Is It Possible That All Might Dies In Magna? Facts & Fan-made Theories

All Might’s Death

A crazy fan of My Hero Academia will never accept if a core of My Hero Academia will die! Yes, fans gave the title central core to All Might, and it is not believable. However, there are death flags of All Might. Additionally, you have seen a death that was written on a stone in season 1. It ignited us to write about All Might’s Death.

First of all, stop fearing about All Might’s Death. All Might is still alive. You have seen your superhero in Manga. However, there have been many incidents when he was about to die due to different situations. This only reason generated fan-made theories and rumors about his death. So, in this article, we will discuss on possibilities of his death that fan-made theories described.

Why Do Not Fans Accept All Might Is Dead Or Is Dying Soon?

No, we have already discussed at the starting point that he is still alive. However, there was a confusing moment about All Might’s Death when fans have seen his name on the stone in season 1. Therefore, everyone is wondering when he dies or how it will be possible.

Curiosity has a reason because he had been handling villains single-handed for many years. It established hope and strength when people talk about superheroes.

Being an ideal superhero for everyone is not that easy, and it could bring death on the table for evil anytime. People wish to be like him because of his fights for everyone. Not only that is the reason, each time when he protects people with his last breath and a piece of power.

This superhero quality created a separate fan-base for him. So, it is indigestible for anyone to see him dying. He influenced civilians and is still doing the same. Therefore, you can never believe of desire his death even if he lost his powers.

When he passed his legacy power to Midoriya, it gave hope to people that a new superhero is arising to serve civilians as he did. These many reasons made people cry when they hear about his death or news like he is dying soon.

Even though, when people think he performed his duties well, and he deserves respectful Justice, they can never desire if writers and developers add a storyline with his death. It is because one of the crucial things for people is to see their beloved and ideal superhero dying.

It motivated some rumors to be spread among the fans about his death. So, it generated many fan-made theories that we are discussing in the latter part of this article.

Did All Might Die Or Will He Die?

No, of course not. All Might is still alive that we have already discussed. However, his injury is worst than before. Additionally, due to sir Nighteye’s Prophecy, people say it is his time. He might die shortly.

All Might’s Death will be the perfect retirement for him as per the suggestions from fans. His love for civilians and dedication towards his duties will be enough to give him the last salute. That is all that fans can say.

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In the present scenario of All Might’s Death, there is only a superhero holding One For All. Though All Might accompanied him, it makes him dependant on him. It is not only physical dependency but also an emotional dependency. But what matters is that a superhero is always ready to confront others, and it required a fall.

When a superhero falls, he stands up again and bounces back with powerful strategies, actions, and positive mind-sets. It is what Deku needs. It is because of the more force to come back. However, All Might will not die shortly, said fans.

Sir Nighteye prophesied that All Might is going to fight with the villain one day, and he will have unspeakable death in that fight. It shocked the world of fans. However, they are waiting for this fight to be present at his funeral. But that will be the most shocking moment for crazy fans of My Hero Academia.

It became a root cause why did Nighteye refuse to work with him anymore. He saw that particular future thanks to his quirks. So, after seeing his death, Nighteye could not work with him. It is because Sir Nighteye wants him to discontinue his career after seeing his death. So, the answer is yes, All Might may die soon.

Following Fan-made Theories Give Ideas About How It Might Happen:

The question, who will kill All Might, put people in confusion. Sometimes, they predict that Tomura Shigaraki will be the culprit because this theory perfectly fits sir Nighteye’s prophecy. Therefore, fans thought All Might could have a horrible death with tragedy.

It created the theories which will have discussed below. We have gone through hundreds of fan-made storylines and concluded with the most acceptable, believable, and practically possible scenarios.

Theory One: Prophesy Comes True:

Thanks to his quirk, Nighteye could see into the future, and he saw All Might’s Death. He dies in the battle with All For One. So, Nighteye saw he is dying in the future. It concludes that All Might is about to fail in his major fight.

So, sir Nighteye did everything to convince him about his retirement. But he refused to retire and put the world at risk of he does. It is because he desired to remain a superhero for civilians till his time. So, we can conclude that time will prove that prophecy was correct or false.

Theory Two:- Unfortunate Friendly Fire:

You all know that All Might is a master of teenagers with supernatural powers. It keeps him always surrounded by people with powerful quirks, high energy. He uses to teach superheroes at that school, where future superheroes are his students.

While training, these superheroes use to take the help of their powers to evolve their skills and expertise. These powers are unstable due to inexperienced teenagers and are hardly controllable. As a result of his duties, he might get injured by these teenagers, and it can cause life-threatening injures.

Theory Three:- Powerless Action:

You may have noticed that Toshinori has become quirks again in this universe. When a superhero like him serves the world for decades and stayed the strongest superhero for decades, he needs time to adjust. But, his attitude will never allow him to do the same.

He might end up acting without thinking of his powers. It is because he wants to do his job effectively, and he will forget that he is not All Might anymore. It could bring his time and end his existence.

Theory Four:- Fight Against Villain

Being one of the greatest superheroes, All Might has a long list of enemies who want his end. Enemies holding grudges against his victories have always targeted him for his destruction. However, at present, he does not have the power to counter him, and there is no guard to protect him.

But, there was a time when he handled anything offered to him on the battlefield. The days did not remain the same for him, and he could get several life-threatening injuries once he fights with his enemies. He might get injured if his student gets out of control.

Theory Five:- All For One:

You may be wondering how can we miss to add All For One and his conflicts with All Might in our list of fan-made theories. Is it not that case? Yes, it is. It is because he is one of the oldest enemies of All Might. Like you have ideas, is his predecessor, and never liked All Might. He has been carrying One For All powers and quirks for a long time.

We observed that he and All Might have injured each other seriously in their recent match, and it could happen again anytime. So, there is no surprise if All For One becomes a reason for the death of your most favorite superhero. Though at present,  he is spending time in the prison, All Might superhero will require alertness as if he escapes from the prison.

What Might Be The Future After He Passes Away?

We know that Nighteye has seen the future for Midoriya. According to his predictions, Midoriya will die while fighting with Overhaul. That will be a reason for the demotivation of fans again.

However, Nighteye has to give us the next theory about Midoriya. This theory was about how and why the future of Midoriya has changed suddenly? He had to bring this theory to fans because Midoriya saves Eri and arrests Overhaul shortly. It is the opposite of what he had seen by his quirk.

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Our Final Words:

By analyzing fan-made theories and by undergoing the arguments that there is a name for All Might on a stone, we can wrap up that All Might’s Death is only predictable. There are most practically possible theories, which seem to come true. But at present, fans can wait for the publishers and developers that, how they will continue. We would like to hear from your side that what do you think about All Might and his death. Let us know your thoughts on this epic superhero from My Hero Academia.


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