How to use Instagram close friend list for Business?

friend list for Business

We all love our privacy and demand it at a certain point in our lives. Maybe the same thought popped up in the minds of Instagram makers when they first launched its new story feature, “close friends.” It was one of those successful efforts Instagram made to improve human connectivity. 

Remember when Instagram first came into the making? No one thought it would be so impactful in our corporate lives, but the entrepreneurs and marketers altered the whole game and fortunately for the better. Similarly, this feature can also be utilized in your favour, but before that, you must be aware of certain things. So, let’s begin:

Who to add to the close friends list?

Instagram is all about innovation and creativity, so why let this part be basic? You see, you only have one close friends list, so stick to your goals and make the best of this opportunity. Let me cite a few of my suggestions:

  • A list for Nano-influencers, brand ambassadors or affiliates

The idea of influencer-marketing has gained immense popularity since the rise of Instagram and you can take it a notch higher with a close-friends list. Influential people on Instagram who have been associated with your brand can be a part of this list You can regularly send them updates about your company and how they can make more money along with you.

Help to instagram

  •  A list for super fans and VIP customers

When a brands’ popularity is on the rise, it earns some super-loyal followers to your Insta account to y in the process, who are in love with your products and will never replace it with your competitors. They definitely deserve more attention than your average customers. Give them the special treatment with an exclusive close-friends list: inform them about sales or discounts prior to everyone else, or you can even announce additional discounts.

  • A list for just the employees

There are some businesses that aim to build employee engagement and advocacy, a close-friends list dedicated for the employees will help you achieve your goal.

just the employees

If you still aren’t sure about who to add and who not, which most of us will be by the end of this, it is recommended that you run a contest and the winners can be a part of your special close-friends party. The people who want to be a part of the list, will naturally participate and attempt to win. 

Ways your brand can use the close friends list

  1. Add an element of exclusivity

I just answered on hot to create a lost and who to add. But wait, there’s more to it. You can also create a teaser for people to join the close friends list to avail exclusive and promotional discounts, via a contest. Say for instance, tag, like & share to win a place in our exclusive elite club (close friends list) This way, you will get exposure and sure observe a boost in followers. Now, since not everyone can be a part of the list, there will be a sense of urgency because of FOMO. 

element of exclusivity


2. Break the news of product launches prior to everyone else

You can use a close friend list consisting of loyal fans or brand ambassadors, where you can share information about future events like a new product launch. While the brand ambassadors and nano-influencers will circulate it further and propose business with it, loyal fans might pre-book. Give them first picks of products to show on various social media platforms. This will add on to the special treatment and your loyal customers will love the exclusive attention, never turning their backs to your brand.

3. Offer exclusive freebies to your ‘close-friends’

Keeping in mind your list consists of loyal customers or of people who will surely participate in the sale, you can offer them freebies. It might not sound a good idea at present considering the costs, but it actually is a long term investment. If put-to-use correctly, this idea can turn tables for you and your followers will experience your credibility. For instance, say if you are a bookseller and have an e-book to sell, you can offer the first five chapters as a freebie. If your matter is convincing, those on the list are sure to buy the entire book. 

Offer exclusive

Organize sessions/interviews solely for the close-friends list

You might have kick-started your close friend list in full swing and still not gauge the desired engagement. It’s the story of each one of us and the winner is always the one who is the most creative. Take your game a notch higher by holding special events for your close-friends’ participants. This can be an exclusive workshop or session with an industry expert or maybe a sneak-peek into your too-be-launched product. This will make your usual followers jealous and on your next opening to close-friends, there will be more entries and with it increased opportunities for engagement. 

Over to you..

As I said, it’all about the out-of-the-box ideas. There is no upper limit to leverage this amazing opportunity. For instance, you can also add behind-the-scenes clips visible only to your close friends. Remember, close friends exist because of its exclusivity or singular attention, make sure you give that to your participants’ in abundance.




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