15 Best Video Making Apps For 2019 

best video making apps

Videos are the most ‘in’ thing if you look at the digital world. From YouTube to Tik Tok, people are glued to their screens to create and share videos. With such an increasing demand it is obvious that we need to know about the best video making apps and show our creativity. Here, we will discuss the best apps that you can use to make videos in 2019.

Why Video Ads For Your Business

Video ads are highly engaging, impressive, and visually stimulating. If you want to stay competitive, creating video ads is the best way to go. Make sure that every video is professionally captured to achieve your sales and marketing goals. 

Get more shares, likes, and web visitors by creating and uploading your video ads. Kickstart your video ad making campaign by knowing the best video making apps to use today.

Best video making apps to use in 2019

It has become far easier with all the latest gadgets to shoot and share a video instantly. But to make your video making experience professional there are various apps available to capture, edit and share. Check them out below:

1. iMovie

As the name suggests this app is specially designed for iOS users. If you want to design and edit videos on your iPhone or iPad then Apple’s creation is the most compatible with the device. The app has simple touch control and editing tools to capture your clips together before sharing it on any media.

2. Vine

Vine is Twitter’s app compatible with both Android and iOS. The Vine app was initially designed to make looping six seconds videos and has recently announced plans to up the time limit to 140 seconds. The intelligent one-touch system for shooting videos and then flowing it together is still the same.

3. Fx Guru

The Hollywood style special effects guru add special effects Hollywood style to your videos. You want to create a sci-fi fiction movie or YouTube video, then this app is all you need. With soundtracks and special effects like animals, weapons, disasters, and more, this app will bring out the pro video maker in you. You can also create longer cinematic effects with drama and suspense. Moreover, you can record HD videos of your children playing with giants.

4. FilmicPro

The video making app is supported by both iOS and Android. Wherever you want to shoot and edit your videos FiLMiC Pro is the best app to shoot it. It is a perfect app for amateurs to professionals. It has amazing features like slo-mo, time-lapse, all kinds of aspect ratio options. The updated v6 version is one of the best in the market.

5. Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

Compatible with iOS and Android, this is yet another video making app you must try. This app is for movie buffs who want to make stop motion movies from their favorite movie characters. Kids will be able to get used to it quickly and have lots of fun with this app. So, now kids can direct, record and edit their Minecraft-stop motion movies.

6. Splash

The iOS-compatible app helps you shoot videos with a 360-degree view. This is one of the rare features that you will find in any other good video making app. Your friends can watch the video without using any headset and you can also share it at ease.

7. Pinnacle Studio Pro

The powerful video editing app is iOS compatible. It is similar to iMovie and has its roots on a desktop. The latest version has been updated for the smart use of touchscreen devices. Editing videos, soundtracks, and photos are effortless with this app.

8. Videorama

This is the latest app in the world of video apps and has made it to the list of best video making apps. It is a multi-functional for all video making possibilities. It includes clip editing, animated textiles, soundtracks, visual filters and special effects including explosions. Sharing on social media is no challenge.

9. FilmoraG0

You need an Android device to use this app. The range of themed filters without a steep learning curve makes editing videos online a simple step. Your videos will look impressively professional as well. While the desktop version is chargeable the mobile version is free to download.

10. Quick

This app was called replay before It was purchased by the camera pro-GoPro. It is one of the most user-friendly apps you will see in the Android and iOS world. Editing video clips together with photos and soundtracks, especially with the automatic mode is no hard work for you anymore.

11. Adobe Premiere Clip

Compatible with Android and ios this is one more app you should try. Adobe is one of the best-known and experienced video editing apps for professional use. Adobe is pro at making professional editing software. It has shown the same professional level in its mobile phone apps as well.

The video making app is fairly simple to stitch together photos or video clips on mobile. It has various options for custom special effects from other Adobe cc tools. Exporting your videos to the creative cloud is not a task anymore.

12. Power Director

Power Director is made the powerhouse Cyberlink. In a way, you can say it is Android’s iMovie. The app is user-friendly and lets you arrange and edit video scenes on a timeline as well as add titles and transitions. There is a selection of effects and the ability to add background music and voice-overs, a photo collage maker and support for slow motion.

13. In shot

Inshot is the best video editing app for social videos. You can adjust, trim and add music/text/emoji while editing any video. The editing system is so logically designed that you can use it comfortably. The best part about in-shot is that it is social media ready you can share the video through the app on various social media sites.

14. Video Shop

Video shop is an easy tool for fast video editing. The different tools and filters give it a personalizing effect. Its features include almost everything you need for video editing and you can subscribe for unlimited access to all the content and features. There is a huge list of tweaking and stylizing videos.

Some of the features include text overlays, apply styles or themes, voiceovers, music, sound effects, splice, and trim clips, adjust exposure, copy clips, add transitions and many more.

15. VHS camcorder

The VHS camcorder is compatible with Android and iOS.  Do you remember the excitement of shooting a video on a camcorder? Well, this app shoots video on your smartphone and makes it look like the vintage 30-year-old crackly home video.

These were the best video making apps that you need to try right away and check the ones that suit you the most.


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