5 Most Recurring iPhone Troubles & their Fixes for 2020-2021


Apple continuously adds thrilling features to the iPhone, along with other technical innovations. Currently, the iPhone 12 series and iOS 14 are trendsetters, but certain features can invite glitches too. Whether it is app incompatibility or overheating, such hitches and glitches might appear to be a never-ending phenomenon. Apple tries to fix major bugs related to iOS updates and it might prove beneficial in most cases.

However, several iPhone issues might appear clingy and don’t want to get resolved easily. Here, we have presented such common iPhone issues irrespective of their variants, along with their solutions.

If you can win against those problems with your iPhone, you can lead a more peaceful life, we presume. And, these solutions and techniques have high success rates, without any risk; hence, they are worth a try.

1.  Fast Battery Draining

According to iPhone Repair Dubai experts, users often complain of quick battery drainage after opting for iOS 14.2 update. Well, such battery issues can take place in any iPhones or any smartphone after a certain period of time. When the battery starts degrading in its functionality and health, over time, the battery drains at a faster rate, which is quite natural. You can’t neglect the issue when your iPhone can’t hold the charge for a few hours.

If you have just switched to a new version of iOS, then it might take some time for your iPhone battery to adapt to the surrounding. The iPhone battery might fit the new environment and you can feel no fast battery drainage at all.

In case the battery drainage seems degrading day by day, it’s time to sneak in the battery settings without any delay. Inspect the battery health through the following guidelines:

     Go to Settings. Scroll down to locate the Battery option. Tap on it.

     Press on the Battery Health option.

     If the Maximum Capacity indicates less than 80%, then your iPhone battery has aged chemically. Then, the battery is worth the replacement.

In case, the Maximum Capacity lies above than 80 per cent, then you can go with these activities — Check out the battery standby timing. Fetch the Battery section under Settings. Scroll and note down those numerics under the standby and user one. Let the iPhone get locked, and awake it after five minutes. If you can notice the standby time to be five minutes more than your device, your battery is running quite good.

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If you can’t find anything suspicious about battery health, then it might be the installed applications on your iPhone. Examine the battery usage of different applications in the Battery section. You might uninstall those applications that are using more battery capacity, as per iPhone Repair Dubai professionals. Before that, you can also check if the applications require updates. Go to the App Store and update the applications, if required.

Additionally, you can toggle off the location service and activate it when required only. Another probable cause behind battery drainage is the struggle of your iPhone looking for standard connectivity signals. Optimize the brightness level of your iPhone and make it custom instead of Automatic one. Moreover, turn off the “Raise to Wake” functionality to prevent unnecessary battery drainage. Use Low Power Mode for better results. Don’t forget to check if the power adapter or the charging port has gone faulty.

2. Frozen or Dead iPhone Screen

Can’t you observe anything on the iPhone rather than a black screen? Or, has the iPhone just literally frozen? Incompatibility of different applications with iOS versions can lead to such consequences. Even some users have reported the same instances after a definite firmware installation.

Both hardware and software failures are responsible for this issue. If you are facing software incompatibilities, then they are easier to solve. Try restarting the affected device at once. After that, don’t forget to clear cache memories of the device. Memory overloading or slow working RAM can lead to frozen applications on the iPhone.

In case, your iPhone doesn’t show any indication of life even after a restart, then the iPhone might have run out of its battery completely. So, grab your iPhone power adapter or wireless charger, and let your iPhone charge. After a while, check if you can access your device. Otherwise, you should immediately contact an iPhone service center as your iPhone might have encountered any hardware complexity.

3. Data Loss by Mistake

Nobody loves to lose their favourite photos, videos or other important files from the iPhone. But, data loss can take place at any time due to logical and physical instances. While performing iPhone Jailbreak, or switching to different iOS versions might lead your device to a tragic consequence. However, you can cope up with this situation with a smart backup policy that comes with iPhone’s built-in features.

Don’t forget to register your device with a valid Apple ID. Then, you can back up all your files to iCloud and iTunes setup. You can easily access any lost data through iCloud backups. Additionally, you can install any Apple-permitted data recovery software to retrieve selected file formats, as well.

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4. Overheating

We assume that no smartphone can be spared from overheating issues. And, when your iPhone is engaged in multitasking, you must take care of it. Consequently, your device might lead to the edge of vulnerability as overheating can cause potential damages to hardware components of the device. If you want to save your iPhone from overheating, then here are some solutions-

When you notice overheating during heavy usage of your iPhone, immediately stop using it. Try quitting those background applications. Additionally, don’t forget to deactivate AirDrop and Bluetooth functionalities. Allow the device to cool down on its own. Moreover, never use the device when you have plugged it in the charging.

Apart from these practices, try switching on the low power mode. The less the battery would put efforts in every iPhone activity, the less your device would get heated. Avoid using your iPhone in humid conditions. Stay calm and let your iPhone stay cool, as well.

5. Water Damage

Apple has upgraded the water and drop resistance capabilities for the iPhone but it seems quite difficult to deal with water damage if fated. In case you drop off your device in a swimming pool or bathtub, it would certainly create a panic. And, it can terrify you, even more, when you can’t access your device.

When any smartphone goes into the water, there are enough chances that the battery has drained all its capacities in the water. So, a dead iPhone is pretty obvious. Try rubbing your iPhone with a dry paper towel. Additionally, detach the SIM from the phone. Instead of switching it on, you should place the device among silica gel sachets. The duration of this phase can be one to two days, even more.

Moreover, don’t rush to charge your phone, either. Be prepared to face any kind of data loss, as well. Water damage can harm the memory storage for any device. Hopefully, you have backed up all your important data to iCloud, to avoid data devastation. In addition to this, locate the LCI to ensure whether you can grab a repair under warranty. If it has turned red, then you have missed the free repair warranty on your water damaged iPhone.

Get in Touch with iPhone Professionals for Better Results

In case the damages are quite minor, then these solutions would justify your efforts. But, major issues with such smart gadgets should be treated with only expert intervention. Therefore, if you have noticed anything alarming related to your iPhone and its functionalities, then it would be wise if you act smarter. Contact an iPhone expert to repair all the discrepancies. Moreover, this also ensures that you need not replace your favourite iPhone.


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