Would You Be Better Off With A Sim Only Deal?

With A Sim Only

Finding the right mobile phone package is unquestionably one of the most important consumer decisions you’ll make all year. Aside from the fact that you use your device to browse, communicate, and stream on a daily basis, it’s common knowledge that smartphone contracts are one of the most common sources of wasted money for the modern consumer. Read on to find if you would be better off with a Sim Only deal or not.

However, there is an alternative solution. With A Sim Only deals were looked down upon for many years, but could they actually improve your situation in 2020 and beyond?

Sim Only Deals: The Financial Elements

When hoping to find a better mobile phone deal, the financial aspects should play a crucial role. When looking at the best packages, you could secure 1GB of data for £5 per month while even 30GB of data can cost as little as £10 per month. This also includes unlimited texts and calls.

Given that the average mobile phone contract is between 12 and 36 months, this is how the finances can be impacted.

  • Buying an iPhone 11 128GB on O2 with 1GB of data costs £80 upfront plus 36 months of £39.98, totalling £1519.28.
  • Buying an iPhone 11 128GB on O2 with 15GB of data costs £39.99 upfront plus 36 months of £47.09, totalling £1735.23.

Conversely, the handset itself costs £779. Over 36 months, the handset and Sim only deal will cost £959 on 1GB of data or £1,139 with 30GB of data. The savings of £560.28 or £596.23 respectively should make this an easy decision.

Sim Only Deals: The Flexibility

Financial factors are crucial, but they’re not the only key issues to consider. Your smartphone is almost an extension of you, regardless of whether you’re on Apple or Android. A Sim Only deal offers a wide range of potential benefits, including but not limited to;

  • The handset is yours from day one, meaning you can sell it, trade it, or keep it for as long as you want.
  • If your situation changes, Sim only deals are rolling contracts allowing you to increase or reduce the data.
  • The Sim only deal additionally allows you to switch networks with far greater ease should you decide that the current one isn’t good enough.

Sim only deals are, therefore, a fantastic option for anyone that wants total control and cannot guarantee that their situation will stay the same for three years.

Sim Only Deals: The Drawbacks

Sim only deals have a lot to offer, but they aren’t perfect. If they were, everyone would use them. Some of the possible drawbacks that you may wish to consider include;

  • Your handset might not have the same cooling-off period or returns policy.
  • You won’t receive the welcome gifts that you might gain from a contract.
  • It requires a much larger initial outlay.
  • You might be more tempted to settle for an older handset.
  • If buying a handset on credit, you’ll have two contracts to manage.

The Verdict

Sim only plans aren’t for everyone, but their appeal is far greater than ever before for financial reasons as well as convenience. If you can find the right deal and the right time, it could be the key to unlocking the best mobile phone service in a budget-friendly manner.


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