Keep Dropping Your Phone? Here’s What to Do


 X Things to Do If You Keep Dropping Your Phone

Some people are naturally clumsier than others. Ordinarily, this superficial clumsiness doesn’t have much of an impact on your life, but if you’re the type of person who keeps dropping your expensive smartphone, your lack of coordination can cost you dearly. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, a dropped phone could cost a few hundred dollars to repair – or might even force you to buy a new phone for $1k or more.

What can you do to avoid this fate?

Buy a Better Case (and a Screen Protector)

Your first mission is to purchase a better phone case, as well as a screen protector that can guard your screen against cracks, scratches, and dents. This protection system isn’t foolproof, as even the best cases on the market can’t protect your phone from everything. But a suitably robust form of protection can shield your phone against ordinary cases of dropping and mishandling, preventing most cracks and absorbing impact. The right case can also reduce your chances of dropping the phone.

These are some tips to help you in this journey:

  •       Invest in the best quality you can afford. It’s not hard to find a phone case that fits your phone reasonably for a few dollars, but these cases are usually made as cheaply as possible, and they’ll shatter upon impact. They provide little to no actual protection for your phone, making them not worth the money. If you want a better investment, be prepared to spend a little more on high-quality materials from a reputable manufacturer.
  •       Ensure a tight fit. Phone models vary in size and shape, so it’s important that you find a case that was made specifically for your phone model. The case should fit tightly, ensuring that it remains in place even if the phone is grossly mishandled.
  •       Get a textured case. Also, you should consider getting a phone case with a textured exterior. This provides you with a better grip, even if you’re holding the phone loosely, so you’re much less likely to drop it.
  •       Consider water resistant cases. If you plan on being in areas with lots of water, you’ll also need to consider getting a water resistant case. Modern phones are engineered to be somewhat water resistant, but it never hurts to have an extra layer of protection.

Change Your Settings

Android and iOS devices both have settings that enable you to use a phone single-handedly. By default, phones and apps are set up for people using both hands. If you attempt to use a phone this way with only one hand, you’ll be forced to make awkward movements, which can increase the likelihood of losing grip on the device. However, if you enable a single-handed setting, this type of activity should be much more manageable, and you should have no trouble maintaining your grip on the phone. Just be advised that this new setup might take some getting used to.

Keep Your Phone Out of the Bathroom

Here’s an astonishing statistic: 19 percent of people drop their phones in the toilet at some point. But it’s true. The overwhelming majority of us use our phones when in the bathroom, at least occasionally, so it makes sense that the clumsiest or least attentive of us would inevitably drop a phone in a toilet at some point. 

If you want to remain as safe as possible, and keep your phone secure, leave your phone out of the bathroom entirely. If you must use your phone in the bathroom, keep it away from water.

Keep Your Phone in a Secure Location

Too many people treat their phone carelessly – but you can treat yours better by always keeping it in a secure location, such as:

  •       A deep front pocket
  •       A running armband
  •       A purse (in a separate pocket)
  •       The center of a table or counter
  •       Firmly held by both hands

Practice Better Cable and Charging Management

Some people drop their phones as a result of awkward cabling; if you want your phone to stay plugged in, you may be tethered to the wall in an uncomfortable position, rendering your grip more tenuous. To circumvent this problem, you could invest in wireless chargers, or you could procure longer charging cables so you have more flexibility.

Consider Insurance

If you keep dropping your phone despite all of these strategies, it may be prudent to invest in insurance. This way, if you drop or damage your phone, even through your own neglect, you may be in a position to get a reasonable replacement.

Most people can precipitously reduce their chances of dropping a phone with these simple strategies. Your phone may never be invulnerable, but it can be much better protected.


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