3 great additions to your home office


Whether you work from home completely, or do it now and again, you may have some sort of a home office. Having an office in your house, rather than working in somewhere like the living room or kitchen can help you separate your work and personal life when working remotely.

There are some items that you can add to your home office that can truly take it up a notch, though. Here are examples of just a few. 

  • A coffee machine

Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on having a coffee break here and there. 

There are a number of coffee machines out there that don’t take up too much room and can make any coffee you want while you’re working away. Though you can go into your kitchen and make yourself one, having a coffee machine in your home office can truly add to the feeling that you’re at work when you’re in there. 

Not only can you get a lot of use out of them, they can also look quite nice in an office set-up, and they certainly stand out on a desk. 

  • A curved monitorAs many computer users start to see the benefits of a curved monitor, they are truly starting to grow in popularity. A curved monitor is exactly how it sounds: a screen that is slightly curved instead of being completely flat.

Not only can they be better for your eyes, but they can be a pleasure to work on and are a great investment to your home office if you find that you are working there more and more. A Lenovo curved monitor, for example, can significantly change how your work feels.

Curved monitors are often wider than regular monitors, meaning you can fit more on the screen. They are ideal for watching movies or gaming, too, which is useful when you feel like taking a break from work. 

  • A standing desk

Standing desks are becoming more of a common sight in offices all over the world. There are many perks to having one, and there are lots of different types to choose from.

From helping with your posture, to keeping you more alert and active while working, to stopping you from becoming too sedentary and holding your screen at a better level: what more could you want? 

If you don’t like the idea of standing up all the time while working, you can get an adjustable one that allows you to see what suits you day by day, or even hour by hour. It’s normal to want to sit down and focus on work every now and again, so getting a standing desk that you can turn back into a normal desk when you want may be a good option for you. 

As home offices are becoming more common, it’s great if you are able to have a whole room in your house dedicated to your remote working life. These are just a few additions that can truly take it up a notch.


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