Pro Tips for Warzone Beginners


The game Call of Duty’s popular battle royale mode has achieved massive success since its release. Free-to-play has attracted a lot more players to the field of battle, eager to secure their victories.

From the time it debuted in 2019, Activision provided support for the original Warzone. In its sequel,  Fans have high expectations and hopes. They wanted the sequel to have a similar impact and level of support. With a completely new map to drop into, brand-new game options, and a totally different gulag, Warzone 2.0 is already proving to be popular. 

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Before getting started, beginners might find these tips and advice helpful shared in this article.

Battle Royale is a mainstay

The battle royale mode is Warzone 2.0’s main attraction. Many other games, including Fortnite and PUBG, have had success with the time-tested “last-one-standing” gameplay in addition to Call of Duty. Players can either compete alone or in teams of up to four persons in this method.

Al Mazrah, a brand-new enormous map for players to explore, serves as the backdrop for the new combat royale. The goal is to be the last person standing, whether participants want to go single or as a team. Success depends on knowing where to drop and selecting the right loadout.

Study the Map

In Warzone 2.0, a new Al Mazrah map is available for players to explore and engage in battle. At debut, Al Mazrah offers 18 new tourist destinations to explore, brand-new water combat options using the lakes and rivers, and a new dungeon to master.

Even skilled soldiers will need to take their time identifying the best drop zones and observation sites. They always try to land in a new location. Exploring all the new areas on the map can help players get their bearings. This knowledge can give players dominance in the game.

Landings are crucial

The normal drop-in at the beginning of the contest is a feature of the majority of battle royale games. Typically, at this point, players choose a location on the map and parachute down in the direction of their target. Planning your landing and sticking to more well-known spots to gather up speed are always wise decisions.

A drop to a generally empty region, however, can occasionally go horribly wrong. For a starting point, many players will often parachute into abandoned points. If this happens, controlling your fall might be a good idea to avoid landing in an area where there are more people.

Locate a high ground

It is easy to keep an eye on the opponent in Al Mazrah because it is full of large structures and mountain peaks.The high ground is your greatest option because you will always have the benefit of shooting down at your opponents as opposed to shooting up at them. You will have a better chance of catching opposing teams rushing for the circle in the latter stages of the game, so this is very crucial.

Circle Collapse is critical

Like many other games with a battle royale theme, Warzone 2.0 has an ever-closing circle. As the circle steadily gets smaller, the conflict gets closer and closer until just one is left. Players are unable to remain in the circle for an extended period of time since it steadily depletes their health, forcing them into the safe zone.

Activision has dramatically altered things this time around. In Warzone 2.0, the circle can now divide into three more circles. As a result, there are now three safe zones for players to stay in instead of just one. These circles will eventually combine into one as the contest goes on. This will immediately force the battle into a single safe location, resulting in some really stressful end-game shootouts.

Edge guard in the circle

The circle will get smaller and the conflict will get closer and closer every time a game is played. Circles could split into three at any time during the game, so players must stay alert.

Instead of charging headfirst into the centre of the battlefield, skirt about the periphery and move with plenty of time to gain an advantage and a better view of the action. When beginning, exercise caution and try to stay away from the centre of the circles.



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