Reasons Why You Need Power Strips for Your Home Office

Power Strips

A power strips is essential if you have multiple electronics and gadgets on your work desk. Home offices not only carry your computer, but also other gadgets including printers, Wi-Fi, routers, laptop, and smartphones. You may also want to have something through which you can charge your smartphone or power banks while you are working. A power strip with multiple power sockets securely solves all your problems. Apart from the different outlets, they also have a circuit breaker that ensures that all your devices are safe. The strip may come with the on/off switch as well, which ensures that you can operate it separately from the main electricity board.

When you want your work desk to be more convenient and hassle-free for usage, you should ensure that you have a good quality power strip. The new power strips also come with USB sockets that you can use to charge your smartphones and other gadgets. A power strip can offer cable clips that can be used for managing and organizing the cables. Such features ensure that there are no tangled cords and clutter at your workplace and work home office.

Can I put a power strip on a desk?

Power strips require the least space and can be easily placed and secured on a work office desk. A good power strip will also have features for easy installation. You are not required to punch the holes on your work table and desk for securing the power strip. The quality power strips have alternative methods (for instance a screw clamp design) through which they can be secured to a desk while causing no damage to it. You can put the bracket to the work desk and turn the knob until the power strip is attached securely to the desk.

Can power strips be used permanently?

Power strips can be used permanently and for any length of time. With cable management features, they provide for a clutter-free working space as well. You should choose a high-quality power strip to ensure that all its components are made from quality materials and last long.

Can I tape a power strip?

You need not secure a power strip with tape when you buy a good quality power strip that provides for easy installation features. For instance, the screw clamp design ensures that no punch/hole is required for placing the power strip on the desk and no tape or glue is needed to make the strip stick to your table.

Taping a power strip may not be the best option. There are power strips available today that come with other mechanisms that hold them security at the work desk.

What power strip should I get?

There is a wide variety of power strips available in the market today. While choosing a power strip, you should keep in mind the features given below.

  • Multiple power outlets.
  • USB outlet and point through which you can charge your smartphones and other gadgets.
  • An easy assembly and mounting system (for instance a screw and clamp design).
  • Use of good quality materials to ensure reliability and durability of the power strip.
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification to ensure that the power strip is not affected by changes in current and keeps the gadget safe.
  • Cable management features in the form of cable clips to ensure a tidy working desk.

Your power strip should have these many features to ensure a hassle-free work experience. There are certainly good quality options available online that you can buy. The benefit of online purchase is that you need not go to the markets and the product is delivered right at your doorstep.


When you purchase a power strip by following the tips given above, you can buy the best bargain for yourself that has all the necessary features you need on a day-to-day basis. A clamp power strip can solve many of your daily woes and ensure that you have a more comfortable and productive time at your work desk and home office. The many different features listed above are being offered by the latest power strips. Power strips are also affordable enough to ensure that the purchase does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can also buy power strips for your other needs to ensure that you have a more convenient living experience and can operate multiple electronics without any issues. You can use the power strips for the light load gadgets and electronics. They can also be used for stereos, digital clocks, and lamps.


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