Junko Furuta Murder Case: Things You Should Know About it

Junko Furuta Murder Case Things You Should Know About it

In this article, you will get the complete details regarding the abduction, and killer of Junko Furuta Murder Case. Junko Furuta was a girl of 17 years. She was killed by 4 boys when she was in a school. She was raped and beaten by them in 1980. Junko Furuta was born in 1971 in Misato, Japan. She was kidnapped at 17 years of age. Till that time she was an unknown girl. But after that, she gets more reputation because of her abduction.

When she was in high school she got very good grades and she was a very intelligent girl in that school. Junko Furuta was never involved in any type of violent act or use of smoke or drugs. She seemingly had a bright future because of her good performance in High School. But then in 1988 everything in her life changed. She was killed by a group of our boys who are from the same school.

Junko Furuta Murder Case Things You Should Know About it

Junko Furuta Murder Case:

After Junko Furuta’s abduction from the local park in Misato, she was raped twice by these gang rapists. They also threaten to murder her. They cause her many body injuries which result in her death. This was a very harsh act by this gang of 4 boys. After that, they were taken to jail and imprisoned for 17 years. At that time when he committed this harsh crime, Hiroshi Miyano was 18 years old. So at the age of 18, he was imprisoned for 17 years. This was a good justice done for the Junko Furuta case.

Junko Furuta Abduction:

When she was in High School, then in November 1988, he was abducted by Hiroshi Miyano. Hiroshima Miyano was the kidnapper of Junko Furuta. According to the other students it was known that Hiroshi Miyano was interested in Junko Furuta. But she let him down by rejecting him. So as a result he was in the rage and he did it when it come to his pride when he was rejected. This was because no one has ever rejected him like this and he has also told this to his friends. Hiroshi Miyano was someday with his friends in a park in Misato. At that time they were looking at some women because it was their hobby and a daily habit to look for the innocent woman and prey on them. They are a gang rapist in which Hiroshi Miyano and Minato were the main ones.

They had potential targets and different innocent girls and women. So suddenly at 8:30 p.m. this Junko Furuta was coming towards them on her bicycle. She was going to her home after returning from her job. At that time Minato kept Junko Furuta out of her bicycle. At that time Hiroshi Miyano Aana shows that he is very innocent and he is a real helper of Junko Furuta. So at that time, he started helping her but she was confused and very terrified of this gang. This was because she knew them and their tactics. At that time she was abducted suddenly from the scene by this gang.

Hiroshi Miyano:

Hiroshi Miyano has been associated with many crimes in the past. Before the abduction of Junko Furuta, Hiroshima was also many times imprisoned for his psychotic behavior. He had a mental illness also that was experienced by his teachers when he was in elementary school. Hiroshi Miyano had a habit of stealing as well from the shops. He had no respect for anyone. This was because of his psychotic behavior that led to the murder of Junko Furuta as well. He was involved with his other friends in the crime against Junko Furuta Case.

Where Is He Now?

Hiroshi Miyano along with four boys cause a big physical injury to Junko Furuta. It led to her death. They were imprisoned for 17 years but now they are free after completing their imprisonment. It was a very bad act that was committed by this group of four. Hiroshi Miyano was the main culprit because he was the main person who was involved in this act.

But now the four people are free and they are not even guilty of their committed crime. It has been said by the judge while releasing them that if they are found guilty of any other crime they will get big imprisonment for their actions now.

Other Killers in Junko Furuta Case:

The Junko Furuta Case is a very harsh scenario that is remembered by everyone in Japan. This was a very violent act. Four boys were there who stabbed her, and killed her in a very deadly manner. Junko Furuta was murdered by a gang rapist. The killers other than Hiroshi Miyano were Yasushu Watanabe, Jo Ogura, and Shinji Minato. These were the people who took the life of an innocent girl.


Junko Furuta’s Case is very terrifying for all the women in Japan. She was a very innocent girl who was killed by the students of the same school. Four boys killed her very badly. Junko Furuta was raped by them twice which was very destructive. This was all due to the bad mental health of the culprits.


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