11 Best Microsoft Surface Applications for Students

Microsoft Surface Applications

The best thing about Microsoft Surface lineup devices might be their portability but believe us, other features are truly amazing. This convertible tablet can offer you more than you think if you choose the right application. With the support of that stylus, you can break the stereotype ideas of a conventional laptop and proceed through a marvelous journey.

In addition to this, Microsoft Surface devices are an attractive deal for students. If you’re a student, and you want to make use of the device to its fullest, then here’s what you’re looking for. We have mentioned top-notch applications for students who are reliant on Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro devices. 11 Best Microsoft Surface Applications for Students-

1. Mint

Checking up on your finances is really important, and you might be searching for a trusted application for this job. Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Dubai experts said that this is an impeccable application for managing your finances in one place. Mint is a reliable platform to keep an eye on money even when you are on the go. This Android application is also available on Windows 8.1. 

So, if you’re using Windows 8.1, then you can install the application. Apart from this, you can easily navigate through the application and avail the dashboards by pulling up the screen. Additionally, you can encrypt the application with a strong password, and none can sneak into the application to fetch your financial information.

2. OneNote

We guess that the prime task of students is to take notes, and that too accurately and swiftly. And, if you’re searching for an application that can support you, then OneNote is for you. No argument can deny the impact of taking notes during studies. Taking notes improves your learning experience. And, OneNote is the most versatile platform where you can enter texts, attach pictures, tables, and videos for more efficient outcomes.

The personal workspace of this application is outstanding. In addition to this, OneNote Class Notebook is another built-in feature of the application, and it helps in extreme collaboration. For instance, teachers can draft a note for students. And, every student can access the note whenever they want. 

Moreover, the feature enables the facility to get real-time feedback from the teacher. Making assignments and submitting them was never so easy before this application.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Who doesn’t like to click pictures? We’re sure that you do too. But, you might be lacking an all-in-one photo editing application. When you’re with a Microsoft Surface device, then you should install Adobe Photoshop Express for some amazing photo editing experience. The prime facility with Adobe Photoshop Express is that you can avail different filters.

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This application comprises fifteen one-touch filters to instantly adjust with the photo enhancements. From auto-brightness to colour correction, everything is just a one-click away with Adobe Photoshop Express. In addition to this, the cloud storage of this app lets you use all the basic tools available in Adobe Creative Cloud.

4. Google Drive

We think that this application is unzippable for students. Google Drive comes for free, and you can store a huge amount of files using cloud storage. Additionally, any Google service you use, such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Photos, everything will be saved on Google Drive. And, you can easily access them without worrying about the device. You need to log into your Google account from your Microsoft Surface device, and you are good to go.

Avail Google Docs to save your assignments, use sheets for storing data and analytics, and slides will allow you to make suitable presentations. If your teacher has shared any lecture in a presentation or any assignment in Docs, you can access those with the help of in-built collaboration available on Google Drive.

5. Autodesk Sketchbook

The amazing aspect of Microsoft Surface devices is the pen synchronization, and if you want to avail Pro drawing facilities, then you should not miss Autodesk Sketchbook. The exciting part of grabbing Autodesk Sketchbook is that you can now avail its features for free.

Additionally, a few Pro sketching tools are also available in the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook. The functions of the tools available in the interface of the application are quite easy to use. Almost anyone can utilise them. Now, discover plenty of surfaces, brushes, and similar features from Autodesk Sketchbook and transform your imagination into reality.

6. Drawboard PDF

There’s no way to avoid the dominant nature of PDFs. And, you require a competent application to manage all your PDFs. Be it regarding sharing large PDF files or any other collaboration process, and you should have the Drawboard PDF. You can take notes, highlight the segments of PDFs. 

Additionally, you can add your signature to the PDF by using this application. The easy-to-navigate interface makes the application reliable enough. You can zip multiple files or pages into PDFs with Drawboard PDF.

7. Tweetium

If you use Twitter on Microsoft Surface, then Tweetium is the ultimate application for using that particular application. The landscape of the application is so smooth that you can easily read and share information on Twitter. If you go with the basic package of Tweetium, then it will let you use only one Twitter account on the device.

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Whereas, Tweetium Pro features the facilities of running up to seven accounts at the same time. Manage push notifications, reading news, and much more with Tweetium on your Microsoft Surface devices.

8. Anki Flashcards

Are you having issues with remembering formulas or complex terms? Then, you can use Anki Flashcards for memorization, taking notes, and so on. This flashcard application is one of the top-notch applications to assist you with studying on PCs.

Create custom flashcards and browse them whenever required. Learning is made fun of with Anki, as this application will jumble up your cards to check how much you have memorized. Boost your memory power with Anki Flashcards active recalls and spaced repetition technologies.

9. AutoCAD

If you’re looking for a touchscreen-friendly vector designing application for your Microsoft Surface device, then AutoCAD is one of the premium applications. You can opt for AutoCAD 360, as well.

The application is ready to be downloaded on Windows Store. Now, the scalability of the application is too high. You can easily zoom and pinch on the touchscreen to make use of precious scaling and manipulation. The addition of the Surface Pen makes tasks easier.

10 .Pin More

Organizing the home screen of your tablet might be a little tricky. However, you can overcome such difficulties with Pin More. This application allows you to create custom tiles for folders, websites, and documents. Apart from arranging tiles and icons for your tablet, you can manage gaming applications, as well.

If you’re a gamer and want to manage Steam and Origin games, then you should install this free application. Create back-ups, export, or import them whenever you want, and the device you like.

11. myHomework

Here, we have got another study planner application for your Microsoft Surface device. Never fail to miss out on your classes, homework, or any other schedule with myHomework. The dashboard of the application will provide you with the details of the classes you have attended, along with assignments.

The in-built Calendar view permits you to see the classes arranged in a date-wise arrangement. You can track your homework with three tags – Upcoming, Late, and Complete. The application is available for free, but the premium version offers more add-ons.

That’s it…

You should install these applications on your Microsoft Surface device if you want to improve productivity. Harness the efficiency of hardware and software duo to get most of your Surface devices.


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