All You Need To Know About Automation Testing Life Cycle

Automation Testing

With minimal available resources as well as tight schedules, it has become quite difficult for the developers and the project managers to overcome the challenges faced during building applications. Irrespective of the fewer resources, the developers need to do a lot of different things. The organization must create the application according to the resources quickly and appropriately. To accomplish the objective, many of the organizations are moving towards Automation Testing. 

Information about Automation Testing

Most think that the process is a part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), but they do not know that they must follow the full cycle of automation testing to achieve the desired results. This article explains the full cycle of automation testing, which can be used by entrepreneurs, learners, and innovators to increase the quality of the end product. Come; let’s take a look at the Automation Testing life cycle.

Steps involved in Automation Testing

Automation Testing

There are six steps that one needs to follow in Automation Testing, which supports the use of various automated tools. It helps in running the test cases, develops the test designing, and handles the test data. Each of the sections must be given equal importance and that is why; it is discussed elaborately. Before performing the tests, you must also know that skipping a single step will not allow you to reach the desired results.

   1. What the scope of test automation is?

The first step in Automation Testing is to determine the scope of tests. Identifying the feasibility of the test is the main objective, and each aspect of the test needs to be considered while doing this. The following factors that one must take care of before starting the test are given below.

  1. Size of the team
  2. The cost associated with the project
  3. The expertise required in the test
  4. Which test needs to be automated, and how to do it?
  5. Which module is required to be automated, and which are not?
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Try to find out the best automation tool that would help you to do a few changes if required. Considering the following points is important before you start performing the tests.

  2. Pick up the right automation tool!

Picking up the right automation tool is an important step in Automation Testing. Depending on the automation tools used in the projects, the results are obtained. While looking for the right automation tool, there are a few things that you must consider and they are listed below.

  1. Technologies to be used in the project
  2. Estimated budget details
  3. The familiarity of the on-board tools
  4. Flexibility
  5. A support team to take care of the queries

    3.Planning, designing, and strategizing the test 

Planning, designing, and strategizing the test are three things that are quite crucial in Automation testing. During the process of planning, the team decides the process along with the guidelines that are to be followed, network support, software, hardware, creating a preliminary test module, requirements of test data, and so on. While planning a test strategy, there are a few steps that one must follow, which is communicated below.

  1. Before identifying the test case to be automated, the entire details of the manual tests must be collected.
  2. Depending on the pros and cons the framework to be used is identified.
  3. Build a test suite for automation test management.
  4. Specify the risk, benefits, and other things between the application and the tool in the test plan.
  5. Get approval for the test case from the stakeholders, as well as from the client.

    4.Set up the test environment 

By the name itself, you can understand that you need to set up the machine so that the test can be executed. Proper planning is required in an environment setup stage. Ensure that the results of the test cover different scenarios. It will help in providing a clear view of the project. Track the schedules, install the test environment software, and develop testbeds depending on the requirement of the test. Specify the number of machines required in the test, configuration of software and hardware used, and so on are some of the things to be considered.

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Execution of automation test module

Automation Testing

Once the setup of the test module is completed, it’s time to start the execution of the automated test module. To execute the test module prepared by you and your team, you need to submit a copy of the module to the Automation testing team. Ensure that the entire list of tests is running smoothly, as well as correctly. A few points that you must consider while executing the tests are:

  1. Depending on the test outcome, the test module must contain the details in all aspects.
  2. Make sure that the test is run across multiple platforms, as well as in multiple environments.
  3. To save time, batch execution can also be done depending on the test.
  4. If any failure occurs, mention that in the report, you are going to prepare after completing the test.

    1. Analyzing and generating the test results and reports

After completing different types of tests conducted for Automation testing, you, along with your team need to analyze the data that you have achieved after performing the tests. Depending on the report that you have prepared, you can determine whether any more tests are required to be performed or not. To detect the errors, the test results will help you a lot. After that, the results that you have prepared are shared with the stakeholders involved in the project.

Happy Testing!

To meet the test goals, Automation testing is an effective process. To achieve the desired outcome, ensure that you complete the full cycle of testing. Along with that, you must also test the application in the best possible way. Proper planning is an integral step in the process of Automation testingWithout a proper plan, the results will not be accurate, and also it might lead to several modules. That is why; make sure you invest enough time in preparing a plan. For successful testing, make sure that you have a well-planned module for performing the test.


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