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Know about catholic school board
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Do you want to know more about the catholic school board, its benefits, a list of locations with catholic schools, how it operates, and other necessary information about this board? Of course, yes, if you are parents of a child who is about to start or continue the education in catholic schools. No parents want to sacrifice their child’s time by admitting him/her in schools having no reputation and board without several schools affiliated with it. Thus, I will share some essential points about catholic education for your child. So without taking much time, let me help you understand this board in detail.

What Is Catholic Education?

The Catholic school board is an education ministry of the Catholic Church. It is the largest-ever non-government school system that the Catholic Church operates since 2011. Additionally, this church also supported 43,800 secondary schools and 95,200 primary schools in 2016. They focus on cultivating humane, humanitarian ethos and Christian. This church has a mission to integrate religious education as a core subject in the curriculum. 

When you think of Catholic education, it means that it is unique and special for children about education with faith and spiritual growth with academic and social learning. Read more about catholic school board education below.

Catholic School Board Education:

Once you choose catholic school education for your child, the education board’s mission is to serve students in a community nurturing a living faith. It provides a high-quality education through the catholic board to make individuals become a contributor member of this church and the society, and it also offers your child to be pro-active in the learning journey and prepare them for a positive future. The higher authority of this board says they believe their schools are gifts and benefits from catholic education. 

How Catholic Education Sees Human Life (Vision):

While considering the catholic school board as an education board for your child, you can say that it views human life as n integration of the body, mind, and spirit. Keeping this as a vision, this education board makes it sure to deliver a lifeline for spiritual and academic growth, knowledge, and learning. They have expectations from the future catholic graduates of this education board to continue the flow to acquiring and sharing the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and actions. 

A Little Bit About The History Of Catholic Education:

Catholic school board focuses on educating students at all three levels, body, mind, and spirit. It has been working before the birth of the province. They provide education and excellence since 1841 in all the affiliated schools. Thus, publically funded Catholic education has now become a foundation for millions of students to develop themselves with powerful academic, physical, social potential, and spiritual knowledge. Keeping this as a center point of education, catholic schools have been nurturing the values inherent in the catholic faith, including collaboration, accountability, responsibility, and caring within the families and communities. In short, this education board works to produce not only good students but also good citizens.

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The Purpose Of Catholic Church To Run This Education Board:

If you have put your child and don’t even know about the catholic school board’s purpose, you should know about it. The schools affiliated with this board counterpart focus on the departments as practitioners of the catholic faith. The students, teachers, and leaders have to focus on four fundamental rules initiated by the church. It consists of the catholic identity of school education regarding life and faith. These schools are non-denominational to accept anyone regardless of their religion, denominational affiliation, sex, race, and ethnicity. 

Locations Of Schools Affiliated To Catholic Education Board:

If you have not admitted your child to the catholic school board, but are looking for the schools affiliated to this board near you, read this section throughout. I have listed the locations where you can find schools having catholic education. 

Asian Locations:

In the Philippines, the Catholic Church operates private schools since the time of Spanish colonization. If you are the nearby Philippines or a citizen of the Philippines, you may think to get your child admitted to the catholic school board and catholic education to make your child a better person at the level of body, mind, and spirit. 


In Asia, some countries have schools offering catholic education. The first country is Malaysia. It has become a backbone of formal education because most Malaysian schools focus on formal education. Here, catholic schools have made numerous changes after the independence in the late 50s. Malaysia has centralized the education policy to bring a positive impact on the future of the students. And also for the country.


Pakistan has a catholic Church, which is active give education and manages leading schools to its spiritual work and other activities. This church runs approximately 534 schools, 53 hotels, eight colleges, and seven technical institutes, based on the data available in 2008. This church runs the education board to become responsible for quality education.

UK Locations:
Northern Ireland:

In Northern Ireland, CCMS (Council For Catholic Maintained Schools) advocate for the catholic maintained schools. They represent trustees, schools, and governors who have never found problems raising and maintaining the standard schools.

England & Wales:

Most schools in Wales and England are either independent schools. They are funded privately through students’ fees, or the state maintains them. If you are a citizen of England or Wales, you may admit your child to catholic church-operated schools in those areas.

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Similar to Wales and England Catholic Schools, schools in Scotland are either independent or state-run. Scottish Education Service oversees them. At present, these schools are famously known as denominational schools. You can admit your child to one of these schools if you live in Scotland.

NA(North America) Locations:

While considering catholic schools in Canada, you can know about the schools in 1620. Most schools of Canada were under the control of the Christian body and others until the 19th century. If you want to make your child grow in Canada, you can admit your child to one of those schools in Canada.

European Locations:

You find state-aided catholic schools in Iceland because they are not state-owned schools. The central government doesn’t provide all costs of building, maintaining, and operating the schools. The church owns most primary and secondary schools in this area. 


These schools guarantee to provide the same quality of education that students get in public schools to make the education equal to public schools. You already know the purpose of catholic school education, and that’s what it sticks to it while operating schools in Slovakia.

Oceania Locations:
NZ (New Zealand) Locations:

In 1883, Jean Baptiste Pompallier, who was the first catholic bishop, firstly introduced catholic schools in New Zealand. The seven sisters had managed those schools. After that, governments had financed grants to those schools.


Catholic schools provide catholic education in Australia for 175 years. Since then, the students have been taking advantage of this quality education and growing as good citizens of Australia.

SA (South America) Locations:

The majority of South Americans are Christian. Most of the Roman Catholics. So, catholic schools in South America have provided many benefits to those people. They are still are providing quality education

Benefits Of Catholic School Board:

Catholic school education boards give many benefits to the students. Here, I have listed some of them.

Attendance & Performance:

Due to high-quality education, services, better teaching facilities, qualified and experienced teachers, and other facilities, there is an increase in the attendance and performance ratios. Students have been actively studying with honesty and sincerity. It helps them maintain the flow of their education and gather the right knowledge.

Developing Society’s Girls:

When girls take education from catholic schools, they can see a large and positive impact on changing their lives in this country and becoming successful women. Schools educating girls have created better lives for too many women of the society. Thus, the catholic school education board has benefited girls to change their lives.

Preference To Poor:

Catholic schools have always given first preferences to poor people. They focus on teaching students who belong to middle-class families and can not afford higher fees for higher education and quality education, and it helped millions of students to change their lives by developing at all three levels of lives, body, mind, and spirit. These efforts were successful make those students better citizens. 

Final Thoughts:

Have you decided to admit your child to catholic schools to give them a quality education from the catholic school board? If you had no idea what is the catholic education board and how it operates, I hope this article could help you gather the correct information. I have also given a full list of locations where you can find catholic schools to provide admission. If you live nearby the above-discussed areas, you can admit your child to a catholic school to build his/her life.


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