also make sure that the device is placed on a stable surface like a laptop stand or a working desk. Make sure that your eyes are a the level of the top third of the screen while looking ahead.

Take Breaks 

Constantly working in front of the laptop puts your whole body in stress, especially eyes. This is why it is important to take in-between. So set reminders on your phone to take small breaks every thirty minutes. You can just close your eyes for 20-30 seconds or perform a little stretching while sitting down. The latter will help in losing the muscles and promoting the flow of blood. Even if you cannot take a walk, you can merely stand and move in your place. 

The laptop is designed in a way that users are forced to struggle with bad back or neck posture or wrist posture. Additionally, placing the laptop on the lap comes with its own share of health implications. While this mobile and futuristic device has made a lot of things easier for us, there are some health risks that cannot be overlooked. 

Above, we have shared some of the serious health implications associated with keeping your laptop on the lap. Even if you are sitting on the bed or on the floor, avoid placing your laptop directly on the lap. Invest in a bed table to ensure that there is a strong barrier that restricts the harmful rays from directly affecting your body. 


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