Best Programming languages to Learn in 2020

programming languages

In this era of technology, the computer has become an indispensable part of every industry and almost everything that surrounds us. To know how to write an efficient and scalable piece of code is one of the most important skills required to make your first step into the IT industry. Due to the lack of this skill, the demand for skilled developers is rising exponentially.

In today’s competitive landscape, it becomes very fundamental for programmers to learn new programming languages every six months as the demand of the industry continues to change at a rapid speed. Also, new programming languages are coming up regularly. For programmers, it becomes necessary to learn multiple languages if they want to survive in the market in the long run.

Every company wants to hire the best talent and to become the best among your peers in the programming world, you have to be a polyglot programmer and a versatile employee who can solve simple as well as complex problems. So it is important to learn more than language ”the more you learn, the better you earn”.  Here is the list of the top programming languages to learn in 2020.

programming languages

To be a true programmer, C language is a must; it is the easiest, agile, and popular language to learn. C is designed as a structured programming language to inscribe OS (Operating system). 

C gives full control over the underlying hardware. It is also known as the ” mother of all languages” because it acts as a compiler for many other languages, for example, Ruby, Python. Once you learn this language, you will easily learn C# as well as C++. 

It is one of the oldest programming languages and always has among the top 5 demanded languages. Due to its high demand and little more complexity than other languages, it not only creates a lot of job opportunities but also lets you earn a handsome salary out of it. 

  • Python

Python language is the most demanding language in an IT Industry. Python is simple, easy to learn, and this language has a great demand in the job market and will keep on increasing because of the main features of the language. It is a general-purpose language and can be used in multiple fields. 

Python has a simple syntax, which makes it user friendly and a simple language to learn. It can be used for game development, web programming, GUI Development, mobile apps, data science, network programming, data engineer. Considering its wide use, Python is the most demanded language.

  • JavaScript and TypeScript

programming languages

If you are one of those aspirants who want to make their career in web browsers designing, then JavaScript is one of the best options. JavaScript is a subset of TypeScript.

Unlike JavaScript, you will find abundant features in TypeScript; it uses HTML & CSS, JavaScript is used for the front end development of the websites. JavaScript comes with few frameworks like React.JS, Node.JS, and Angular JS. Some of the most popular websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are built using this language to make their product more scalable and user friendly. Proficiency in this language will allow you to land a prolific job in a leading company. 

  •  C#

C# is among the most challenging programming languages out there. However, if you understand C, then it will be easier for you to understand the concepts of C#. It is best suitable for .NET Framework. If you wish to advance your career in backend development, then it is one of the best languages to learn. 

A lot of popular websites have used this language for their backend like Dell, Visual studio, etc. It is suggested to learn C programming first and then jump to C# in order to make your learning process more convenient. In this way, you will learn more than one programming language with less effort and in lesser time.

  • Java

programming languages

One of the most demanded programming languages is Java. Like the C programming language, Java is also an object-oriented language and comes with a lot of features. Once you write code on Java, you can run it on any platform, which is what makes this language more demanding, and this can help you to drive a good salary. Moreover, it can be used for app development as well, so you can create an app for both Android as well as iOS. A lot of companies are using this language, and so there will be no dearth of job vacancies.  

  • Ruby

If you are looking for an easy to learn a programming language, then Ruby is one of the best programming languages you should opt for. Similar to Python, Ruby comes in handy and with a lot of inbuilt libraries. 

Ruby on Rails is among the most excellent full-stack framework, making Ruby a highly demanded programming language in the world. It is best suitable for startups as well as enterprise solutions. Groupon, Airbnb, etc. are some of the leading websites working on this framework. But, this programming language lacks scalability, which is the reason why it is not used for big projects. Nevertheless, Ruby does hold a lot of potentials in the market. 

Final Thoughts

Learning a new skill or programming language requires a lot of investment of time and brainpower. There are more than 600 programming languages. If you are new to this field, it becomes challenging to decide where to begin from.

You need to first focus on selecting the right role as per your interest, such as backend developer, frontend developer, or any other profile. It is wiser to choose the role that holds relevancy in your specific industry. Based on these two decisions, you should choose the best programming language that will help you build a successful career. 

For programmers, it is crucial to choose the right programming language so that they have the scope to be successful in the industry. The above-mentioned list will help you to choose among the most trending programming languages. 


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