The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Live Dealer Online Casino

Live real gambling

Have you thought about Live real gambling? Some people find one of the advantages of using Online Cricket Betting ID instead of visiting a traditional brick and mortar casino is that there are less distractions and no other people around. However many miss the interactions with real-life gamers and dealers. That is where live casinos come in.

These are fairly new to the world of online gambling, an industry where each business is always looking to get an edge over the competition. Online casinos use sign up bonuses, aggressive marketing, SEO and a never ending stream of new games to lure in potential gamers.

Live casinos are no different in that they are a way to entice new players or retain existing ones but they are not really a gimmick. They provide a way to interact with a human and help put aside any misconceptions about trust in online casinos as you can actually see the cards being dealt.

Live real Gambling anywhere and any time

As with all online casinos one of the most convenient things is that they are open all day everyday including the holidays. So if you find yourself unable to sleep and want to kill some time you can login. You’ve had an injury and are unable to leave the house? No problem. Pick up your smartphone or tablet and open up your favourite casinot website.

The difference with a live dealer casino is that you will have a professional, trained, attractive dealer conducting the game. All in real time. You can observe all their actions through the casino webcams and this all adds up to a more authentic casino experience.

Interact with real people

A good online dealer will have some interaction with you. They may call you by your own name and make you feel that you are not just playing a video game. There is sometimes a live chat feature that lets you talk to your fellow gamers just like you can if you are sitting at a table in a land based casino. The difference is you can choose whether to use this feature or not plus there are no distractions like loud music, noises or drunken groups standing around. If you do use the live chat then you may end up making friends online for repeat games or at the least hear some funny stories exchanged. This just adds an extra level of personal interaction to the experience.

Bonuses in online casinos

Traditional casinos do not hand out bonuses and free cash but the online ones do. Nearly all casinos, certainly the major ones have an online presence now so you can join up with an established name you trust and receive some form of bonus for doing so. Usually you will receive a cash credit to your account to use in the online casino and the live dealer sites are no different. They are all trying to get you to sign up so offers abound.

Added trust in the dealer

Some people have traditionally found the online casinos distrustworthy regardless that they all have to follow regulations. Because they can’t see cards being dealt or the physical roulette machine they may not believe all is as should be. The live dealer feature adds a level of trust many players like. You can see the games unfold in front of you with the cards being dealt right there from the dealer on camera.

Online casinos use RNG which is to say a random number generator to decide which symbols to show on the slot machine or which cards get drawn next but not so with a live dealer. She or he will deal the cards from real decks.

Better technology

Previously webcams offered grainy, stilted images that would pixelate and freeze. The technology used in the live online casinos allows the player to track the game as it progresses. You watch the cards being dealt. You watch the ball on the spinning roulette wheel. You watch the dealer. Right now it is as close to visiting a real casino as is possible without actually starting up the car and driving to one. You just need a good internet connection and compatible device and you can start.

Disadvantages of live dealer casinos

So you have seen a few of the advantages and are considering having a trial run but are there any disadvantages?

Other players slowing the game down

Unlike a real casino the other players aren’t actually sitting at a table with you and they are not entirely focused. Perhaps they are doing two things at once and don’t realise it is their go or perhaps they received a phone call. This can lead to a slow experience. There are time limits in place to reduce this happening but if one particular player keeps taking his or hers down to the wire it could get frustrating.

Technical issues and connection problems

Even though the latest technology is being employed and fast internet connection is becoming more commonplace there can still be problems. Video could lag, Servers can crash. You may simply suffer connection issues from time to time. Unfortunately some technical problems can last for hours before they are corrected which is unlikely to happen in a land based casino.

Popularity of live casinos

Is being popular a problem? It can be if you are trying to find a a place at a table and they are all full. Unfortunately due to the amount of people wanting to try the live casinos it is quite often difficult to find room for yourself. As live casinos become more popular they are likely to employ more dealers and expand. Some other casinos offer a feature where you can book a seat at a table for a set time slot making it easier to plan your card session.


So live dealer casinos offer an interactive experience that you cannot get with normal online casinos although not on the same level as a traditional gaming venue. They have some disadvantages too and whatever you choose to use remember to look for a reputable, licensed operator.


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