Top Apps To Use To Improve Working From Home Productivity

Working From Home Productivity

Due to the global pandemic, many of us have been forced to work from home during this period and with the year anniversary in sight, some of us are still looking for the best applications to use to keep ourselves productive during our time of working from home. Now we have spent some time working from home, we have found our three favourite apps that we couldn’t go a day without to ensure that we are able to go about our work in the most productive way.

Of course, we couldn’t start this list without mentioning the market leader when it comes to working from home which is Microsoft 365; the ultimate package when it comes to working from home productivity. When it comes to working from home, Microsoft Office is probably the one platform that everyone leads towards and there’s not surprise why as it’s clearly the best on the market by a long stretch. The cloud-based suite comes with Word, Excel, Outlook and the revolutionary Microsoft Teams which has allowed for us all to stay connected during this time. We’d be rather impressed if you can find a suite better than this. 

During working from home periods, many employees have been looking for alternative methods of entertainment during the pandemic as many haven’t been able to partake in their usual hobbies. Online casinos have become one of the beneficiaries on this as they have been able to offer 24/7 entertainment for punters like those listed at which have become one of the highest quality providers of online casinos. 

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Another communication app that has been doing great during the past year has been that of slack which has proven the best way for teams to stay in contact which streamlines the idea of communication rather than the long-winded e-mailing process. Slack allows you to send instant messages to your team members, but you can also set your working status whether you are available, away from desk, on lunch or many other settings. Slack has totally changed the way we communicate with our team whilst working from home. 

And finally, and possibly the most popular during working from home and not just from a business sense but from catching up with family and friends during lockdown months has been Zoom. Zoom is an online video and audio calling app in which allow you to hold online meetings with your team either 1 on 1 or in groups. Zoom has allowed for work meetings to continue to take place even during the pandemic and we expect this trend to continue through 2021.


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