Why Should Your Business Take the Chatbot Advantage?


You must have seen the hype about chatbots these days. They can be seen everywhere, from Facebook Messenger to E-Commerce Websites, and everyone wants to integrate chatbots with their businesses. But not everyone is familiar with the term. So, what is a chatbot and what does it do?

A chatbot is a software that can have a conversation with people. The software is a chat interface that works with Artificial Intelligence(AI). This is like having a chat with a human, but it’s just the software that replies to you. And because of AI, the software is so intelligent that the messages it sends, are almost like some human is sending them.

The main motive of integrating a chatbot with the businesses is to maintain and amp up the relations of the business teams with customers. As chatbot directly interacts with the customers and it is not prone to most of the errors that a human makes. It provides better customer satisfaction for the business. And the fact that it can be put anywhere, from messengers to SMS or email-based, makes it even more interesting. 

With the chatbot, businesses are able to do a lot more, as better customer satisfaction is received. There are many advantages of a chatbot, so let’s see what it can do for your business and why you should be integrating it as soon as possible.

Benefits, a ChatBot can provide


As the customer is everything for a business and chatbot directly interacts with them, so there are countless benefits a chatbot can provide to your business. Let’s have a look at some of them.

. Customer Satisfaction 

This is the main motive of the chatbot, to provide better customer satisfaction, but how exactly does it do that? There are many ways in which a customer can be made happy with your services. The ways a chatbot can help with that are:

. Good Interaction:

Humans usually interact according to their mood, like the service agents only interact in a good way when they are in a good mood. Otherwise, they do not behave good and the customer can be irritated by this, which is a bad experience for the customer. But this is not the case with the chatbot, it will always provide a good conversation and a better response to the customer. Because of this, the chances of customers having a bad experience reduces significantly. 

. Availability:

No matter how much a business can try, it cannot provide a 24*7 service availability to the customer. Human minds have to take breaks to work properly. Again, chatbot solves this problem as it is available round the clock for customer support. And there are no chances of them getting tired or not working efficiently, until any technical issue.

. Saves Time:

Customers often face this situation where they have to wait for a service agent to pick up their call and answer their queries. And no matter how small or big your query is, the waiting time does not change according to that. The average time, for which the customer waits to get an agent assigned, is 7 minutes. While the chatbot replies to each and every customer instantly and saves their time. And tell me, who is not satisfied with fast replies?

. No Mistakes:

When humans do a task repetitively, they tend to make mistakes in it. This is not the case with chatbots as they’re a computer program, they always do their work consistently.

. Increases Customer Base

Usually, humans can concentrate on 3 to 4 things at a time. After that, they tend to make errors. So a single service agent can handle a maximum of 3 customers at a time. And knowing that human resource is limited, not many customers can be handled at the same time. With a chatbot, thousands of people can be handled at any point in time. This helps in increasing the customer base as more and more customers can be assisted. 

. Saves Money

As your business grows, the staff requirement only increases. More and more people are required to handle different tasks. And nothing comes free, so you need to pay well to all your employees for them to work well. But, with making a one-time investment in the chatbot, these expenses can be cut. As things are well handled by the chatbot, it will be able to solve the majority of customer issues and queries. Only the complex issues will be passed to the agents and hence, lesser agents would be required.

. No More Training

With every new employee joining your business, training has to be given. No matter if the employee is a fresher or an experienced person, he/she has to be trained according to the work and terms of your business. But chatbot has to be trained just once, that is while building it. After that, you don’t need to tell it again, what its job is. 

. Personal Assistance


No matter how much you try, humans cannot remember everything, so giving personalized services and advice can be a bit of a mess. With the chatbot, things can be personalized. Chatbots can be used as advisors in different fields. It even saves all the previous choices of the customer, so it can assist the customer better each time by analyzing the type of choices they make. This again brings customer satisfaction, as the customer would always get good recommendations from the bot, which is a very difficult task with the humans.

Now, knowing all the ways in which a chatbot can help your business, even you would agree how important it is for you to integrate it with your business. For your business to do better, you should always move with the trends. So, it is important to do the chatbot integration as soon as possible because more and more people are considering this idea and you would never want to be left behind in the competition. Hence, take advantage of chatbots and it will definitely help you in taking your business to the next level.

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