6 Best Applications For PC Which You Must Try 2019

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Since the incoming of Smartphone, many developers have been migrating to developing applications only for Android. Everything was controlled by PC and now everything is controlled by a Smartphone. There are many great applications which are only available for Android. Well, there are few that have been developed for use in Windows also. In this article, we bring to you 6 of such applications that were only available on Android but now are available for Windows too. 


But you can also run all the android apps on your computer with the help of an android emulator. Here is the Best Android Emulator for PC which helps to run Android apps or games in windows OS or macOS for free, must check out.

Keep reading and find out some of the best Android applications for Windows.

1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a great application for Windows. BlueStacks is an Android emulator for Windows with the help of which you can run almost all Android applications on you Windows with great ease. BlueStacks was developed back in 2009 and has been the first choice of users since then. This application is totally free and works great with Windows 7 and up. It virtualizes the full Android experience on your Windows. 

This application is great for using simple Android applications and play light games on your Windows. With heavy games and graphics BlueStacks lags only a little bit which will not be a problem. All in all this is a great application.

Download BlueStacks: https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html?utm_campaign=homepage-dl-button-en#download

2. Zapya for Windows

Well, BlueStacks may give you the power to use any Android application on Windows, but what is made for Windows, is made for Windows. Zapya is a cross platform sharing application suing which you can share everything across many platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. You can share photos, videos, music, films, documents, folders and files using Zapya. 

Zapya is a simple wireless platform that does not need any hassle. The application is intuitive and very simple to use. You can even create a group of 5 members in which everyone can share and receive anything. 

Download Zapya: http://binaries.izapya.com/Izapya/Windows_PC/ZapyaInstaller25Full.exe

3. SLACK for Windows

Slack is one of those Android applications that created a great hype in its initial days. Slack is an interaction & communication application through which many people can join in a place and do their work together. This application unifies a team’s interaction and communication into one place. This makes workflow easy and simple. 

Many different applications like Asana, SalesForce, Zoom, Dropbox and Google drive are integrated into Slack so working is better. Slack is like a place for everything. 

It is very good if you are working in a group on a project. You just create a channel and everybody joins in. Discussions, Communications and planning, everything can be done over here. There are many public channels also that can be used to find answers to many common questions.

Download SLACK: https://slack.com/downloads/windows

4. Youcam Perfect for Windows

Well, this application is not directly available for Windows, but is worth a mention. Youcam Perfect is a great photo editing application. It provides real time beauty to your photos. There are various filters to use which really can change the tone of any picture. There are thousands of frames, stickers and collages to choose from. There are many great options and features on this application to choose from. 

Features like filters, beauty effect, face detection shape change, height enhancement and many more can help you edit a picture like a pro. 

As stated earlier, Youcam is not yet available for Windows. But by the help of BlueStacks (mentioned earlier) you can download it and use it on your Windows PC.

 5. XENDER for Windows

We have all heard this name, haven’t we? Earlier called Flash Transfer, this application changed the way we look on sharing files over phones. The good old Bluetooth was put to a rest. This application can swap at 200 times the rate of Bluetooth and even big files over 1 GB. You can connect many platforms through this application and share anything you want.

XENDER can be used by 2 ways on your PC. First, if you have an internet connection just connect to http://web.xender.com/ and connect your phone. Your work is done. Second, just use BlueStacks (mentioned above) and download it on your Windows.

6. KineMaster

KineMaster is a free and professional video editor application for Android. It has a lot of great features and works great. It is very easy to understand and use. Either you are a Professional or an Amateur this will be a great video editing tool.

If people start and learn video editing, it feels like a hefty task to learn another application. So if you have used KineMaster on your Android and want to use it on your Windows PC we have the way for you. Just Download BlueStacks (mentioned above) and search for KineMaster and start using it.

Last Words:

We hope you have made good use of this article and are using top Android applications on your PC.


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