Customizing our Android phone improves our experience with the smartphone. If we have a decent knowledge of customizing the smartphone, we can customize almost everything- like the functions, fonts, phone settings, gestures, etc. TechWhoop provides you with this knowledge & tech tips. Millions of applications on the Google Play Store can customize our phone; in the list of those customizing applications, “TASKERS” is the biggest name.

What is a Tasker

Tasker profile is an automated application used for task control and automation. The TASKERS application lets us customize our phones and control our day-to-day tasks with many available tools in the application itself. The application also contains our smart home devices. The application gives us the benefits of automating many tasks on our smart devices, and we can completely automate our phones. You can also save hours by availing of email marketing automation using this application. The application is user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple and attractive design. Currently, TASKERS is available on Android’s google play store for 310 INR.

It was released in 2010 and came under the Google Play store’s security category. Tasker Profile has various applications and can be helpful in many ways. It is flexible to the user requirements and performs by scanning the context of the phone.


Tasker application is available for android users at the Google Play Store. It is not free, and a specific amount has to be paid.

How do you use Taskers

To customize our smartphone to a certain level, this application focuses on the actions, such as media, font, display. Tasks are performed by the actions we command, and it is advised to create a job before starting the profile. The selected tasks can be set up to be used on selective days of the weeks, particular days of months, and demanding months of a year. For example, you can only use the month’s category during certain months of the year. 

We can even customize the application with different events, locations, or a particular state (condition). Moreover, there are many functions we can perform on the smartphone, like changing the phone settings, applying passwords on the application which contains confidential data, and setting messages to send you someone on specific conditions or at a decided time.

The application creates a user-friendly interface; there is excellent communication between the user and the device. TASKERS application will only work to its smartphone full power when the users understand and learn all the features and concepts of the application. Some customization might also need root access.

Key functions

The primary functions that appears while opening the app are

  1. Tasks
  2. Profile
  3. Scene
  4. Variables

1 Task: An assignment assigned by the user to be completed by the application. It is an essential function of the application.

2 Profile: Profile deals with the regulations to be dealt with so that the tasks are performed according to the user’s requirement.

3 Scene: To be exact, a layout with compromising custom UI options like buttons, menu, and so on. It can be designed and changed according to the user.

4 Variables: It deals with the valuables with fluctuations like time date and battery level.

Tasker’s fro meetings and plans

Whether you have an emergency plan or create one on the fly, building up an arrangement will help keep everybody in your association (counting your help group) quiet. This will likewise keep your clients quiet — getting with specific, arranged, and learned workers are actually what they need from you in a crisis circumstance. Clients need to realize that you can deal with the issue (and ideally keep it from happening once more) and recognize that you care about them.

You may have to move strategies or reconsider your arrangement a few times throughout an emergency. 

However, we advise you that it would be best to act quickly; however, don’t settle on a hurried choice without giving it much thought. Keep your alternatives open and return to your arrangement as the circumstance unfurls. No one can tell when you may have to rotate, and you would prefer not to be secured in a position that is not, at this point, suitable, given the conditions.

You can never be excessively cautious, mainly if wellbeing, security, or security are in danger. That doesn’t mean you should go ahead and make a hasty judgment, yet it’s regularly better to be excessively wary. It’s uncommon that organizations are condemned for being too cautious or paying attention to potential danger. Instead, your clients may thank you for your abundance of concern. Taskers can help you set up these emergency meetings, make your to-do lists, and more. 

 Operations by tasker profile

It can be accessed by paying a definite amount in Google Play Store. It is created to perform pre-programmed functions by the users. It has various applications and can perform operations such as

  • Frequent changes in wallpapers and alarm tones
  • Record calls and call logs
  • Set up messages to be sent to certain people at a specific time
  • Protect sensitive files and folders
  • Alter phone settings
  • Launch a music application
  • Capture image
  • Connecting Bluetooth

These are only a few operations, for example. Tasker can perform other options also.


The user works through four tabs: profile task scene and variables. The profile consists of various tasks that are to be executed. Tasks are the functions that are pre-programmed by the user to be performed. Tasks can also be free-floating and can also be performed manually. Scenes are the customization that a user can make the work accessible in a tasker application. Variables are the factors that change with time, reasonable battery level, and days.

As soon as you add your profile, you’ll find six categories shown which are as follows:

v Application

v Day

v Event

v Location

v State

v Time

These six categories mostly contain the triggers required for your profile. You select one of these options, and your profile is created. You can long-press on the option chosen just and add the task of your choice or create a new one to add to it.

When you select a specific location, the task set to these Tasker profiles activates the device location by itself when present within a certain radius of the area designated by you.

Required Permission

In general, applications require specific permission and accessibility from the user to perform their functions. Thus, Tasker also requires special permission from the user to perform its functions.

  • In Tasker, click the main menu
  • Choose the option more
  • Click android settings and ensure that Tasker has been granted to all the settings listed.

Steps to create a profile

v Click the “+” icon available in the profiles Tab.

v Name the shape and choose the task to be performed

v Next, we have to create a job to click the task edit option.

v Click the “+” icon to generate an action.

v Now, choose the required action to be carried out corresponding to the profile.

v The “move” sections allow you to customize.

v Several tasks can be created under a single profile.


It merely follows your command. Using Tasker makes you feel so much good and relaxed, and it can keep you organized and execute certain operations very well.







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