10 WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Site into a SEO Powerhouse


Just creating a great WordPress site is not enough if you don’t have any visitors. Search engines are the major source of traffic for a lot of websites. You can improve your site’s ranking in the search result page of a search engine and increase the number of visitors to your site using Search Engine Optimization. This process is very important in bringing you tonnes of traffic from sites like Google. WordPress is considered as one of the best SEO friendly sites. World’s 34% of websites are powered by WordPress. it is mostly used for blogging and e-commerce businesses since it is SEO-friendly. Apart from having a great theme and an overall fabulous site, you can use these WordPress plugins to increase the traffic on your site. The best part, WordPress includes a massive community that is more than happy to help you with WordPress-related issues, including finding the best WordPress plugins and themes for your website. Here is Showcase IDX MLS plugin.

All in one SEO pack

Probably the best SEO plugins for beginners on WordPress, all in one SEO Services pack has over a million downloads to its name. This plugin provides everything for the newcomer. It is easy to learn and to customise. It optimises the title of the blog posts for various search engines automatically. And if you have become a little familiar with it, you can also choose your own title, set any meta description and meta keyword as per requirement.

Yoast WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most widely used free SEO plugin on the net. It has everything which will help you create the best web page. It provides an on-page analysis even before you publish the site. It increases your Social Media reach, helps you in writing better content and keeps a lookout on your given ‘keyword’ use.  How much you are using your keyword in your page and its effectiveness on the search engine. Its search engine view lets you view how your site will be seen by users around the world. It also includes an XML sitemap for your website.

WP Social SEO Booster

Ranking in search engines is done on the basis of the no of quality backlinks for a site. If a site has better and more mentions of itself on social media platforms, then it is bound to gather traffic throughout. WP Social SEO Booster provides impressive social optimisation. It adds Facebook Graphs, Twitter cards, implements Rich tagging for all your content leading more users towards your site. Its best quality is that despite being a free plugin it works with every SEO Plugin present.

SEO Friendly Images

Being found in the Web category of Google is not enough, to increase your site’s popularity you should stand out in the Google Image search also. This plugin augments the ALT text of an image because the text is the only attribute which search engines find and rank sites on. You should have proper tags on all the images you use on your website to enhance the quality of your website.

Scribe Plugin

What you write on the site is the main thing that decides your ranking on search engines. Scribe plugin is a very useful plugin which guides you on how to write content strategically. It counts the number of times your preferred keyword is used all over the content and what should you do to optimise it. It is also good for companies which hire freelancers or interns to write specific keyword inspired articles.

Google Keyword Planner

Google provides its advertisers with a free tool which anyone can use which tells them which keywords they should use to generate maximum traffic and improve ranking. Advertisers can bid on special keywords and stand out from its competitors in the ranking race. After all, there is no one better at searching stuff online than Google.


One of the best ways of generating credible backlinks to your website is by sending numerous outbound links to other websites. However, not every website you send an outbound link to is credible and destined to generate traffic. Also, many of those sites may send links back to you which are spam and can increase your website load time. You can overcome this problem by using LinkPatrol. It not only allows you to check which sites are garnering views for you and which are not, which sites are sending spam links to you and also covers the links in the comments. It is not a free plugin, however.

Google Analytics by Yoast

After the WordPress SEO, Joost de Valk created another plugin which shows you where you could and should improve if you want to improve your website. After you’ve made a Google Analytics account it gives you a code which you can use anywhere on your site, you can keep track of your outbound links and count the number of file downloads.


Redirecting one URL to another to your site may seem easy but it is not. Many sites lose ranking because of untidy redirection which does not lead one URL to another effectively. Due to this the familiar ‘error 404’ occurs. If the redirection is not, correct search engines will not give the old page any credit. You can conquer quality redirection by using the Redirection plugin.

Broken Link Checker

Sometimes while adding new content to the website people tend to forget about the older posts. Some of these posts may have some broken links which you may not know  These broken links not only degrade the experience of the user; it also affects your ranking. Broken Link Checker lets you check and fix the broken links without even editing them. Despite its handy use, this plugin can slow down your site server.

All of these WordPress plugins are excellent and will definitely increase your site’s Search Engine ranking. Each of them has different features and are used differently also. One thing you should keep in mind is never to use too much of these plugins as they may hamper your site’s response and load time.


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