WCC2 – Implement These Tactics and Strategies to Emerge Victorious


WCC2 ranks as the most widely played cricket mobile game franchise in the world for fans of all ages. With this year’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup delayed till November 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic, players at home are able to enjoy this highly competitive 3D game of multiplayer cricket right at their homes.

For real fans of cricket, WCC2 takes the experience to a whole new level. The game uses excellent gaming mechanics that allow the player to play famous cricket shots and experience features similar to real-life cricket matches. You can get a broad vision of the field with the different camera angles in the game that make it crazily immersive. Players can partake in blitz tournaments and other hot events in the game. The app also offers the player the liberty to fully customise the team and even set up banners that they can stylise on their own. 

With its various features of WCC2, the game has piqued fans’ interest and is currently the best game of cricket in the online market. The simple controlling yet tough competition allows players to be a part of the World Cricket Championship, which is a dream that everyone has had since their childhood. The game also offers excellent graphics and commentary that make it more immersive for the players. To get a taste of this exclusive game of cricket, you can click here https://www.mpl.live/world-cricket-championship-wcc2 for more details.

Choose The Right Bowlers

If the opponent’s side has chosen to bat first, then the right strategy lies in choosing bowlers that align with their batting style. So, if the rival begins with a right-handed batsman, you should choose a fast-paced bowler who is right-handed, and if they choose a left-handed batsman, you should choose a fast-paced left-handed bowler as an ideal counter. If you select bowlers that play with the same hand as the batsmen, you can understand their batting style and use it to place the balls accordingly. Fast-paced bowlers will give you an added advantage as their increased bowling speed will give the batsman less time to think about their batting action. This way, you can catch them off guard with swift balls placed close to their feet, forcing them to make a quick mistake. Using this strategy early in the game, players can get more wickets with an aggressive style of play and cap the opponent team at a low target that they can quickly chase.

Use Cut Shots And Loft Shots

In most games, the fielders are spread out in a manner that does not allow the batsman to score long shots or make quick runs between the wicket by playing ground drive shots. Under such arrangements, the opponent readily makes bouncer balls so that the batsman is flustered and makes a low power shot that eventually ends up getting caught in the hands of a standby fielder. In such a scenario, the player has to opt for one of the most effective gameplays that uses cut shots to break through the tight fielding of the opponent. These shots are beneficial and counter the bouncer balls of the opponent by using its speed against them. Cut shots will help you score boundaries and also provide you with ample time to score more runs between the wicket and win the game.

In order to face fast-paced bowling, the trick of the lofted shots has to be mastered. Lofted shots guarantee a decent six and a push forward in the game. The trick to winning with lofted shots is to gauge the bowling in the initial part of the game and then achieve the target with well-placed lofted shots at the end of the game. However, players need to be extra careful while playing these shots since, if not timed well, it could end up as a dismissal of the player and cost you the match.

Get Wickets Fast

For the player who is bowling in the first round of the match, the objective would be to close the opponent’s runs at the minimum to get an easy target. In order to do this, the player has to be quite aggressive with their bowling. You must begin with fast-paced bowlers and use a slight bounce while bowling so that the player is provoked to play loft shots which will guarantee a few wickets if the fielders are on the spot. The power of pacing should be changed frequently at the start so that players get confused about the type of bowling they are facing. The adjustment to the speed and spin provided in the game is very crucial for the player, and its expertise will most definitely help you beat any seasoned batsman.


WCC2 is hailed as the top cricketing game in the market, and players are always looking for neat tricks to get an added advantage over their opponent. The fact that players have to play against different online rivals at all times proves to be quite a challenge. The players are forced to reinvent and modify their strategies in almost every game as one cannot stick to the same formula of winning. Switching around strategies helps players build confidence to take a certain risk, which in most cases reveals some new strategies for future matches. Players are drawn to this game in flocks due to its authentic outlook and ease of availability of online players.


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