How can you do a GDC inmate lookup with very little information?

gdc inmate lookup
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Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) is a high-security state jail organization situated in Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia. It houses grown-up inmates (18+ age) who have been indicted for violations under Georgia state law. A huge piece of the inmates spending time in jail in this prison are denounced for longer than a year and are criticized for bad behaviors that are serious in nature. The prison is worked and kept up by state jail organizations. Underneath, we have given data about the Georgia Department of Corrections, including inmate search or GDC inmate lookup, contact subtleties, appearance hours, driving bearings, and mailing data. for more information visit, How to remove arrest records online.

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Sending Money 

Inmates who are detained can get cash into their grocery store account using cash requests, checks, or money. Inmate guests can likewise store cash straightforwardly into the inmate’s record at the authoritative jail office. 

Note: When sending the cash using a cash request or check, notice the inmate id and complete name on the rear of the slip. 


Inmates can call any individual external who are on the endorsed individual’s list between 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The expense of the call is born by the recipient, and the call can be of the greatest 30 minutes. During times of heavy traffic, the calling time is decreased radically to 10 minutes. 

Appearance Rules 

You need to get yourself enlisted in the guest’s list before visiting an inmate in the jail. If you are visiting somebody in the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), ensure you are on the endorsed guest’s list. Affirm with the jail specialists before staying with the inmate. Recorded underneath are the essential appearance rules which one should hold fast to: 

  • Visitors should not be earlier criminals. 
  • A visitor should have a substantial government ID. 
  • A lawful security guard should go with youngsters under 16 years old. 

Instructions to Find the GDC Number of an Inmate  for GDC inmate lookup

The term GDC identification alludes to the unique identification number that the Georgia Department of Corrections allocates to an inmate of state jail. A GDC number is otherwise called a UNO. An individual can discover an inmate’s GDC number, or GDC identification, by visiting the site for the Georgia Department of Corrections and giving the inmate’s first and last name. The party can likewise look through utilizing other data, for example, the inmate’s case number, sexual orientation, and age. Furthermore, the party can look with the organization where the inmate is housed. 

Georgia Inmate Search: Lookup GDC Prison and County Jail Records.
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GDC Number for Mail 

An individual who wishes to send letters to an inmate ought to compose that inmate’s GDC number outwardly on the envelope. An inmate in the guardianship of the Georgia Department of Corrections may not generally be housed at a state jail. If he has an open court continuing, he might be housed at an area prison. An inmate may likewise be at a training camp, clinical jail or prerelease focus. The GDC’s Find an Offender internet searcher permits a party to enter the inmate’s latest establishment to find data about the inmate. 

GDC Number for Money Order 

An individual who wishes to send an inmate a cash request should have that inmate’s GDC number. One beginning is the most common way of sending an inmate a cash request at the GDC’s site. A party can likewise send an inmate cash through a Money Gram from Walmart or CVS, an online installment, an installment via telephone or JPAY Mobile. An individual trying to send cash to an inmate should initially be one of five supported people on the inmate’s monetary rundown. 

GDC Number for JPay 

A party should have an inmate’s GDC number to give assets to the inmate to administrations accessible through JPay. JPay is an organization that gives various adjustments related to monetary and correspondence administrations in 35 states throughout the nation, including Georgia. GDC gives these JPay administrations to inmates: send cash, email, outbound email, outbound videograms, inbound videograms and video visits. A party can send cash to an inmate for JPay administrations by finishing a voucher with a cash request to JPay. 

A party starts the most common way of sending cash for JPay administrations through the GDC’s site. The party will require the inmate’s ID number. This is a mix of the wrongdoer’s GDC number and last name, without any spaces, for instance: 12345Smith. A party can likewise utilize a GDC number to pay a previous inmate’s parolee or probationer charges. 

What Is a GOAL gadget? 

A Georgia Offender Alternative Learning gadget, or GOAL gadget, is a ruggedized or shock-safe tablet that furnishes inmates with informational materials. A party can send an inmate cash to see email and videograms through a GOAL gadget. Albeit the tablets are not associated with the web, they can be stacked with advanced substances like message and video messages. An inmate with extraordinary condemning limitations coordinated by the legal framework may not have email or videogram access through a GOAL gadget.


You have finally learned what could be the best way for GDC inmate lookup. This was the easiest and simplest method for inmate lookup. If you know someone there and want to meet them, this article will surely help you. We hope this was informative and helpful for you.


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