How to Watch the Latest Movies for Free on Amazon Fire Stick?

Latest Movies for Free on Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Firestick has become one of the most popular streaming devices recently. It offers you thousands of features at a low price. You can stream movies, TV shows, etc., by downloading apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

However, these apps come with a subscription, and you have to pay monthly or yearly to keep them on. Amazon Firestick provides multiple alternates, which give you access to watch movies and shows for free. I’ll explain these ways in this article.

By using third-party apps

There are several third-party apps available to watch content for free. The first one on the list is the CatMouse app.

You can download this application on your Firestick by using the downloader application. After that, all you have to do is follow a simple guide and enjoy your streaming.

You can select a list of trending and the latest movies or shows. You can also integrate an account with this application.

Before using any third-party app to stream free content, you might want to install a VPN. You can install one from the official Amazon play store or install a .apk file. A VPN is a perfect way to hide your identity while watching free shows or movies.

If the VPN you want to install is not on the app store, you can also download a .apk file. To install any third-party application on your Amazon Firestick, you might want to jailbreak it.

It is a simple process that allows you to install a third-party application on your device without causing any harm to the device. You can read the complete guide here to know more about jailbreak and the easy installation process. Now that you know all about the process, let us continue with the more free apps and websites.

Cinema HD app

It is one of the most reliable applications available for the Firestick. It is working for a long time now, and it keeps giving fresh content to the users. It also gives you new updates monthly.

Tea TV

Tea TV is not as reliable as the Cinema app, but it has a large fan base. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers you trending movies and shows. There were some server issues with the app that the providers sorted out quickly.

FreeFlix HQ

It has one of the largest libraries of the latest movies and shows. You can watch all of these shows for free. FreeFlix HQ is similar to the Terrarium TV app, one of the best apps ever to stream movies and shows.

If you do not want to install a third-party application on your device, you can also use a website to watch content for free. Make sure to turn on your VPN before opening your browser.

I prefer the Silk browser, but you can use any browser of your choice. You can then enter this website which includes,

  • More than 2000 movies,
  • Option to adjust stream quality,
  • Latest and some old classic movies for free.


If you do not find the above options suitable, you can also choose some alternatives like,

  • KODI

If you have a little technical knowledge, you would mention KODI’s name at the top of the list. This openly-sourced media platform allows you to stream the latest movies and shows without paying any money. You have to install KODI addons and builds to unlock its true potential. You can know more about KODI and its features through a simple and easy-to-understand guide on 

  • BeeTV

BeeTV is a relatively new application but has loads of free content available. It is an easy-to-use app that works well on Firestick. It also offers a simple interface and is lightweight.


You can choose any of the above-mentioned options to watch content for free. Make sure not to watch copyrighted content so that you do not get in any trouble.

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