7 Myths About Job Hunting on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social network that is comparable to Facebook but belongs to the business world. Social networks provide people with the opportunity to express themselves, demonstrate talents, skills, and chat with like-minded users. Linkedin is designed for business communication, job search, and conversations on any professional topic.  

According to statistics provided by the professional linkedin profile service, many people still do not have LinkedIn profiles, despite the huge popularity, especially in America. Mainly because they are afraid to fail. They are afraid of not only failures, but also creativity, communication with business partners and demonstration of their skills.

In this article, we will dispel all the stereotypes and myths that have arisen around LinkedIn and teach you how to use this powerful tool to achieve success.

1st Myth. LinkedIn is a complicated and inconvenient recourse

It is relevant information only for the first 15 minutes of using the social network. If, after registration, you patiently take an hour to explore the interface, you will understand that it is very convenient. After the latest updates, LinkеdIn interface has become even simpler and more understandable. 

LinkedIn combines the best of two platforms: 

  • from Facebook – the ability to communicate with each other and share news from life;
  • and other job search websites – the opportunity to post your resume and track vacancies.

Linkedin seems complicated for many because there are no pictures of cats and satisfying lunches. But LinkedIn is a space for building your career, your brand, searching for partners and customers. It is a kind of workplace. 

2nd Myth. I created a profile on Linkedin, but it does not work

Yes, but the problem here is not in the social network, but in you. It’s like registering an Instagram profile and waiting for thousands of followers. Just wait … It doesn’t work like that! 

You can be successful at Linkedin if you adhere to 2 rules:

  1. Create an active profile, with a photo, with achievements, publications, projects, and recommendations, with skills and interests. Build a personal brand through your profile showing your success story. 
  1. Build a strong network of targeted contacts. Get to know people from your field, the best specialists in your industry, recruiters, and HR managers, monitor their activities, communicate in groups. And if suddenly annoying fans appear on the horizon, you can always block them using the tips from this article: https://linkedinprofilewritingservice.com/how-to-block-someone-on-linkedin/  Go to more than 500 contacts, and your profile can already be considered successful. You will be visible in this professional network.

3rd Myth. I do not need a professional LinkedIn profile service

To achieve the success that we described in the second myth, you need help. LinkedIn is an effective tool, but first, you need to work on it! What does it mean? 

It would be best if you created a winning profile that will attract recruiters. It is your first and most essential task. If you have a correctly designed resume and a beautifully composed summary, the network of contacts will appear by itself. But believe us, you will not cope alone. Luckily, there is a professional LinkedIn profile service that can solve this issue in a couple of days. Expert recruiters know all the nuances of LinkedIn, so they can create a profile based on your goals. 

4th Myth. I feel shy about contacting successful people. They will not answer me

It’s simple enough to establish contacts on LinkedIn. Do not be afraid to send invitations to everyone you wish. The only moment is to describe who you are and why you believe that your connection will be useful to the addressee.  

Perhaps you should not send a request to the CEO of the company if you are under direct supervision, for example, the head of the analytics department. It makes sense to get to know the head of the department, tell about yourself, and how you can be useful to the company. But each situation is individual. Therefore, it is crucial to find a person who decides on hiring an employee. 

5th Myth. Real professionals do not have time on social networks

According to statistics, now more than 70% of applicants of different levels and occupations find work through networking in social media. Ignoring modern technology, you can miss a lot of career opportunities! 

If you are a professional in your field, share publications, participate in group discussions, use the principles of building a presentation, declare your expertise, and continue to develop. It means keeping up with the times.

6th Myth. LinkedIn has no proper vacancies

The ability to find work through LinkedIn is one of the greatest advantages of this network. By clicking on “Jobs” in the menu, you will see “Jobs that may interest you,” which algorithms have selected for you based on your profile data and open offers. At a minimum, it’s interesting to see and analyze.

It also makes sense to subscribe to the pages of organizations in which you ever wanted to work. On the company’s page, you can see the list of employees, important corporate news, press releases, and often job ads. 

The passive job search will work for you only if you have an excellent profile and high LinkedIn ranking. If you are a beginner, do not say that there are no vacancies. Try active job hunting! Write to firms and recruiters, offer your candidacy, participate in surveys and reviews.

7th Myth. Linkedin users are unfriendly

Do not confuse concepts “unfriendly” and “restrained.” Linkedin is not a Facebook or Twitter, where most people gather for the sake of having some fun. This network initially had a different goal – business communications. Therefore, the person you talk will use business etiquette, but not the usual free manner. It would help if you treated it as job communication. 


We hope that we succeed in dispelling the myths about finding a job on LinkedIn. Hopefully, soon you will take the first steps and begin to use LinkedIn for your own purposes. Give it a try! Be more persistent, and you will understand that this is the best place to move up the career ladder. 

About the Author

Bob Parker – Certified Career Coach

With a decade of professional experience in career management and recruiting. LinkedIn big fan and researcher. Bob is an amazing writer with tons of useful tips.


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