Esports Exciting Future for Online Entertainment


For enthusiasts it certainly has been an extremely exciting ten years or so which the huge growth being seen in esports as a whole, whilst it had first emerged back in the very early 2000’s with games like StarCraft and the original Counter-Strike, the ability to deliver the game to viewers in ways that are seen today hadn’t been available, but now with the big streaming platforms pulling in hundreds of millions of viewers for the biggest events, it seems that esports certainly leads the way for the future of online entertainment, but what backs the exciting future that’s possible?

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The first big step has been the change in attitudes toward gaming as a whole, mobile has certainly been a key component of this, the growth of mobile gaming has managed to attract a new demographic and audience that may not have been present before which has helped grow numbers as a whole, platforms like those at have been able to boast increasing and surging numbers over the past year in particular for example showing just how much the gaming space has changed in a short period of time, and how much it’ll continue to change moving forward too.

Newer games emerging in the esports space will be key too, since the major emergence back in 2011, only three games were ever able to hold the top spot as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had been the pseudo-grandfather of the esports scene, League of Legends which is now the biggest of them all was the new kid on the block but has defined  esports broadcasting, and DotA2 which brought back plenty of nostalgia helped get things started, but newer titles like Valorant are showing development in the esports scene providing more entertainment for those most invested and those just exploring what esports has to offer.

It may also change other forms of entertainment too, all of the biggest tournaments are available for free, all of the matches across multiple leagues and organisations are handled the same way too, and bigger sports organisations are starting to take note, in order for other bigger events to keep up with the growing competition that is being seen with the likes of esports some similar free offerings may need to be considered as viewer expectations change and as world grows more accustomed to being able to watch the latest games whether live or VODS without needing to be subscribed or pay to a certain station or channel to catch it, and if it is something that remains unique to esports then it will be something that continues to offer a different experience for those who haven’t yet had it and for those that seek it the most.


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