Why do you need to learn the name of body parts in Hindi?

body parts in Hindi
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Our bodies are brilliant machines. They work like a clock and are an ideal confirmation of the marvel of nature. However, when you have children, this wonder can turn into the wellspring of a billion inquiries! It is typical for kids to need to find out the name of body parts in Hindi. All things considered, kids are a curious parcel. They are continually watching out for new data and absorb everything like a wipe. 

Advantages of Teaching your Kid about the body parts in Hindi

Distinguishing body parts in Hindi and being purposeful about utilizing them is a psychological, physical, and language-improving interaction. In youth, we learn through tangible disclosure, which occurs by traveling through and encountering the world. With each actual capacity we acquire, we become more mindful of something different we can investigate. Our bodies are basically our toolbox for revelation. (If I arrive at my arm and handle my hand, I can snatch! If I stand up, I can see more things from a higher perspective! If I twist my knees and swing my arms, I can bounce like a rabbit!) 

It makes their mind free and Opens it up.

As your little one finds their body, make certain to see this learning and backing it by marking, contacting, and moving body parts in disengagement. Furthermore, particularly those body parts that aren’t normally utilized. The more off-kilter/new development you can rehearse (like strolling without bowing your knees or moving like a straight leg, or intersecting inverse arms to contact inverse feet), the more the cerebrum is flexed. 

Body learning builds trust in them.

Another significant part of empowering body learning is that it assists kids with fostering an appreciation for their body and trust in themselves which rouses them to arrive at new statutes. Teaching little ones to adore their bodies at a young age assists them with developing into kids and grown-ups who want to keep their bodies solid, sound, and safe so they can keep on doing every one of the things they love to do. In the end, they will discover that a glad body is a cheerful me, and that is an exercise we as grown-ups battle with. Possibly if we begin underlining this a touch more in youth, our children will be more disposed to appreciate and deal with their bodies through life! 

We work according to automaticity.

As grown-ups, we utilize our bodies without speculation. This is called automaticity. Automaticity is the thing that permits our minds to work on a more significant level: to perform multiple tasks, to prepare, to make groundbreaking thoughts, to review data, and obviously: to LEARN new data. Automaticity is the objective of youth improvement. Hit those actual achievements (otherwise known as incorporate your cerebrum and body), so your mind can quit striving to control your body and begin dealing with different things like perusing, composing, making, and then some. Obviously, our bodies ought not to be underestimated as our #1 learning apparatus. 

How could you teach your kids body parts in Hindi?

The principal thing you need to do when teaching your youngster about the body isn’t to avoid the real issue and utilize made-up names for body parts. Kids need to know their bodies well since it structures a particularly significant piece of their creating language expertise! Collaborating at home and the school additionally necessitates that your little one realizes his body parts well. All in all, would you say you are prepared to give your child somebody mindfulness? There are various ways with which you can show your kid his body. We have assembled a simple to-go rundown to take care of you! 

Teaching body parts in Hindi Through Songs: 

Music is an extraordinary method to keep little ones connected productively. You can, without much of a stretch, assist your youngster with learning his body with music. A portion of the tunes that may work for you include: 

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes 
  • Hokey Cokey 
  • One Little Finger 
  • If You’re Happy and, You Know It 
  • The Pinocchio 
  • Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin 

Teaching Body Parts Through Stories: 

There are books in abundance that can loan some assistance when attempting to encourage your youngster about his body parts. We prescribe the accompanying books to begin: 

  • Blue Hat Green Hat 
  • Go Away, Big Green Monster (parts of the face) 
  • Where’s My Baby by Julie Ashworth and John Clark 
  • From Head to Toe by Eric Carle 
  • Barney Plays Nose To Toes 

Teaching Body Parts To Children Through Games And Activities: 

Children learn best when they don’t realize they are learning! That is the reason it bodes well to utilize fun games and exercises to pound in the body parts data into your little one’s cerebrum, allegorically! 

Games To Teach Kids About Body Parts: 

Are you searching for the sake of entertainment thoughts? Look no further! Here are a few games and exercises that won’t simply instruct your child; however will likewise keep him cheerful! 

Simon Says: 

Children love to play, Simon says! What’s more, who can fault them; it is such a chuckle revolt. Be that as it may, you can utilize this well-known game to instruct your child about his body parts as well. Accumulate your kid and his companions and get this show on the road. “Simon says, put your hand on your shoulders” – A basic expression that will reaffirm your child’s body jargon while keeping things fun. 

Chain Actions: 

The ideal game for the bustling child! Do you have a whiteboard at home? Indeed, that is everything you’ll require for this very fun game. Essentially work out an activity on the board, for instance, “wave your hand.” Even before your child can finish that activity, work out the subsequent activity, similar to “applaud.” You can work out quite a few directions and watch your child hurry to finish them organized appropriately 

Body Balancing, With A Twist: 

No, your youngster shouldn’t be a tumbler to do this movement! What you need for this great game are some toys or cheat sheets. When the children are prepared, you need to advise them to put the article on a specific body part. For instance, “put your toy on your head.” There will be huge loads of laughs and fun with this movement; meanwhile, your kid is learning about his body. A mutually beneficial arrangement for everybody! 

Name The Body: 

If you are searching for a movement for your study hall or helping a gathering of children find out about their body parts, this will be awesome. Gap the children into gatherings and request one volunteer from each set. The volunteer should remain in his gathering while different kids work out body parts on post-its and stick them to the volunteer’s garments or body. 

Conceptualizing Race: 

An incredible movement to get the little minds running! If your child is mature enough to peruse, you can work out a depiction that portrays some body parts, similar to “It is between your head and neck.” If your youngster is too youthful even to consider perusing, you can basically yell it out! Presently, the great part starts as your child (possibly alongside his companions) rushes to concoct the correct answer. If your kid is mature enough, he can work out the appropriate response, or he can coax it out, utilize a cheat sheet, or yell it out! 

The Monster Maker: 

Children are an interesting parcel! They are frightened of beasts yet can’t avoid them! Along these lines, utilize your kid’s interest with beasts to show him body parts! You’ll require two dice for this game. One of the dice ought to have the name of body parts composed on its sides, while the other should be your normal dice with numbers. Presently, request that your youngster roll the dice. Anyway, what’s the mix? If the body part dice says nose while the number dice says four, request that your kid draw a beast with four noses! Allow your child’s creative mind to go crazy and watch as he gets a handle on and finds out about his body without breaking out into a sweat! 

Stupid Charade: 

Moronic Charade is a well-known gathering game; however, did you realize that you could utilize it to show kids body parts? Get the family together and start the game! What about clarifying “I have ten heads”? Or, on the other hand, “I play a part in my mind” through activities? The crazier the expression, the better time it will be for your child (and the whole family), guaranteeing that your youngster learns without a lot of exertion. 


Learning need not be bulky! With these body parts learning exercises for youngsters, you can transform a great time into a chance to learn. Keep in mind; body mindfulness is indispensable for youngsters. They need to know and comprehend their bodies. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Allow the games to start! Start teaching your child body parts in Hindi. If you have any other ideas or games which might be helpful to teach body parts to kids; you can share them in the comment box below.


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