How to Download TikTok Apk For Android?

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Tiktok is a platform where you can show your talents. It is mainly famous in the youth through which the talented ones can gain fame and popularity. However, in India, TikTok has been banned. Thus, people are looking for an alternative to download Tik Tok in India.

Now that you have come here let us help you with the question of how to download Tik Tok (formerly in India after the ban? With the help of Third-party App stores or TikTok APK i.e. TikTok Apk, you can still use TikTok in India.

What is TikTok/ TikTok?

TikTok is an app that allows people to create amazing videos and similar content. TikTok, although existed earlier was later merged with TikTok by the decision of Bytedance. This merge had the motive of creating a greater app.

The reason this merge was named TikTok was that the later was merely known for Lip-syncing and the Bytedance team wanted to expand the uses and features of this merged app and let people explore more. Also, have a look at NetApp Online Training course

Musically has become famous for its Musically app videos that are basically Lip syncing videos. These ‘musically videos’ are still downloaded by a huge number of people even today after the merge of the app with TikTok. No doubt TikTok has a great fan following.

If you too are a Musically freak and are looking for a way to install it on your device even after the ban in India then here is what you need to follow-

TikTok App Download Apk

App name – TikTok APK
App size – 50 MB
App version – 11.0.0
Published on – 17 April 2019

TikTok APK Here

Musically App Install Guide

You can follow the quick and easy guide given below to download and install TikTok (TikTok) Apk on your Android device.

Step 1. Enable Unknown Sources option from the Settings>>Security>>Enable Unknown Sources Toggle.

Step 2. Download TikTok Apk file from the download link given above.

Step 3. Go to the location where you have saved the downloaded file. You can search for it in the File Manager or it will appear on the Notification bar as well.

Step 4. Once you find it, Tap on the TikTok Apk file and when it opens, click on the Install button present there.

Step 5. You are done here! You have successfully downloaded the TikTok Apk on Android device. You are now all set to enjoy the amazing features of this Apk.

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TikTok/ TikTok Features

Here are a few features of TikTok that will keep you astound once you go through them-

1) Create Slideshows – You can create videos from the photos in your gallery. This will be a slideshow that you can create with the help of Tik Tok with a major difference from mere slideshows being that here you can add various effects- audio and visual, to your slideshows.

2) Set Privacy Settings – If you are a person for whom privacy is a concern then nothing to worry over this app since TikTok ensures the privacy of every user. You can have a private account over Tik Tok apk.

3) Broadcast Videos Directly – If you are a person who loves posting, editing, and uploading videos and shows their talents, then TikTok apk is the best platform for you. If you are a person who loves to share their work, then through TikTok you can directly do so. You can create videos and directly post or broadcast them on your account.

4) Use Timer to Record – You no more have to worry like you used to while using TikTok to create videos. In the TikTok Apk, you are given a Timer to record videos. Thus holding the button while recording is no more compulsion and thus you can perform more experiments while creating videos.

5) Edit Videos – When you have created a video over Tik Tok Apk or if you are about to upload a video from the gallery, you are given the option of editing the video. You can trim it, make various changes to it. Thus giving you what you exactly need.

6) Make Duet Videos – Creating your own videos is great but have you ever created a duet video with someone over the app. Making Suet videos in Musically or Tik Tok is fun! Imagine creating videos with different people by your side.

7) Amazing Tools – Not just basic editing, but TikTok offers you various tools that you could use to make your videos look more attractive and appealing to everyone. TikTok has provided a bunch of such tools to help its users to expand their editing.

8) Reaction Feature – If you have used TikTok you might be aware of the Reaction feature through which you and your friends can complement each other by just one click.

9) Share Tik Tok Videos on Social Media – If you are a social media person then you have a great opportunity of increasing your fan following and gain name and fame by adding the TikTok videos to various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

10) Create perfectly Lip-Synchronized Videos – with TikTok it was quite difficult to get the perfectly lip-synched videos. However, by using Tik Tok due to more advancements in the app, you will be able to make much easier and perfect Lip Synched videos.

And many more such features make TikTok the app it is today now.

Final Words:

That was it about TikTok for Android. I hope you have successfully downloaded the TikTok Apk for Android. In case you are stuck at any of the steps, do ask us for help. We will be happy to help!


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