Software That Can Track Your Child’s Cell Phone


Parents know all too well that it is ultimately important to know the exact location of their kids all the time. Since most parents often have busy work schedules, they cannot be with their children at all times. However, it is very essential to ensure proper protection. The traditional parental control including regular phone calls can be exhausting, inefficient, and worse, it may even annoy the kids.

But, since kids these days often have their eyes glued to their smartphones, there is now an easier way to guarantee effective control. The only thing you need to do is install a special app like Hoverwatch on the phone of your child that will send the data from your kid’s phone to an online account. When you do this, all you need is to log in your account on the official site and determine where your kid is at the moment or where he or she visited recently.

For installing the app on your child’s phone, you first need physical access to the concerned phone then follow these steps:

    1. With the use of your computer, phone, tablet, or laptop, go to the official website of Hoverwatch.
    2. Click on Signup free.
    3. Enter a valid email address then create a password. Click on Create account button.
    4. A panel will open. Click the button labeled Add Device.
    5. In the Android bar, there is a link to download the app and a link to the instructions for installing it.
    6. Open instructions then prepare the phone of your child to install the app following the steps.
    7. Download then install the app on the phone of your child then enter the email address and the password to your account once the installation process is finished.

Once you have completed these steps, the device will periodically identify its location with the use of GPS signal, cell tower location, and detected WiFi networks. All the information collected will be shown in the Hoverwatch website’s online panel. You can visit the site and see the location of your child with the use of any device with an internet connection, whether it is your own phone, tablet, or computer.

You will see a Settings tab in the online panel where you will specify how often the device should determine the location as well as how often it needs to send data to the online panel. Most of the time, an interval of 10 to 20 minutes is enough although you can also state the intervals you find most convenient and appropriate.

You can use the rest of the functions of the app as well. Aside from tracking the location of your child, this can also send you details about the phone calls, MMS, SMS, visited sites, social network messages, and contacts.

With the help of Hoverwatch, you can now have the full confidence knowing the exact location of your children at any given time, what they do, and who they interact with.


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