Professions of the Future. How to train now to ensure that the children have a job tomorrow


Did you think yesterday that today your children would be taught how to make videos for social media? And Tik-Tok or Instagram will become their place of work? This is not a discussion for the future. This is today’s reality.

Indeed, blogging is no longer just an adolescent outlet. This is a profession that brings good money. How much money bloggers with an average of 200 thousand subscribers can earn from advertising from two to nine thousand dollars per month. What is not the dream?

However, this dream requires a lot of effort and specialized knowledge. In copywriting, marketing, targeting, video editing, and even drama. For example, an independent group of social media professionals – Storytellers – has emerged. They design 15-second videos, selecting color, music, font, and stickers. Writing a particular script for the thematic videos and even creating timing for which they appear in the measure. All this is to adhere to subscribers’ attention and attract them to the blogger’s page. 

Are you now convinced that your child’s last night’s entertainment is tomorrow’s promising job? And there will be more and more of these professions in the future.

Over the past 20 years, the labor market has changed dramatically. Professions have appeared on the scene, the names of which we had never heard before—for example, HR-manager or SEO facilitator. A designer, merchandiser, or even a life coach is no longer unknown to us. Even online tutoring or essay writing at services like Essay Assistant doesn’t sound strange for us now, but these were new jobs just 5-7 years ago. 

Below is a selection of the most exciting professions of the future.

Space Tourism Manager. This profession is very similar to the modern travel agent. But if the latter forms tours to the Bali or the Dominican Republic, the space manager is studying the cosmic space and orbital stations. And, of course, he will talk about how to send people who are willing to see the distant and unknown galaxies there. Why is the space tourism manager’s profession so demanding? First of all, scientists predict the significant development of infrastructure in space. They believe that there will be hotels, scientific bases, and research stations. Otherwise, no one will be able to organize their tour. It requires the help of a professional who can sell, know the technical features of the flight and rockets, and understand how to eat in the conditions of gravitational.

Tertiary to space professions, which may also appear in the future, are “cosmobiologist” and “cosmogeologist.” The first is engaged in creating ecosystems and studying organisms in space, while the second is involved in the production of crude digs on the Moon and asteroids.

Designer of emotions. Not of clothes, furniture, or landscape. Namely – emotions. This profession is popular in marketing because it concerns issues of sales. The emotion designer can anticipate consumers’ reactions and even influence their senses, encouraging them to buy this product. The basis of this profession is already laid the foundations of psychology and physiology. All that is left is to apply technology, and the new work is ready for adoption.

IT-geneticist. So far, we have heard about this profession only in fantasy films. But in real life, it is entirely possible. An IT geneticist programs the genome (the totality of all genes). For example, the detection of genetic diseases in children or treating adverse conditions in adults. Genotherapy – making changes in the human genetic apparatus to combat these and other diseases – became the foundation for this profession. But it is still only at the testing stage.

The profession of a genetic counselor is very complementary to IT genetics. This person will directly use diagnostic instruments, analyze their data, and give recommendations for further treatment.

Virtual reality projector. Even now, the computer games industry actively develops the world of virtual reality. For example, last year’s virtual concert of Travis Scott in the online game “Fortnite” has broken all records – more than 12 million people visited it. Previous shows have reached a mark of only 10 million. But in a couple of years, it could become more than just a competition. Travel to any part of the world, or attend an exciting concert without leaving home – this will become possible thanks to the virtual reality projectors. Such a specialist has an excellent grasp of design, programming, and engineering. Some schools already teach children how to work with the world of virtual reality.

Education must also change to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s realities—virtual laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology experiments. In addition, animated quizzes and interactive educational programs are already practiced in schools in China. In 2018, the government began to change the education system, adding new technologies actively. They have gained the support of international technology companies that supply equipment to Chinese schools, hold training, and help promising students further develop their projects.

Meanwhile, in the USA, schoolchildren are being prepared for cybersports as well. The private school Fairmont (Orange County, California) has implemented the Game ON program, which develops students’ skills in cybersports. Thanks to the agreements between the school management and professional companies, students have access to the leading licensed games. They can compete at the state or regional level as real cyber athletes. According to the teachers’ observations, cybersport has allowed those students who, for various reasons, cannot demonstrate their abilities in the gym to feel a healthy competition.

Soft skills, critical thinking, and STEAM-awareness today lay the foundation for a successful tomorrow for our children. Even though the future is sometimes uncomfortable, with good preparation, students have all the chances to work in space tourism, edit the genomes of plants and people, or virtual project reality.




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