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Do you fancy yourself a weekend gambler who puts the odd pound on a ridiculously large accumulator? Or maybe you’re a high roller and have made betting your game. Whether you’re more partial to high stake or low stake bets, this guide is your key to taking your Online Cricket Betting ID to the next level. How many times have you had every result come in barring that crucial, final one? Too many times to count most likely. The guide will discuss various techniques that could put you a step above the rest of the punters and ensure you maximise your profits and beat the bookies. The Top Canadian Casino provides free spins you might visit for more details.

The Bet It All technique is recommended for experienced bettors only as well people who can afford to take big losses. In essence, it works exactly how the title suggests. The hopeful punter would place a bet on a market but instead of spending a small, respectable amount of cash they inversely elect to put as much as they can afford on. The consequences of this system are obvious. With a winning bet, this system inarguably provides the most reward as the whole balance is used rather than a small stake. This guarantees maximised profits. However, a losing bet will provide the worst possible outcome out of any system discussed in this article as it will leave the bettor with the greatest deficit. 

A more complex system that has close links with the Bet It All system is the Martingale technique. This would see punters doubling their stake every time a bet loses, meaning that their losses would always be recovered alongside a profit. While this sounds ideal in theory, the reality is that this requires a considerable amount of cash in reserve and also an indifference to losing. If these two characteristics are something that you have in great amounts, then this could be the betting system for you.

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Perhaps the most well-known and used system is Proportional betting. This technique encourages bettors to use a select percentage of their balance as a stake every time they win and want to place a new bet. This means that as profits increase, the stake does too, in effect, maximising profits. Also, loss margins are reduced given the fact that you will always keep a greater percentage of the profits than you stake. This system is best suited to the reserved gambler, who is more concerned with the long game and respectable profits than making a quick buck.

Another system that can also be seen as similarly related to the Martingale system is the Fibonacci technique. Much like Bet It All, the style of betting this system encourage can easily be inferred from its name. Bettors place bets in order of the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical formula that increases based on the sum of the two preceding numbers. Applied to betting, punters would steadily increase their stake until they win and then go back to the beginning of the sequence. Like the Martingale system, it requires a considerable amount of cash in reserves, but the Fibonacci technique has the benefit of reducing how quickly stakes increase on a losing streak.

Any aspiring bettor wanting to successfully play the markets should research these techniques and decide which of them is best for them. It will entirely depend on several factors including risk attitude, cash balance, and of course, luck. A list of the best non-Gamstop betting sides can be found here.

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