Are Guns Really Making Some Women Feel Safer?

Women Feel Safer

Living in an uncertain world makes people feel unsafe. Especially women, who are looked at with prejudice by some people who think they are weak and cannot protect themselves. How can Women Feel Safer there?

Especially during these harsh times, when the novel coronavirus put the world to test. People started competing and fighting for resources and survival while others lost their jobs. And this is how the world turned out to be pretty chaotic. 

Being a woman in this world can be a real challenge at times. The threat is constantly there, and this is why more and more women are choosing to carry guns. There are many organizations that organize shooting training, national conferences, and gun festivals for women that are interested in owning a gun or already have one and want to learn how to better use it. They want to help women learn more about the gun industry and defense. 

Guns give women that feeling of security and safety. They give them self-confidence that they will manage to face threats, robberies, or assaults. It gives them the feeling that they can protect themselves and their families better. 

Besides, women have the right to have guns and the data shows that 12% of women own firearms, compared with 34% men. It is a clear unbalance, but the percentage of women who buy guns is slowly rising and the industry should get prepared for this change of scenery. 

But while more and more women choose to own a firearm, we should ask the question of whether this makes them safer, or is it just a feeling? 

Guns and Safety 

Guns give you a sense of power and control, and this is good especially for people that are constantly feeling a threat. 71% of women report owning a gun for protection as the first major reason, followed by sport shooting and hunting. The most interesting detail about this data is that women report protection as the only reason they own a gun more frequently than men. 

So, if women choose to carry guns, it means that they are feeling safer. They feel they have something that will surely help them defend themselves. If we look at the crime rates during the lockdown, we could easily see that crimes that implied other people decreased. 

Here we can include burglaries of homes, violent crimes, or sexual assaults. People stayed at home and no one was allowed to go on the streets except to shops, so it is natural that these rates had decreased. 

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But at the same time, other crime rates skyrocketed. Even if the data is not complete, as many of these crimes are not reported, the rate of domestic violence has gone up during lockdown. So, it is understandable why more women choose to carry guns. It is a level of protection they are adding. 

And here comes the question of whether women are safer if they carry guns. Recent data showed that there is a high possibility the answer is no. It is more likely that their guns will be used against them than to defend themselves, which puts women in great danger. 

This is why it is important to learn everything you can about firearms, how to charge and discharge them, how to store and keep them to avoid accidental discharge, and so on. Women should prepare themselves for tough moments when they need to make quick decisions and defend themselves. 

Even though in some cases guns do not make women safer, as their attackers are usually stronger and work in teams, carrying a gun gives women a sense of security. 


Guns increase women’s self-confidence. According to the latest reports of the assignment writing services, as lockdown measures begin to ease, the crime rate will go up again. People are leaving their houses, some started to go to the office, while others go on holiday to forget about these harsh times. Shortly said, people begin to circulate and move freely around the city, country, and world, and so home burglaries, robberies, or assaults will become more frequent. 

Because we live in this fast-paced world, where no one has time to help others, where people pay attention only to their smartphones, women need to protect themselves. Being alone and having nothing to defend yourself with can be fatal, and this is how guns increase women’s self-confidence. They have a powerful tool to defend themselves with and life can be easier with firearms. 

Safety and Security 

Besides self-confidence, women also feel that safety and security whenever they are out or at home and they have a firearm at hand. The latest data has shown that more and more women are stalked and that 70% of them know their stalker or attacker. These addictions do not make women feel safe, especially when they notice their stalker has not stopped his behavior and continues to follow them. 

You do not know who to trust during these days, who to accept help from, and who to help. If you have nothing to defend yourself with, you come to live in a dark world, full of fear. And this is not good for your mental health. Guns solve these problems, as they make women feel safer and secure. They feel they have control over unpleasant situations, especially if they take part in gun training. 

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Also, there are many support groups founded by women for women, who aim to help them share their experiences and organize practice shootings to train themselves. Being part of a group of this kind and the ownership of a gun make women more prepared to handle critical events themselves. 

They feel they can easily control the gun to defend themselves and their families, and this is essential for the mental comfort everyone needs in their home or on the streets. The world should be a safe place, but it isn’t, so women have found a way to stand up for themselves and increase their chances of survival. 

Are All Women Feeling Safer When They Carry Guns? 

This question has rather conflicted or mixed answers. Some might say that guns do make women safer, but to this psychological safety contributes not only to the ownership of the gun but also the personality traits of the women

Women who have a rather fearful and anxious personality might not feel safe with a gun, especially if they do not trust themselves that they can use it successfully. This can easily be countered by taking part in daily training, practice shooting, learning gun terminology, and how to use it. The more these women learn about firearms, the more confident they will be. 

At the opposite pole are women who trust themselves they can face unhappy events and will do it successfully by using their gun. These women feel an instant connection with the gun world and are soaked in rapidly. And safety, self-confidence, and security come naturally with gun ownership. 

Conclusion- Women Feel Safer

There is a major difference between how women feel when they carry guns and if those guns really make them safer. Studies have shown that women are not safer if they have guns, as there is a high chance that the guns will be used against them rather than for defense. 

However, women report feeling safer and more secure when they have guns, so the subjective experience is different from what reports show. 

Guns help women protect themselves and their families, give them self-confidence, and help them feel safe and secure. And all these can rise if they take private lessons, practice shooting, and belong to a support group. 

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