Which Is The Most Expensive Private Jet? Top 9 Most Expensive Private Jets

most expensive private jet
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When talking about the private jet, it’s not an important destination, but the owner’s journey is an enhanced thriller experience when done in a private jet. Private jets range from a million dollars to multi-million dollars in price, and there is no doubt companies are newly introducing some jets, and that’s why we can’t decide which will be the most expensive private jet in the world after a few years. But in this article, we have ranked nine of the most expensive private jets currently owned by different owners. Let’s discuss them.


Having a private mansion is an achieved dream for every millionaire, but having a private jet is still a dream for a lot of people; even though they’re millionaires, they don’t think about having such a thing landing in their yard or at the airport. Private jets make your journey more exciting and honoring. Having a private jet means adjusting nothing and facing no passengers or unavailability of seats because you are the owner here and want to travel on your terms. Thus, private jets can give you a comfortable ride, desired foods, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Why Is Having A Private Jet Cool?

Traveling in your private jet makes your journey more fun, adventurous, and enjoyable than your destination. You have plenty of place in the room or compartment, and it’s a spacious bedroom, fully attached and luxurious bathroom, best showers, a system of entertainment, a spacious kitchen, and many exciting things. Simply put, you don’t have any reason to get frustrated, tired, bored, or even wait for the flight to take off. You can fly in your conditions. 

most expensive private jet
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Nine Of The Most Expensive Private Jet:

Do you want to find out which is the most expensive private jet? Let’s discuss these nine costly private jets, and you can have one if you can dream of it, but before that, let’s discuss one thing. You may be wondering if there is anything alternative to the private jet. The most expensive cars in the world and the largest yachts can also excite you about having them, and you may forget about having a private jet. 

1. Bombardier Global 7000:

This jet costs the owner $73 million. Do you know that this brand’s fourth plane launched is the Bombardier Global 7000? This one is the latest upgraded, elevated, and promising one. That makes sense to buy it and have a private flight. It’s one of the most capable, expensive, and promising private jets that excite owners to get their own. You can fly nonstop for thousands of kilometers and explore different countries.

2. Boeing Business Jet 2:

This one flight costs you around 75 million dollars. You can onboard 25 to 50 people on this flight if it’s a Boeing business jet 2. This flight was designed for commercial use, but later it was tagged with a private jet. The cost is around $16,000, but it’s suitable for longer journeys worldwide. The flight is robust and promises a safer journey; every time you take off, your flight becomes a personal journey. All you need is to plan a trip and just onboard this super speedy plane.

3. Boeing 737:

Boeing has launched this Private Jet with an introductory price of $80 million. It’s one of the most expensive private jets in the world, but you can have it. This flight has some of the most expensive, stylish, luxurious, and traditional interiors essential to privatizing any flight. If you travel on this flight, you don’t need anything else, even if it has everything covered. You can easily get beds, offices, bedrooms, showers, dining facilities, entertainment, and everything you need in a private jet. So, you can call it luxurious and one of the most expensive private jets.

4. Airbus ACJ 319 Neo:

Of course, it’s not the most expensive private jet, but still, it costs you $100 million. Airbus ACJ 319 is a great choice among corporates, CEOs, and business people. However, this launch wasn’t for an individual, but when the company saw that some people were interested in making it their chartered plane, they renamed it a private jet. So, you can consider it one of the most expensive charter planes. 

5. Gulfstream III:

This get is priced at $125 million, making it one of the most expensive private jets worldwide. But still, it’s not the most expensive private jet as it only costs $125 compared to the most expensive one. This get is owned by the American actor and director Tyler Perry. Other celebrities also own this plane and don’t have problems with it because it has many features like a 42″ HD TV, several Blue Ray Players, satellite TV, theatre, and other entertainment. Of course, rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen are included luxuriously. 

6. Boeing 767-33A/ER:

This one is slightly costlier than the previous one, and it may seem to you the most expensive private jet because still, it’s one of those with an actual price of $170 million. The company and owners of this flight believe it is a flying mansion. There are several rooms and luxurious facilities, and this flight is known as The Bandit. There are rooms for comfortable sleep and relaxation and a banquet hall for at least 30 people. Do you believe that it’s one of the safest private jets? Yes, it is.

7. Boeing 747-430:

We have entered this list of the most expensive private jets because this plane costs around $220 million. On this flight, you get the washbasin of pure and solid gold, Lalique crystal, and luxurious things. It’s one of the most expensive private jets that deserves its place in the top five. However, there is a fact about this flight it has different colors, patterns, and designs. So, you don’t have to worry about the interior and facilities provided in this private jet. 

8. Airbus A380:

Now let’s move to the most expensive private jet category and discuss the actually costly jets. The top 2 expensive private jets range from $600 million+. This Airbus A380 costs $600 million. Do you know that this aircraft is the largest passenger aircraft ever made? It weighs around 1.3 million pounds. Still, many millionaires use this aircraft as a private jet, and that’s a real thing you should know. The prince of Saudi Arabia, Alwaleed Bin Talal, used this plane and purchased it from Dubai Air Show In 2007. We brought this plan to the list of the most expensive private jets.

most expensive private jet
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9. Air Force One:

From its name, you can say that the air force owns this plane, but it costs $660 million. Do you know that this jet and been known as the most expensive private jet in the world? Air Force One has not only comfortable bedrooms and offices but also houses an onboard medical center, conference rooms, and a lot of surprising things. Let’s discuss a few facts about the most expensive private jet in the world.

  • It weighs 8,00,000 pounds.
  • It has around 4000 square feet of space.
  • It can have a beautiful and attached kitchen. This kitchen can prepare 2000 meals per flight.
  • Almost 100 people can be fed without any problems. 
  • Some advanced technology systems are installed that ensure all the devices of this flight need protection (against electromagnetic pulses).
  • Air Force One can refuel itself in the air. Isn’t that exciting?
  • This flight is a pricy one with a total price of $660 million. If you calculate it in Indian rupees, it will be around 5,280 crores in 2022, when the dollar price is almost 80 rupees. Wow! That’s really costly; you can call it the most expensive private jet.
  • United States Of American Air Force owns this Air Force One.

Affordable Luxurious Private Jet:

If you are one of the millionaires and dream of having one of the most luxurious and expensive private jets, but it does be within your budget, then you don’t need to worry. The luxurious private flights start at $7,50,000. 

Wrapping Up:

Did you find the answer to your question from this article? We have told you everything about the most expensive private jet, the top 9 most expensive private jets, their prices, their owners, and everything you might want to know. Do you want to know about the most expensive cars in the world? We have a full list of every vehicle with the most expensive facilities and luxurious looks. You can also try to read about the most expensive yachts, the top ten most expensive trucks in the world, and the top ten Luxurious buses in the world.


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