How to get a great job making the first career steps

first career steps

The first career steps are an exciting experience. You might get it while studying at college or after graduation. It could be a successful start for your further career, a temporary position to earn money, volunteering to gain practical skills, or even a random choice just for fun.

Consultants from resume writing service know everything about the job search. On this post, they are going to share helpful recommendations on how to find a good position if it is your first career steps.

An ideal variant is to find the first working place related to your profession. Yet, the practice shows that less than 10% of students are lucky to get it. The main reason is that people start searching for the job before graduation.

First career steps as a professional

The best way to start your career is to become a trainee for a reputable company. In this case, you get valuable experience, learn how it works from the inside, and get perspectives for the future.

The reality is that few candidates get a position of a trainee due to a high competition. In addition, employers may offer a low paycheck for it. Financial situation matters a lot. In this regard, job-seekers look for alternatives.

Where to look for your first job? Advice from

  • Neighborhood

You can find the first job near your place of living. Many people start their careers as waitresses, babysitters, barista, lifeguards, etc.

Walk around your county, go to cafes, restaurants, shops, malls, banks. As a rule, such places offer various jobs to students and zero-experience employees.

  • Your educational institution

Colleges and universities are interested in cooperation with good students. The profession of a lab or a research assistant can become your first step to academic accomplishments.

Online space

There is a bunch of remote jobs for zero-experience employees: a support manager, a blog writer, a website tester, a virtual assistant, etc. Pandemic 2020 made a lot of businesses go digital. So, the number of online jobs has increased significantly this year. You are free to hire assistants from professional resume writing services to come up with a suitable CV or a cover letter for any position.

Sample resume for first job: top tips

Professional writers from realize that it can be challenging to write the first resume. Every month they get orders “help me with my zero-experience CV,” “I need someone to write a custom resume,” “Is there a UK certified author who can create high-quality resumes?”

In most cases, job-seekers feel panic when it deals with their first career steps. A lack of experience and unknown perspectives confuse them a lot.

Experts from resume writing services can be rather helpful in this situation. Firstly, they give useful consultations. And, secondly, professionals can create an effective resume instead of you. It is an affordable way to get confidence for a low cost.

1. Focus on your skills

All that remains for college grads is to draw the recruiter’s attention to skills. In some cases, they may be even more important than experience. The candidate looks like a blank slate, he/she is open to discussions and learning the specific rules of the company.

Sample of “skills section” for a customer support agent:

  • Problem solving to handle issues with clients

  • Communication skills to engage in a constructive dialogue

  • Critical thinking to evaluate the customer’s difficulties

  • Active listening to “hear” the pain of the client

  • 2. Write about relevant education

Apart from a list of schools, colleges, and universities, you can mention relevant coursework, research papers, and other projects. Pay attention to those achievements that characterize you as the best candidate for the chosen position.

Sample of “education section” for a business assistant:

University of London

Bachelor of Business Analytics

Relevant coursework:

Development prospects of virtual companies

3. Make it eye-catching

To stand out among other applicants, you need to come up with your own good design. It should be stylish and harmonious. You can purchase a ready-made template from online assistants. This service is usually cheap, at least in comparison with a ready-made resume.

Some psychological advice

1 Be realistic

The gap between reality and your expectations can be quite broad. You could be an excellent student at college. But what if it is not enough?

The truth is employers are looking for enthusiastic employees, who can handle business issues and fit in their team and culture. The fact that you are the best in your group does not always guarantee that you get a dream job on the first try. You need to evaluate your communication skills and personal qualities too. Take rejections objectively. Sometimes it could be just a matter of an accidental case.

Expert tip: Do not panic and reply to your rejections politely. They could offer another position to you or simply add your cover letter and CV to their HR database.

2 Get rid of perfectionism

Even if you have time and financial opportunities for a long job search, do not be too demanding. The adult world is often different from your dreams and expectations. It could be challenging to find an ideal employer and a team of colleagues. Meantime,  denying all the offers, you lose opportunities to get practical skills and professional growth.

3 Do not give up

One could face hundreds of rejections to get the first job. So keep trying and apply to new interesting positions. Initial negative experience should not be the reason to stop the search. Instead, it has to motivate you to work on yourself.

You could change several working places to find your dream job. No matter what, let it be something that brings you money and enjoyment. Remember that you can always count on help from a legal online agency One is free to order a cover letter or buy a resume there.


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