Apex Legends-The Old Ways Event Brings Back The Legendary Hunt Skins

Apex Legends-The Old Ways

In February 2019, Respawn Entertainment released a  brand new battle royal game named ‘Apex Legends.’ The game came out as a surprise because Respawn did not make any announcements or promotions before its release. It was developed for three platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox. The game managed to gain over 70 million users in the very first year of its release. Critics praised the game highly. Respawn has released four seasons of the game till now. In a recent update, it rolled out ‘The Old Ways Event,’ which has bought many interesting changes in the game.

But before jumping to the latest update and looking for all the new things that the old ways event has bought, here is the history of the game and details about its all four seasons.

History of the Apex Legends

Apex Legends-The Old Ways

Apex Legends have always been loved by the people. And that is the reason for its rapid development by Respawn. Each season of the game runs for almost three to four months and many updates are also released during the run of a season. For example, the current update in the fourth season has been rolled out with the old ways event.

Here are the season-wise details of the game:

Season One

The first season came out on 19th March 2019, with the name Wild Frontier. The season introduced a new character, named Octane, in the game. Some adjustments to the “hitboxes” were made and also improvements in the quality of life were bought. The three other things that were introduced in the game were:

  • The game’s first-ever battle pass.
  • Some new character skills.
  • A wide range of cosmetic items.

The season ended after a three-month-long run, on 18th June 2019.

Season Two

After the wait of almost two weeks, a new season, Battle Charge, was released on 2nd July 2019. Respawn started introducing new playable characters in every season. This one introduced Wattson. The game consisted of islands and this season changed their layouts. A new playing mode was also introduced. According to the new playing mode, the players were ranked by their performance in the game and then similarly ranked players were able to compete with each other. This gave them a little liberty of playing with the same skilled player and a better chance to win.

This season too ran for three months and came to a halt on 1st October 2019.

Season Three

This time respawn did not make its fans wait at all. It released the new season, Meltdown, on the same day when the last one was called off, i.e., 1st October 2019. As per the ritual, a new character, Crypto, was introduced. The season also saw a new map called  World’s Edge, and a new weapon called Charge Rifle. The Wolrd’s Edge had frozen as well as volcanic landscapes, through which the players could fight. And for travelling on the map, a train was included.

Not only that, but the battle pass was also made brand new and some changes in the ranked mode were made. This one ran for a little longer time, i.e., for four months. And was ended on 3rd February 2020.

Season Four

Season four, Assimilation, which is the currently running season, came out a day later the last one went off. The newly introduced character was named Revenant, who is a Simulacrum. The character has got his human self’s memories. Sentinel, a sniper weapon was also added to the game. Another tier, Master, was added to the ranked play mode.

Season Four’s Recent Update

Apex Legends-The Old Ways

A new update recently rolled out for the season four. The update bought the old ways event. And this event bought some significant changes in the game. The three major changes in the old ways event are:

. Direct Purchase Shop

This is good news for the fans as the Legendary Hunt Skins have made their way back to the game. And not only one or two, but all the eight original skins will be available for direct purchase. Wraith and R-301’s two recoloured variants will also be available, but these will be exclusive for owners of the battle pass.

. Prize Track – Exclusive For The Old Ways Event

A prize track was introduced with the Grand Soiree. And it was continued with the System Override. This gained positive reviews from the players. So now, the old ways event has bought its own new prize track. The old ways digital shorts’ inspired cosmetics can be won by the players on completing daily challenges.

Up to 1000 coins can be earned by the players by completing each challenge set. And these challenge sets will be refreshed on a daily basis.

. Bloodhound’s Trials – The New Town Takeover

Wold’s Edge was introduced in season three of the game. In that, an explosion was led in the prowler population. This explosion was due to the vacation of the area by large predators. An opportunity will be seen in Bloodhound to put the humans against beasts and preserve the ecosystem.

The players will be able to claim a high-tier loot by fighting a prowler’s hoard. They can also explore the enclosure in quiet moments.


This new update will be for all the platforms, i.e., Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And these effects are expected to make lasting effects on The Apex Legends. Also, the Duos mode will be added permanently and a feature of map rolling will also be introduced in the update.

According to the news, Respawn Entertainment has already been developing the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th season of the Apex Legends. While season 5 is planned to be released in May 2020, the other seasons too will be released soon in the coming time. Season 5 is also expected to bring significant changes in the game and bring back some of the old lost characters like Rosie and Forge. Some other map and weapon changes can also be expected in the upcoming season five of the apex legends.

Which season of Apex Legends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.


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