Iamhere – Hyperlocal Social Network App


Are you looking for a yoga instructor? Want to volunteer for an NGO? Here we are pleased to provide a perfect solution for all your hyperlocal needs. We are talking about none other than Iamhere hyperlocal startup- an application that helps people to connect with their nearby people or places for their interest, hobbies, or business based objective. Install the app on any android device and make connections that are worthy of your time and efforts. Browse unlimited profiles and learn more details about each through the app. 

If you have moved to a new city or place, then Iamhere application can help you find making friends in your neighborhood. The app has more than twenty thousand people as of now and is looking to increase the number. The application helps you to obtain a complete knowledge of your neighborhood. If you search for fitness, then the map will show all the people that are associated with fitness around your locality. The app gives permissions to the individuals to list their interest on the map so that other people can find your profile and connect with you.

If you are looking for a nearby McDonald’s outlet, the map will list all the nearby stores where you can catch up with your family or friends. The app allows people to search for any restaurant within their area so that they could have a great time by their loved ones. The app also enables business promotions to promote their products or services among the people living nearby.

The Iamhere application enhances social communication. It caters the loneliness needs of the people who do not have many friends and usually spends their time sitting at their home. The app can help them to chat with their fellow beings. Since many open gyms and religious institutions have been established now, so old age people can easily search for their interest through the app and can connect with lots of people. In addition to this, if someone has just started giving free yoga lessons during the morning in the park. The app can help them find the people in their area who can be interested in joining with the yoga instructor. In this way, both service givers and takers can influence and connect.

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Final words 

So what are you waiting for? Download the Iamhere app from the Google app store. Then install the app on your device and open it. Create your profile mentioning your interest, and the map will help you connect with people based on your interest. After that, you can start chat, calls, or sharing stories for getting more information or details.


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