Types of Digital Marketing and Its Function

Types of Digital Marketing

One of the core marketing tools in current times is digital marketing. As we are so much connected with the world through digital channels, it has become the strongest marketing tool. Businesses heavily rely on digital marketing services and channels for the promotion of their goods and services. Digital marketing refers to promotion of certain goods and services through email, websites, search engines and social media. Here, in this article we are going to discuss and describe some of the types of digital marketing channels.

Types of Digital Marketing

The types can also be named as channels of digital marketing. These channels are the pillars of digital marketing and help in the promotion of goods and services.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very powerful part of digital marketing. It plays a pivotal role when you are marketing your goods and services on the internet. SEO is the process of optimizing websites to gain popularity and rank higher in the search engine results. This, in turn, enhances the amount of organic traffic into your website. Organic traffic is the free traffic which a website gains trough SEO ranking. Not only websites but infographics and blogs also gain a lot of organic traffic through SEO.

(a) On-page SEO

In this form of SEO, the main focus is on the content available on a certain page of a website. On researching some keywords, you can get information about the intent and search volume. Besides, it allows you to answer the questions of the readers and rank high on the search engine result pages or SERP.

(b) Off-page SEO

Just like on-page SEO focuses on the content, this focuses on the activities of the website. The activities occurring off-page helps in ranking the website under SERPs. You might be wondering what the off-page activities are. Well, these are the backlinks or inbound links. This is calculated on the basis of the number of publishers linking to your website and their relative authorities. This, in turn, will help you rank high on the search engine result pages with the help of your main keywords. Guest posts and networking with other authors also help in drawing a lot of organic traffic to your website.

(c) Technical SEO

This is another form of SEO which focuses on the backend jobs or technical jobs of your website. It includes structured data, page coding, CSS file optimization, image compression, etc. All these things are the part of technical SEO which enhances the loading speed of a website and helps it rank high in SERPs.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a part of digital marketing which focuses on the promotion and creation of content. The basic purpose of creating content assets is to increase traffic, produce brand awareness, draw customer attention, etc. Even content marketing have channels which are blog posts, ebooks and infographics.

(a) Blog posts

Blog posts refer to the blogs and articles written on a certain website to promote the goods and services offered by the business. This, in turn, helps you draw traffic to your website as well as increase your sales. The visitors on the website are your potential customers. Learn how to build and build your blog from Fortunelords.

(b) EBooks

Long-form content such as whitepapers and eBooks help in spreading knowledge among website visitors. Further, it helps in exchanging content by availing contact information of the readers. As a result, you get leads for increasing your sales as well as promoting your goods and services.

(c) Infographics

Infographics are a form of information served as visual content. At times, there are lots of images and clippings or slideshows running on websites which delivers certain information. These are the infographics.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Among all the types of digital marketing, PPC services are the most popular form of marketing. You must have heard about Google Ads which pays the publisher every time the ad is viewed or clicked by a visitor. It allows you to make payments for the highest slots of Google SERPs on the basis of per click on the links placed by you. Apart from Google, here are some other sources of PPC.

(a) Facebook Paid Ads

Paid advertisements on Facebook are known to all of us. It is the most popular social media website on earth. You can place customized videos, slideshows or images as ads on Facebook. As you pay for these ads, they get published on the newsfeeds of Facebook users. This, in turn, allows you to draw attention and build your own audience.

(b) Twitter Ads Campaigns

Another popular paid ad source is Twitter ad campaigns. Solely dedicated to gain a good amount of visitors for the promotion of business, you can pay to post for a targeted audience on twitter. Paid posts made by you will be published in the newsfeed of the targeted audience. Commonly people opt for this source to get traffic, increase followers on twitter, and more.

(c) LinkedIn Sponsored Messages

Similar to the above two sources, LinkedIn also has sponsored messages. Depending on the background details provided by users, you can send a direct message to those users through sponsored messages.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest and effective among all the other types of digital marketing. It is a source of direct contact to a set of users or audience. You can promote your website, goods and services, content, events, discounts, exchange offers, cashback, etc through email. There are a couple of types of email for the purpose of digital marketing promotion. They are listed below:

  • Customer welcome emails
  • Follow-up emails to website visitors
  • Newsletters for blog subscription
  • Promotional holiday packages
  • Loyalty member program invitation
  • Customer nurturing emails

5. Social Media Marketing

This form of digital marketing has an overall effect on the above-mention four other types or form of digital marketing. This type helps in promotion as well as advertisement of the goods and services you are offering. There are a couple of channels of social media marketing which are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. All these social media channels are tools of promotion and well as brand awareness activities. With the help of these, you can give that extra boost to your business.


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