What is GBWhatsApp? Here’s how to download this App


Over the last month, GBWhatsapp has been in the spotlight both for good and bad reasons. The good ones being its features added functionalities and customizability and the bad ones being the security questions, and data-stealing fears.

In this article, we will be specifically talking about Gbwhatsapp, reasons for having a Gbwhatsapp application on your mobile phone, and a lot more.

WhatsApp Dare Games
WhatsApp Dare Games

If you are looking to download Gbwhatsapp then it’s the above link for the same.

Well as they say, no publicity is bad publicity and this has given GBWhatsApp a hike in its download numbers. Where many are enjoying its attractive features many are raising questions on whether these are at the expense of user’s privacy.  This is the highest rated feature by any of the company/users that have reviewed the application online.

To understand this further one should acknowledge that WhatsApp is not an open source, meaning there is no such policy where it allows other developers to copy the code and use it in developing another clone. This can go two ways one of them being that the mod will be banned if not now then later and the other one being that this doesn’t use the same code and was independently developed to clash with WhatsApp.This is also said to be the best feature of the application that’s there on the internet. Well, you must also try out YoWhatsApp

The second case can be interesting and also a high question of suspicion. Because if this was independently developed then why didn’t they provide the download on playstore or atleast small stores like mobogenie and the second one being is it actually stealing the data. This is said to be the best reason on why you should/shouldn’t use Gbwhatsapp.

While many have agreed that this is insecure, there are more of happy users. Either way it is claimed by many users and sources that once a person uses this mod for a significant amount of time he or she is banned from using the official whatsapp which is really bad.

Now, we are going to talk about the reasons being a mod can crash or banned any moment and the worst case can be no updates for coming software versions. This has already occurred in a few OS’s which are not vanilla android or touchwiz. A similar case was observed in OnePlus where the mod stopped working after the latest update.

Final Words:

While 95% users could get back to official whatsapp others were banned from using it. Though it is not impossible to get the access back it is a question of quality if this is worth it?

Thank you for reading the article and let us know if we have missed out on anything be it your favorite point or a point that we have missed via comments.

The post is not sponsored by Gbwhatsapp and co as stated in the article. We have been honored bringing you this article and keep following the blog for more such articles.


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