The Insanely Funny Grocery Store Quarantine Stereotypes

quarantine stereotypes

Shopping is something that everyone does so that they can get all the supplies for their homes. Many individuals spend very little time when shopping as they grab the items they need and leave, but others can stay for hours and hours in a grocery store. Among everything, you will come across some funny and rare quarantine stereotypes, which you don’t get to see often that will make you laugh.

Types of stereotypes:

quarantine stereotypes

You will come across some of the funniest and weird type of quarantine stereotypes at a grocery store. The guys from the YouTube channel “Dude Perfect” have provided some of the best examples of these stereotypes. Check them out below!

1. The aisle blockade:

When you come across an area that you want to go to in a grocery store and before you enter you already meet people standing with their carts. The main thing is, you don’t get the chance to pass through them due to the shopping carts as it completely blocks your way. The aisle blockade is one of those quarantine stereotypes, which you normally encounter at a grocery store. It gets pretty annoying and frustrating as you can’t free yourself and get trapped between the other shoppers and their carts but you do everything to get pass through them.

2. The short line analyst:

Do you know who that is? It’s an individual who keeps a check on the lines at the checkout area in the grocery store. You will definitely come across such an individual who will stand in a line that is much shorter than the other lines. Such type of quarantine stereotypes can be seen pretty easily. The guys from the “Dude Perfect” YouTube channel gave a described how these “short-line analysts” really are and it’s also funny.

3. The couponer:

Coupons, discount books, store sales, and online codes are some of the things that every shopper carries. The couponers are one of those quarantine stereotypes that are also known as the bargain shopper. They will hunt down deals like a raccoon ransacking a trashcan and but it is a good thing. The couponers have the power to hunt down the lowest price in the town, on the internet or in the world.


4. The “cheque” guy:

This is a person who provides a cheque to pay for the items he bought. One of the reasons, such people fall under the quarantine stereotypes list is because you don’t get to see someone giving a cheque at a grocery store when debit/credit card or even cash can get the job done.

5. The hungry shopper:

Yes, there are such stereotypes like these who become hungry the moment they enter the grocery store. Even though they keep reminding themselves to stick to the list, but they will purchase almost everything in the food section. Whether it is cakes, cereals, or candies, and if the hunger gets worse, they will start eating at the store itself.

6. Chatty checkout:

After you are all done with shopping and grabbing the items you need, all you need to do is go to the checkout area, pay for the products, and leave. But, what if the person taking care of the checkout turns out to be pretty chatty? The situation can be pretty much frustrating. The person keeps on talking and telling you about something that you are not interested in but he keeps on chatting. This is one of those quarantine stereotypes that you will encounter at a grocery store and it can be difficult to avoid them as well.

7. The produce inspector:

When you visit a section of a grocery store, and you find an individual doing a serious investigation with all the things that is the “produce inspector”. The person’s job is to check all the products bit by bit and will eliminate if they are not the right size or doesn’t look “fresh” to them. These people are one of those quarantine stereotypes, who will taste, smell, and also check the ripeness taste of fruits and vegetables from all the corners.

8. Cart probs:

Admit it, you have experienced issues with carts and couldn’t take them out because they are stuck. People who experience such problems will pull out the cart by using their hands and also their legs. When that issue is solved another takes place, and it is that screeching or squeaking sound that the wheels of the cart make when you move around with it in the store. It is pretty annoying and will completely destroy your mood for a “peaceful shopping” experience.
9. Too Many Items:

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Many people experience stress and nervousness when they take one or two items more. Even though it is completely normal for people to take more than 15 items, you still feel the pressure of taking too many items as if you did something wrong. It’s completely “LEGAL” to take as many supplies you want for yourself and for your family and you won’t go to jail for that.

10. The guy who forgets just one thing:

quarantine stereotypes

When you purchase all the items and products that are given you in your list and once you reach home, you forget that “ONE” single item. You know you forgot something and you cannot remember it until someone reminds it for you. These types of stereotypes can be pretty common to encounter as you can be one yourself or someone in your family might be one.

11. Expiration Date:

There are many individuals who pay a visit to the grocery store to purchase the “freshest” items, and when it says “freshest” items, it means it should be closer to the expiry date. For example, when looking for milk, they will not take a bottle from the front row but look for the one that is completely on the last row. They will do anything to get that “fresh” bottle of milk and also enter the fridge if they cannot reach the bottle.

Ending Note!

The chances of encountering such stereotypes in a grocery store are high and no matter who it is they are pretty funny and unique at the same time. You can take a look at the entire video that is made by Dude Perfect on YouTube.


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